Mated To Alpha Gregory

Mated To Alpha Gregory

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Lilith's father, a faithful and devoted beta of the Greenforest park , was wrongfully accused of colluding with members of other packs, intending to betray their own pack. The betrayal of a beta to an alpha is a scandal in itself; to conspire with members of other packs is a signal of instability that cannot be ignored within the pack. Consequently, her parents were executed while she was forced to watch, leaving her to descend into the role of an omega. This led to her being rejected by her fated mate. As if fate had other plans for her, she discovered she was also mated to the Alpha King. Lilith, who had buried her feelings and vowed never to get manipulated by her emotions, is now faced not only with her new mate's constant concern but also with the task given to her by the Goddess. Would she allow the despair of the tragedies in her life to overwhelm her, or would she be a hope to the dying world around her? Read Mated to Alpha Gregory to find out.

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54 Chapters
Chapter 1
Lilith's POV"I have to quickly report to the alpha as soon as possible! If we delay any longer, the pack will be destroyed without anyone suspecting!" My father, the beta of our Greenforest park , paced back and forth in our living room. His face pulled into a deep frown while musing over the ominous conversation he had overheard while patrolling the pack territory."James, relax! You can always report to the alpha at a later time; right now he is having a meeting with the alpha of the Silvercrest pack," my mom urged while trying to get him to settle down."You don't get it! They have evil intentions! And the Alpha is there alone! Why else do you think those wretched people asked for me to leave?! It's because they want the alpha alone, and we can't have that; I should go now!" My father argued with his arms flying around, something he does when he is extremely stressed about something."I'm not asking you not to tell him, but considering the people that are with him and the importan
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Chapter 2
Lilith's POV "Father! Mother!" I cried out as they began to drag my parents to the dungeon. "Father! Father! Please! Please. My family would never betray the Greenforest park ! He could never do such a thing!" I pleaded with the Alpha, who only glanced at me with a cold, condescending gaze before barking out another command. "Take her to the abandoned building on the outskirts of the pack. Assign a chore to her and make sure she completes the chore before she is given anything in the pack," he ordered, and the warriors immediately got into action, picking me up roughly. Without any more strength to fight, I could only continue to cry and plead, hoping he would listen to me and release my parents. We would accept anything. Extra chores, demotion, or even banishment—but anything other than death. "Please! For the sake of the friendship you shared with my family, please give us a chance to prove our innocence," I pleaded, and the alpha growled. "The only reason I am keeping you ali
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Chapter 3
Adams' POV "You have been invited to be a witness at the wedding ceremony between the Silvercrest pack and the Greenforest park . Both are marrying their children off to each other to seal the alliance between their packs," Ronan, my royal beta, reported as he walked into my office with a pile of documents that needed my attention."Oh! The two are forming an alliance?" I asked with a raised brow, and my beta shrugged. "I was just as surprised as you are, considering the bad blood that was between them previously. But then again, the rogue activities in their territory have increased in recent years and even in the past three months, and I'm guessing they have finally realized they have a mutual enemy that needs to be fought together," Ronan explained."When is the wedding? Am I attending as a guest or as the alpha king to witness their union?" I asked as I went back to reading the mountain of files on my table. I could never get a break from work, no matter how much I tried. Before
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Chapter 4
Lilith's POV'Slap''Slap' "Wrench!" Cassandra, Raider's new mate, yelled as she kept slapping me, her face pulled together in an angry scowl. I felt my skin sting from where her claws had grazed my skin; the metallic taste of blood seeped into my mouth from how hard she had been slapping me."I asked you to prepare the blue dress first so I could wear it to the pre-wedding banquet, and you went to prepare the green dress for me! Are you trying to ruin my joyous day just because you can't have one??" She yelled as she threw another slap in my face. I whimpered in pain, holding back the scream that threatened to fall from my lips.'I won't cry. 'Not in front of her!' I repeated it and repeated it to myself. "Pathetic fool!" She yelled into my face as she landed another slap on my face. "The banquet is almost here, and I haven't even gotten halfway dressed because of your clumsiness! Are you dumb? Can't you speak?!" She demanded angrily as I kept silent.The commotion soon attracted R
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Chapter 5
