Chapter 34

Nick didn't let Zaq's nonchalance deter him from going ahead with his plans to exterminate the Order of Lycan Annihilators.

“We're going to get my car, and then we'll embark on a long road trip.” Nick told Nadine.

“Where are we going to?” Nadine asked.

“Kaltland.” Nick said with a grimace. Kaltland was a very frigid place all year round. It would also take them forty-eight hours of continuous driving to reach there.

“What's in Kaltland? And why don't we just fly there?” Nadine asked.

“Help. And we can't fly over because Kaltland is so foggy that airplanes can't land there.” Nick said, unhappy with the situation.

“Are you up for this trip?” Nadine asked.

Nick's wound was supposed to have healed completely, but whenever Nadine examined it, she found it red and angry.

“Yes! Stop babying me!” Nick snapped.

“I'm not babying you! It'll be

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