The MacWatters' Essence || ✔️

The MacWatters' Essence || ✔️

By:  Nikki Larousse  Completed
Language: English
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Book 1 of The Elemental Lovers series Azalea is a strong woman that has everything in her life but not man. After a trauma that she faced during her childhood, she was afraid of the water but she also felt that water has been calling to her from the beginning of her life. A mysterious man that saved her was the reason that she did not afraid of the water. But when her funding got denied and the only way to get it was through a marriage of convenience with Alexander MacWatters, she had to do what everyone would do in her situation, tied the knot. However, when they spent time together for almost a week, her heart aches for more for deja vu and familiarity of Alex of her saver and she cannot tell whether he was acting or truly love her anymore. Will she confront him or just left her feelings be?

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Good job. Fun read!!
2022-04-24 03:30:12
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Emerald Splash
Nice one. Kudos author!
2021-03-01 10:34:18
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Panda kid
great story
2020-08-01 07:59:38
35 Chapters
Prologue: The History
Azalea Johnson’s POVI don’t know if what I did was the best option for me. I did not know any better. I was so naive and young that I believed everything that was laid upon me was good enough for me to survive the future.
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Chapter 1: The Rejection
Azalea Johnson’s POVAnd of course, that was merely 19 years ago. I was a happy 7 years old kid that knew nothing about real-life even I had experienced failure once. Nothing can stop me now.
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Chapter 2: The Rescue
Alexander MacWatters’ POVI gritted my teeth as I looked at my plan. I don’t know if my parents knew about this but one thing for sure, I will not follow it. I had enough of all the people around me to boss me around.
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Chapter 3: The Stranger
Azalea Johnson’s POVSo, the last thing I remembered was that I was drowning to death in the indoor swimming pool at the recreational center. I should have known that I was not a good swimmer but I dared to go to the 10 feet deep pool anyway.
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Chapter 4: The Invitation
Alexander MacWatters’ POVThe long drive was a quiet one. I asked Azalea where she wanted to go first. At first, she wanted to go home but then she realized that she had all her stuff at the recreational center. I arched my eyebrow at her as she also told me that she did not want to bother me as she drove to the center.
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Chapter 5: The Reunion
Azalea Johnson’s POVAfter that day when I saw Ian in town, I know something was up. My sister has met him when she was in graduate school that Ian used to work before. And now, back in New York City, they have decided to tie the knot. 
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Chapter 6: The Engagement
Azalea Johnson’s POVI cannot believe I met that guy again. I thought fate would be so kind to me right but no, they have to shove into my face that I have to be in this guy’s presence again. After my little accident, my mum asked Alex to get on with the decoration. I thought he would complain but he just did what she asked of him.
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Chapter 7: The Drunkard
Alexander MacWatters’ POVWhat. The. hell. I don’t know how to react to her sudden kiss. Her soft lips covered mine. I just stood there. She kissed me long enough to know that I was not responding to her.
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Chapter 8: The Date
Azalea Johnson’s POVSince Alex left his phone number onto the note, maybe I should give him a call to cancel and explain why I can’t come. I have been fidgeting since the ringing of the line but no answer. I think he purposely does this to piss me. for the 10th time that I called him, he immediately answered after the second ring.
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Chapter 9: The Get-to-Know
Azalea Johnson’s POVAlright, here’s the thing. I don’t do small talks, okay? Whenever I talked to someone about my life or something that will expose me to them, I will immediately avoid the questions and I asked about them instead. But when I was with Alex, it felt almost like…normal.
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