#Chapter 9 - Training


“Who is he?” I ask, looking over my shoulder to see that the handsome boy has disappeared in the throng of students.

“That’s Earl,” Nancy replies. “He’s a top student, president of the student council, and he’s the speaker of the school opening ceremony every year. He’s basically the idol of all the girls in the school.”

“Hmm…” I mutter, still looking over my shoulder and wondering about the handsome boy as well as what may have happened to my navigator. What Nancy said about the headmaster flashes through my mind, but I decide that that’s just a silly rumor and nothing to really worry about.

My thought is broken again by someone else bumping into me and cursing at me angrily. I stumble into Nancy, who catches me and helps me regain my balance.

“You really should get a new uniform,” she says. “They’re only a couple thousand dollars.”

My eyes widen. “A couple… thousand?” That’s more than double my entire monthly salary that I used to make waiting tables in my old pack.

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