The Mafia's Ghost Bride

The Mafia's Ghost Bride

By:  Tea_tae  Completed
Language: English
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Hwang Joonjae was a ruthless mafia don. Shrewd, calculative and manipulative, Joonjae was the most dangerous figure in the underworld. That is until he suddenly disappeared without a trace. Five years later, Joonjae returned to the country, only this time, he was not alone. Accompanying him was Lee Chaerin, a beautiful and mysterious girl, who went with him everywhere. Addressing her as his 'wife', Joonjae sets off to unveil a decade old mystery related to his family's death. The small setback is that only Joonjae can see or hear his 'wife'. Who is this mysterious Chaerin? Is she real or a fragment of his imagination? WARNING: THIS NOVEL WILL CONTAIN SOME SMUT. ALSO, DUE TO THE VIOLENT THEME OF THE NOVEL, THERE WILL BE A LOT OF DETAILED GRAPHIC VIOLENCE. PLEASE READ AT YOUR OWN RISK AND NO FL VIOLATION WILL BE PRESENT IN THIS NOVEL. Cover Credit: Fanart from Pinterest with slight modifications

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Adriana P
I wish this story was longer. I will never know what happens to them lol
2022-11-19 06:29:48
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Kindl Cohn
I am p the I am p iy g
2021-12-31 15:09:48
default avatar
Kindl Cohn
Yeah vulnerable
2021-12-31 15:08:13
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2021-09-22 11:06:22
default avatar
Deena Bidiman
It’s great! I enjoy the story.
2020-09-07 08:36:12
user avatar
Norah Koch
a good one **************************************************************************************************** thumbs up!
2020-07-31 01:14:49
13 Chapters
Beef Ribs
His breath was getting shorter and shorter. The smoke was engulfing him, making it hard to breath. Coughing violently, he looked around, trying to see through the heavy black fog. But the toxic gases were stinging his eyes, making him unable to see anything. "Mom!" he cried out. "Dad!" But his cries were drowned by more explosions in the rooms above him. The orange flames soared through the night sky, swallowing everything in its way. The roof would fall on him any minute. I must run! He thought wildly. His instincts told him to move, but his body was incapacitated by the poisonous gases. He could not move an inch as his knees wobbled. "Mom! Dad!" he shouted but to no avail. No one could hear him amidst the flames. He fell to the ground, coughing out blood from his lungs. "Someone…" he mumbled. "…" He felt his energy being drai
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Pervy Wife
Joonjae put fresh flowers at the shrine and cleaned the dust off it. After tidying it up, he headed back upstairs. Upon entering the room, he saw Chaerin was happily gobbling up the rice and beef stew he offered at her shrine. The food materialised in front of her when he prayed. "Happy?" he asked. "Very!" she said with her mouthful. Despite his slight annoyance, he was amused at her antics. She was totally engrossed in her food, not paying attention to the small smile on his face. "So what are we doing today?" she asked. "Catch more bad guys?" "Dunno," he said as he sat down beside her. "Aren't you going to work?" she questioned. "You didn't go yesterday!" "I'll go today," he said, brushing off a rice grain from her cheek. "There's an important business I need to take care of." "I'm gonna be so b
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One Plus One
The room was devoid of any light. The pungent smell of urine and feces was so overwhelming that it would make anyone feel nauseous. It was locked from the outside and there was no other way to exit the room. It was sealed shut; not even a fly can escape. In the corner was a bed for one person. It was unmade and unkempt, stained with blood and food. The walls were drawn with random scribbles of different colors. A new doodle was being designed on it by a man in his fifties. He was rigorously coloring the wall. His appearance was daunting. His beard was almost white and reached till his stomach. Strands of grey hair hung on his head as if they were being ripped every now and then. The eyes were bloodshot red, as if he had not slept for days. "One plus one is two," he mumbled. "One plus one is two." He kept on repeating his gibberish as he drew on the wall. Suddenly, his pencil broke. He let out an ear
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Chaerin was getting impatient and tapped her foot in annoyance as the long, white haired freak in front of her sat in a seance. She was in Country A and searched the country all day to find the guy. Finally, after she managed to track him and beat the crap out of him, she was let into his new place. She had been waiting for over an hour but the weirdo would not budge. Her patience was stretching thin and she wanted to strangle the man. Clearly, he was doing it deliberately. "Hey you!" she voiced out. "Hurry it up! It's time for my drama!" "Shh…" the man silenced her. He was in his fifties. His white hair reached up to his waist and he wore an outdated poncho with beads on it. His jeans were ripped and his hat was covering his eyes as well. "Oh you harbinger of darkness," he mumbled. "Show yourself!" He shouted out the last words, startling Chaerin. He was looking so intent
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The Unscrupulous Man
