The Last Full Moon

The Last Full Moon

By:  Chibuzor Victor Obih  Completed
Language: English
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During the last full moon, every werewolf must be prepared to expect whatever good they feel might happen. Since almost all werewolves who are disguising their powers can't explain the mystery of their situation and the world they found themselves in, a girl by the name, Maria Blackwheel finds herself in a situation where almost all events in her life her interconnected. For her to understand her life, she must make a move. For her to make a move, she must understand her root.

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132 Chapters
  There is no greater way to write a book than to write it in the manner it wants to be written. You may feel the need to cultivate a story with a good ending and still end up messing around with the plot as the story unfolds. It was not until I realized that there was a way to tell a story without actually paying reference to the cause that I first thought seriously of writing this story. Three items of my experience combined to make me become aware of the presence of a life form that moves freely in the dark without being noticed. Before I begin this story, I must pay some respect to three wonderful women in my life that has shaped the existence of this story. I honor Leah Fisher for her undying contribution and unmatched love. I honor Rooman Tariq for her constant reminders and unending praise. Finally, I honor Lyv Aiken for her professionalism and years of creative experience. Without their help, this story would have been nothi
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Chapter 1: James Blackwheel
Göteborg, 1781As the bell rang to signify the end of the meeting, Blackwheel held his wrist tightly as a sign of respect for the newly elected leader of the brotherhood. Close to him was his wife and children who had managed to accept his kind invitation despite having a family dinner with his wife's parents. When he reached the exit of the building, he turned to take another look at the piece of architecture that had relentlessly endured foreign threats for the past three decades. This ageless sanctuary in Göteborg had been a home for people of his kind, people who came alive when the full moon was at its peak.Blackwheel lowered his gaze as he saw a slender man approaching him. He wore a leather coat and had an almost comical curling mustache. His appearance was not something he would fancy on a regular day."My name is Oskar," the man said in a rough Swedish accent, "and I am here to advice you on certain issues concerning your recent visit to the c
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Chapter 2: Nwakaego
Igboland, 1781The first feeling of discernment may not be easy to deal with. Living alone in the outskirt of a large village where everyone interacted with each other but avoided a particular person based on some rules is even harder to deal with. The loud cry of condemnation can terrify a human soul to the point of suicide. The village in the east was not far from the village in the west but they did not live in harmony because of an ancient history that told tales of wars with bitter endings. Apart from the village that lived in the north, the village in the east was not at peace with any other village. True, they had large farms with fertile loamy soils that could turn a yam tendril into a full-blown adult at one thrust. Still, they didn't have the capacity to maintain order in their village.The time for wars had come and gone. Men were only interested in drinking to stupor. Women were only interested in distinguishing between old clothes and new ones. C
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Chapter 3: Mr. Strange
London, 1786"My husband did not commit suicide," Mrs. Blackwheel said, tapping her foot on the wooden floor. "He was murdered by an unknown man."The Judge wiped his mouth with the back of his hand as he told a man dressed in white to present his facts."On July, 1781, Mr. Blackwheel's dead body was found on top of a bridge with a knife in his hand. According to onlookers, they had seen a man leave the scene with a necklace he had taken from Mr. Blackwheel’s neck. There was no evidence of struggle between Mr. Blackwheel and the man who Mrs. Blackwheel claimed to be the murderer of her husband.""Is that all?" The judge asked.There was a short silence. The man dressed in white inspected the piece of paper he was holding."Anything else, Mr. Strange?" "Nothing of interest, sir.""If you are withholding information that may lead to a better understanding of the case we are dealing with here, I advise you make a reasonable decision
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Chapter 4: Nneka
Igboland, 1786Nwakaego did not have a bright start to her life like many women of Igboland would boast of. After running from the village owned by the people in the east, she took refuge in a village named after the first man to kill a python in Igboland. The name of the village was Umuaka. It is true that great people are created to face challenges because without the fear of falling apart after a long walk to freedom, they may never understand what they were created to achieve.Nwakaego was not from a great family. She was not special in any way but she had been visited by a man with a skin color as white as the snow. She could remember the night clearly when he pressed his body against hers and promised to never leave her. It was five years ago but the memories were still fresh in her head as if it happened yesterday.Nwakaego was tired and sleepy from the exhausting experiences she had the previous night. Finding a home in Igboland especially when you are a fu
