10 The Night They are Together

Carlos and Alex went back to the motel still very quiet. They can't help but to be awkward with each other and they also had to pretend like nothing happened. Actually, it is only Alex who feels awkward. Carlos has a fixed smile on his face and anyone who would see the two would think that he is a gentleman pursuing a girl he likes a lot.

For Alex, she regretted kissing Carlos. Her main purpose for doing it was to stop him from talking but she never thought she would feel something different. There was like an electricity that attracts her to do it again.

For Carlos, it was nothing but of course he doesn't want to fall for her or the other way around, that would make things complicated. He was happy at first to know that Alex is a lesbian so he thought it would be easy for them to pretend to be happily married after their wedding in front of their families.

After arriving in their room, they both put their plastic bags of food on

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