The Last True Alpha

The Last True Alpha

By:  Tory Steel  Ongoing
Language: English
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Vampires started hunting werewolves for their magical blood in order to satiate their thirst. This caused a hundred-year war between vampires and werewolves that has brought werewolf kind to the brink of extinction. Freya truly believes she might be the last of all werewolves. She searches all over the world but struggles to find anyone else like her until she arrives in Alaska and gets a strong scent of sandalwood and a hint of coconut that sends her senses into overdrive. Cole Wright is the last Alpha. With only seventeen members left in the Moon Spirit pack, Cole does all he can to save his kind from extinction. However, the longer he goes without his mate, the weaker he becomes and when a tall, long-haired woman comes walking into his territory smelling like lavender and roses he isn't convinced she's real. Worse he believes Freya was sent to finish off what the vampires started long ago.

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25 Chapters
Where to Next?
March 16, 2003My lovely Freya,When you read this, it must mean my dear father has passed. You must have a lot of questions, and I'm sorry I'm not here to answer all of them for you. Just know as you read this, your father and I loved you with all our hearts, and we only did this to keep you safe.If I know my dad, he probably told you stories about our family history, but to you, they must have seemed like bedtime stories and sometimes even scary stories. I wish I could say all those stories were made up, but sadly, they are all true. When you turned sixteen, your dreams might have felt more like visions. That's because they are. With each year your wolf is locked away, the visions will become stronger, and a powerful feeling will urge you to seek out others like us, but you must resist. It's too dangerous to be around other werewolves. Please believe me when I say it is for your own safety, that is why we sealed away your wolf until now.Your grandfather should have given you this
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I check into a small town Inn that sits near the edge of a lake near a forest. Supposedly, the spirits of the forest are stronger around here because the poles diverge directly across the center of the forest, or at least that's what the cab driver told me during the thirty-minute drive from the airport. Walking up the gravel road to the house that looks as if it was built in the eighteenth century gives me goosebumps and makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. When I touch the doorknob, a strong needle-piercing pain shoots through my brain, almost bringing me to my knees. The door opens from the inside, and an older woman with a large scar on her face appears before me. "Can I help you?" She asks. I stand at five foot seven inches and probably tower almost two feet above her. "Yes. Do you have a room available?" "I do. Please come inside, and I'll get you situated," she walks behind the desk placed on the left-hand side facing the entryway, looking into the large li
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The Forest
"Hello? Are you awake?" A loud banging on my door wakes me up, "Hello?! I'm not waiting all day!" My eyes heavily open and only spring awake when I see the clock is a little after nine. Jumping out of my bed, I shove on my shoes and grab my jacket and photo bag, rushing to the door to open it. "I'm sorry," I say for being late and bumping into his stone wall chest, "Sorry," I say again, fixing the messy hair out of my face. Matthew doesn't say anything. Instead, he just grunts and moves to the stairs. I follow behind him. Marcy is at the bottom of the steps with a picnic basket in her hands and gives it to Matthew, who reluctantly takes it. "Have fun, you two," Marcy coos. "Whatever," Matthew mumbles in a barely audible whisper. Marcy gives me a smile while I run behind Matthew to keep up with his pace. "Can you slow down a bit?" I yell out to him.Matthew doesn't say anything, he just stops in his tracks, not even bothering to look back. Coming up beside him, he sneers at me,
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One Happy Family 
Marcy and Matthew took two hours to get the kids ready. While they did that, I organized the living room and had the fireplace ready for a photo shoot. I'm still against the idea, but seeing Marcy smile when I told her what Matthew asked for made it hard to stay mad.The kids came down first, both dressed in their Sunday's finest. Marcy followed behind them in a simple purple dress and wearing the same house slippers she had on earlier."Can you shoot from the waist up?" Marcy asks, fixing her hair in the mirror that's located in the hallway.The two kids begin arguing over something random, which has Marcy yelling at them to settle down. Marcy calls out for Matthew but he doesn't respond."Do you mind getting him dear?" Marcy says, looking at me with tired eyes.I simply nod and keep my head down as I go up the stairs. I arrive at his door and knock, but when there is still no answer, I gently turn the handle and peek my way inside. The room is empty, but a light is shining behind on
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The Morning After
