Chapter 35: Becoming More

Chapter 35: Becoming More


Kit pushed open the doors to the brightly illuminated hospital room, and stepped inside, closing the door behind him.

He kept his eyes on the floor, unable to meet the eyes of the man who he had seen passed out and covered in blood not long ago.

When P’Kim had refused to go into the operation theater for some reason, insisting that he be taken to Kit first, P’Aawut had made a video call to him instead, so that he could still hear Kit’s voice. Thankfully their plan had worked and after listening to Kit plead P’Kim to go into the operation theater, he had finally agreed.

Kit shuddered now, as he remember the blood on his face, his shirt. So much blood…

Thankfully he had kept his phone beside him even at that hour, pensively waiting for a call or a simple message that told him that Kim was alright. But instead, he had received a video call that had shaken him to the core. And that too at 3 in the morning.

So when P’David had arrived at his door, telling him
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