Joonjae stopped in front of an old, rundown factory building. The building was quite ancient. The wall paint was peeling off and the once white building was now a dirty brown color. There were no workers around and the windows were boarded up. There was a broken door at the front and there was not a soul in sight. Small insects and animals scurried here and there, building their homes in the corners of the abandoned place. Stepping forward, Joonjae checked his watch. It was almost 1 PM in the afternoon. He took out his phone and checked the text again. "1:30 PM," it said. He was half an hour early. Leaning against the car door, he waited patiently for someone to turn up. Finally, he saw a black minivan pulling up in front of the building. A short, stumpy man in his sixties stepped out. The old man walked towards Joonjae, carrying an envelope. "Long time no see," the old man comme
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The Workplace
After meeting with Sheng, Joonjae placed another call. Someone picked it up on the third ring. "Meet me at the hideout," he ordered without saying any greeting. "Ehhh? But I just fell asleep, boss!" a slow voice came from the receiver. "Meet me there in half an hour," Joonjae said, ignoring the whining from the other end. "So cruel, boss," the voice complained. "I demand a pay rise!" "Just get there!" Joonjae snapped and hung up the phone. He was not keen on hiring this person but he was the best candidate for the job. No one else came close to the skills this person possessed. Joonjae sighed and revved up the engine. He pulled up and sped off. …. Half an hour later, he parked the car in front of a modest apartment building. From the outside, it looked like an ordinary apartment building of six floors. An old,
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We Meet Again
(WARNING: THIS CHAPTER CONTAINS GRAPHIC VIOLENCE AND SOME DISTURBING ELEMENTS. PLEASE READ AT YOUR OWN RISK)  After an hour, Joonjae and Yoseob pulled up in front of The Institute of Mental Rehabilitation. "Is this the place?" Joonjae asked. "That's what the article mentioned," Yoseob replied. They were standing in front of a large, white building. The entrance was locked with a heavily padded iron gate and electric barb wires were placed all throughout the wall's perimeter. "Let's talk to the guard," Joonjae pointed towards the gate. He walked forward, with Yoseob in tow. A pompous guard stood at the gate. He had a smug look on his face and he stared arrogantly at the approaching guests. "We want to meet a patient here," Joonjae informed the heavily armed guard. It struck odd to him that a mental institution would arm guards with live rifles and
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Her eyes were covered with heavy bandages. No doubt she really cooked them in a pot before killing her husband. Yet, it felt like she was watching them. Her dress was bloodied especially the lower area and it looked like she had not bathed in days. Her body had scars from self mutilation, some of which looked very fresh and picked on repeatedly. She looked anorexic and her appearance was gaunt, devoid of any life in it. She tore another one of the limbs from the bloody pulp in her hands and chewed on it. "You know my name," Joonjae stated coolly. The woman let out a wheezing giggle, flashing her teeth which were marred with blood. She smacked her lips hungrily. "You are Hwang Joonjae," she sneered. "Son of Hwang Jisun and Kim Jisoo. Twenty eight years old. Head of the country's most dangerous Mafia syndicate." "Things which you could read in any newspaper," J
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The Day We Dread
It was a breezy night. A lone girl stood in the living room with her back to him. She looked ethereal. Her pearly skin was giving a soft glow in the dark, as if the moon descended on earth. He looked at her with love filled eyes but conflict in his heart. Slowly, he approached her. "I'm home," he said softly. She turned to look at him with sorrowful eyes. She looked so unearthly yet in pain. "Welcome back," she smiled sadly. "Your eyes do not match your smile," he commented. "Something is troubling you." "Everything troubles me," she said in melancholy. She held his hand. "Are we doing the right thing?" "What do you mean?" "We...we should not be together," she said. "We belong to different worlds. Our lives should not be intertwined. Yet, here we are, married to each other. We shouldn't be together." He felt his heartstrings being pulled.
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Treasure That Smile**
The morning sun shone brightly through the window. Joonjae stirred as the rays fell on him. He opened his eyes only to be met with a pair of amber ones. Happiness fluttered within him. She was there with him. She was not gone. "Good morning," he greeted in a raspy voice. "Good morning," Chaerin smiled. "Wake up, hubby. You gotta go to work." "Five more minutes," he said drowsily, clutching her close. He held her tightly all night long, refusing to let go. If Chaerin had been alive, she would have suffocated under his strong embrace. "Wake up!" she tried to tickle him but he caught her hand. Suddenly, he hoisted himself over her. His eyes were full of passion for her. "Joonjae, I-" Her words got stuck in her throat as his lips came crashing down on hers. She reacted to his fiery kiss with equal fervour as he bit her lips, prying his tongue
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