Matthew's hand trails up my thighs, making my legs part to give him better access. His fingers slip into my already wet folds before he pushes them inside me, causing me to let out a moan. His lips kiss mine almost as a reminder not to be too loud and wake the others, then moves to my neck, then down to my breast. My hand reaches down to feel his cock, which is already ready for me. Even after a few drinks, Matthew didn't have any problem keeping up with me, something I hadn't experienced in a very long time. The idea of him inside me has me pulling him on top of me as I'm no longer able to wait.Matthew lets out a low chuckle and positions himself between me, then presses his thick member inside me. He pushes himself as far as he can go inside me, my body reacts instantly, wanting to clasp down on him to never let him go. Almost as if instincts kick in, I flip us over so he's now on his back, and I'm on top. My hands reach down and are placed on the headboard to give me leverage wh
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The Vile
Dinner time came and went. I grabbed my plate of food and came back to my room, as I was still upset with Matthew. Marcy could sense the tension, while the kids were none the wiser. I continued reviewing the journals, hoping something new would pop out of me, but I had no luck, making me even more frustrated.I slam them shut and pace back and forth, trying to think of a way to get back out there on my own without the asshole tour guide. How can he sleep with me one day and be an ass the next? I scoff."Now he's starting to remind me of Jackson." I search the room, hoping I might find something that will help me get back out there. As I rummage around the dressers and closet, I manage to find a flashlight, a few batteries, and a thick jacket. I walk over to the window, open it, and contemplate jumping out. During my internal debate a knock on the door stops me.I set the jacket and flashlight on the chair, then go to answer the door to see Matthew standing behind it. "What do you wa
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Jackson POVFour Days AgoLeave! How could she fucking leave?! I've wasted these last few years kissing up to that bitch, waiting for her to become that damn wolf, and she just leaves! As if I would have stayed with her this whole time if I didn't expect to get something out of it."Damn it!" I yell.I pick up the bottle I took out of the fridge just before she left and throw it against the wall. My rage doesn't end there. I rip apart the couch, throwing the pieces all around the living room, then pick up the TV and slam it down on the ground. "Fuck!" I scream with my fist raging in the air."Hello?" a woman's voice calls from behind the front door, "I'm trying to work over here," she continues, annoyed as she bangs on the door.Perfect, I can go for a snack.I open the door, and the blonde, busted woman drops the bitchy attitude and changes her whole demeanor to something more seductive. A typical move for any human that comes across me. Humans are unable to resist the aura I exude,
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Freya POV My body aches from Jackson dropping me on the floor. I panic, unsure what to do. In my condition, there's no way I can fight him off, and I need to get to the kids to make sure they're safe. I notice the camera on the floor and reach over to grab it and quickly turn it on. Jackson always hated me using it when he was around because he said he hated the way the flash bothered his eyes. Before it can turn on, Jackson lifts me back up by the throat. I clutch onto the camera, holding it for dear life and counting in my head the seconds it takes for it to turn on. My body starts to go limp. I look down at the camera and notice the red light, which lets me know it's ready to go. With every last bit of energy I can muster, I lift the camera, putting it directly in his face, and take a picture of him. The flash caused Jackson to release me and scream in pain as he uses his hands to cover his eyes. As quickly as I can, I run upstairs and shout for the kids and search for them un
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Cole POV "We've been contacted by a small group of survivors seeking asylum," Derek remarks, standing up from his seat at the round table. "How many are we expecting?" Alyssa asks, taking a drink from her wine glass. I placed them both together and gave them a seat on the council because of their yin-yang personalities. Derek is a strong fighter and an expert warrior in battle; he's also the most strategic in bringing back survivors alive. Alyssa is more of the nurturing type and has a very gentle touch that helps with dealing with survivors who just made the dangerous trek here. While they both despise each other, it doesn't stop them from working well together—in more ways than one. They don't think I know about their affair, but it's obvious, at least to me, it is. "They started with ten, but now they are down to six," Derek says in a more somber tone. He knows the loss all too well from making the journey himself once before. "We can't keep taking in every stray pack that c
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Freya POV "I don't think I caught your name," Justin turns to me. When I don't say anything, he continues, "So what is it?" "Freya. It's Freya," I say. Justin has been showing me around the town on our way to meet this Alpha person, and I'm amazed at how it reminds me of the stories grandpa used to tell me. The area kind of reminds me of the Wild West, but only if the Wild West was brought into the new age and had internet and running water. There was a small shopping center, but all the lights were off except for the ones out in the storefronts. The hospital is next to a police/fire station that looks to be up and running. We keep walking and pass the park that leads into a neighborhood. We continue straight, and a big house that looks more like a mansion appears. All the lights were on inside, and this place seemed to be the most active thing in the whole area. I'd think that they are throwing a party inside, as I see so many people coming and going with smiles on their faces.
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