Lilith's POV;The bright morning light fell into my eyes the moment I opened them, causing momentary blindness, and I winced and shut them immediately.My eyes fluttered a while later, and I frowned and sprang up, taking in the white, pristine wall of my surroundings. This wasn't my room in the cottage. Even the bed was way bigger than the one in my former room.I stepped away from the bed, my eyes closing as I tried to remember how I had gotten here and, more importantly, where I was.Just then, the door swung open, and my eyes immediately darted to it to meet those beautiful, deep blue eyes. I swallowed hard as my memories came flooding back.Cassandra's and Raider's wedding!Mate!I had fainted!He had called me'mate'; he was my mate! Lexi wasn't on the same page as me; she purred at the sight of him. He was good-looking, the most handsome man I had ever seen, but that didn't freak me out, as I wasn't going to forget everything and accept him. Besides, he seemed like a high-ranked w
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Chapter 6
Lilith's POV;My mouth opened, and I clamped them shut immediately and shook my head. It was impossible."You're lying—""Then how did you get here? You know that bitch won't let you just leave."It was then that I began to remember. My memories had been hazy, and I wasn't sure what was real and what wasn't, but I was sure that I had seen a look of shock on Cassandra's face."I'll get a maid to be with you shortly," he said, moving to the door."What about the wedding?" I blurted out just before he could leave, and he halted in his tracks without turning around."What do you think?" He said this as he walked out.A part of me felt terrible for the way I had treated him, but I couldn't trust myself around him. Lexi had already melted.Almost immediately, the door opened, and a maid entered."Miss Lilith, My name is Cara, and the Alpha King sent me to cater to all your needs."I nodded and said nothing. "Should I run you a warm bath now, my lady?"I wanted to refuse, but seeing that I ha
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Chapter 7
Adam's pov;I paced around in my office, pondering over my conversation with her and how strangely she had acted in my presence. I wondered if I was too hasty in telling her to marry me.You ruined it!I sighed and expelled a breath. I told her that I was going to see her after the meeting with a few council members, but now that I think about it, I might have ruined the chance to get her to like me.When she heard that I was the Alpha King, she acted strangely—not like she was scared of me, more like indifferent—and she had agreed to marry me that quickly.I was waiting for Ronan. He was supposed to be supervising the ongoing work at the newly built college, but I needed to talk to someone, and there was no one I trusted more than him.Just then, the office door opened, and he stepped in, his eyes laced with worry, and my brows pulled together into a frown, my mouth parting slowly."How's she?" he questioned beforeI couldn't say anything as he plopped onto the sofa."What's wrong? I
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Chapter 8
Lilith's POV;A sense of calm filled me as I sat on the bed opposite the window to watch the sunset and marvel at how beautiful it looked.I had been in that position since I woke up from my short nap about an hour ago. I was startled initially and internally cursed myself as I thought that I was late for my chores, and Cassandra was waiting in a corner, ready to pounce on me for daring to wake up late as I thought I was still in Greenforest.All that felt like a long time ago when, in reality, it was just four days ago. I was surprised at Cassandra's outburst, but I knew that woman too well, and I was aware that she was faking it. She wanted to escape being punished.According to Cara, the wedding had been canceled, and I wondered if he had already thought about his earlier decision and decided that he couldn't be with an Omega who is also a traitor.I was almost always in the room, except for times when the Alpha King would tell me to spend some time with him on an evening stroll or
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Chapter 9: Introduction
Lilith's POV;Her silky, wavy, fiery red hair spilled out of the hood of her cloak, flowing down her shoulder. She looked angelic with her emerald green eyes, which seemed to light up as they stared into mine. A smile was playing on her full, pink lips.My mouth parted slowly as I stared back at the reflection in shock. I was glancing at the mirror, but the person staring back at me wasn't me; it was someone else.The urge to glance behind me in order to be sure that she wasn't behind me was strong, but I couldn't feel her presence, and I was very sure that I was the only one alone in the room.I closed my eyes and opened them almost immediately to be sure that this wasn't a dream, and to my surprise, she was still there.I swallowed the painful lump in my throat as my curiosity heightened, my heat slamming hard against my chest as a cold, dreadful shiver worked its way down my spine."Who are you?" My voice came out in an unintended whisper, and her grin widened, mirroring the express
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Chapter 10: Birthday
Adam's pov;I was in the middle of a business call when someone knocked at the door. My brows pulled together into a frown because I had earlier instructed the guards stationed by the door to not let anyone disturb me.I was pissed off that they had failed to obey my instructions, and I pursed my lips into a thin line in irritation as my jaw clenched.There was a knock again, and I groaned with frustration as I peeled the phone away from my ear."Come in," I called out, wondering who it was to have disturbed me so early in the morning and still annoyed that the guards had disobeyed my instruction.After the incident of the previous day, I was pretty sure that Ben was up to no good, and it scared me to think that he was going to harm Lilith. I figured that she must've been startled and went to meet her later that day, but she was still the same, indifferent, and unbothered. She was like a zombie, only that she wasn't rotting.I was still thinking of a suitable punishment for Raider and
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