Chapter Five

Thea's POV

       I frowned as I didn't know where the library was. It was quite impossible for me to find it without wasting hours. " Do you want anything? " He asked, emerging himself in front of me. 

       I winced and found him behind me. He was still wearing his suit, " Yes, Enna is sleeping. I think I should go home now. " I told him. I was feeling really awkward as I was standing in front of me in my nightclothes. 

      He took out his phone and held it for me. I looked at him confusingly, " Hello, Thea. " Familiar female voice came. 

      I quickly grabbed it from his hand and turned off the speaker mode. I brought it up to my ear, " Alisa, Are you alright? Why are you up till now? It's too late. " I told her. 

     " Relax, Thea. I've sent your clothes and personal things. " I furrowed my eyebrows as I didn't get the me

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