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Chapter 5: Maria Blackwheel
Pennsylvania, 2019Maria stood in the dock gazing steadily at the tribunal chairman who adjusted his glasses over the bridge of his nose before speaking."Did you kill the boy?" The chairman's voice rang clear in the air."I did not," Maria responded."But you are accused of murder.""I did not kill the boy, sir."She heard the raspy voice of the chairman from a deep black hole in her mind as she proceeded to face the prosecuting attorney. The court was filled when her case started in the morning. As an hour passed, then two, and it became clear that she wasn't going to accept the crime, some people left making promises of taking justice into their own hands if by chance she came out alive. There was only sadness in her eyes as she watched her friends turn their faces away from her in shame."It is tragic to see a beautiful lady of your status go to prison. However, no matter the circumstances that might be adduced to explain human ac
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Chapter 6: John
Pennsylvania, 2018"Where is my hat? I dropped it on this table."Maria moved slowly as she spoke to her students. The class was filled with thirty students that were evenly distributed into fifteen girls and fifteen boys."Did any of you see my hat?" She asked again as she looked from one drawer to another.The class was silent. At that moment, It was clear that no one had seen her hat. "It is under your desk," a boy said, pointing his finger in the direction he spoke about.Maria sighed as she picked her hat up, wondering how she had managed to not spot the thing that covered her head throughout the day. Was she turning blind at a tender age? Carefully, she looked up at the boy. He was small and timid."Well," Maria sighed. "I suppose you are blessed with a good eye, my child. What is your name?""John," the boy replied."John who?""John Bleat!"She looked at him as though she had heard the sound of something
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Chapter 7: Voice
Pennsylvania, 2018Maria feet dragged on the concrete floor as someone led her to the basement. His breath was heavy as he howled, supporting his mournful cry with a moment of despair. He led her slowly to the narrow stairs then to the kitchen, his hand circling round her arm as he dragged her along. "You have to be strong so we can finish this journey successfully," Maria's captor spoke for the first time.She did not answer. She was almost dead from an hour of continuous dragging and pushing with no support. He shook her hard on her head, yelling as he ordered her to say something."I don't know what you are talking about," Maria said without looking at the man who had total control over her.She rolled her eyes as they got closer to a door. She felt strange, possessed and completely famished. Carefully, Maria's captor released his grip from her arm and pushed the door open. He waited for something to happen; nothing happened. Maria h
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Chapter 8: Uju
Pennsylvania, 2018"I saw it in my dream. I am as sure as hell that I saw a strange creature in my dream," Maria explained."You have to do more than talking for me to believe what you are telling me," Uju said, lowering her head so that Maria could watch the shampoo out of hair.Maria brought the hot water closely, and within seconds Uju could feel her scalp burning lightly."Did you heat the water above a hundred degrees?" Uju asked, feeling agitated."I maintained a stable temperature. You have nothing to worry about."Uju felt relieved as Maria assured her that the water was safe for her hair. She had learnt a few thing about taking care of her hair in a month with Maria than she had learnt in the entire twenty-six years she had spent in Nigeria."So, tell me about your dream again," Uju urged her as she relaxed a bit for the water to fall freely and land inside her bath tub."I saw a man who was like a wolf. He had claw
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Chapter 9: Alger
Munich, 1454"Believe in the Lord and you insult our faith," she sighed."I never wanted to be a part of this in the first place," he said."You can't go back. It is too late."He walked toward the forest; when he looked back he saw her still standing in the rain; she had not moved an inch. She will have to accept I can no longer continue in vain, he thought. She has to accept the path that I have taken.Rain was falling again; the path that he stood was going to lead him to the other part where the Christians resided. A small community with a Reverend as its head. The community that was once his home in the past. He waited about two minutes for her to look at him but she did not. He turned and walked, his head down, his hands closely in front of his waist, going to meet his family."Will you forsake the brotherhood in a time when the full moon is yet to arise from its covers?" She asked.He looked at her with round helpless blue eyes. He was still poised, wondering if she understood w
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