9 The Dog-Cat Relationship

Alex can't help but stare at the man sleeping in front of her. He looks very gentle when he is asleep. She must admit that this guy is not that bad when it comes to his looks. In fact, many girls would fall for him because of his height and his body, not to mention his small face and pink lips.

Alex tried to brush off what she was thinking by focusing on the movie shown in TV. She couldn’t help but think how she would look like if she is a straight woman. How would she behave as a girlfriend? She starts asking herself about her feelings for this man. She was sure before that she would never fall for a man but nowadays, she can't explain what she feels whenever Carlos takes care of her or when he teases her. These are the feelings she never thought she would feel for the opposite gender. She was surprised when her phone rang. She forgot to set it to silent mode and the sound was quite loud that it woke Carlos up.

"Hello." Alex answered the call. It was her gf.

"Where are you? Meet me now. If you don't come, then let's break up."

"I'm quite busy right now. We can meet first thing tomorrow if you want."

"No. Meet me now or never meet me again. You only have two choices."

"Let's break up then. Goodbye." Then, she hung up the call.

Carlos clapped his hands loudly after the call. "You are so cool! How can you break up without showing any emotion? I should learn from you."

"Shut up!" Alex snapped then she sat down on the bed.

Carlos sat next to Alex then wrap his arms around her shoulders. "Since you just broke up with your girlfriend, why don't we go to a club tonight and meet some women? I'm not familiar with this place so I can't bring you anywhere. You should be my guide, okay? Then we can look for our own partner. You can rent the room next to this one so you can have a private time with her."

Alex glared at him. She changed her mind. She is not confused anymore. She can never fall for this man.

"I'm hungry. Let's go to a fast food restaurant. I'm craving for burger." Carlos said.

"I don't want to eat anything. I don't have appetite. You go. I will stay here." Alex removed Carlos hand from her shoulder and lied down on the bed.

Carlos lied down next to her and hug her from behind which made Alex got up from the bed immediately.

"What do you think you're doing?!" She asked angrily.

"I just want to lay down beside you. You said you don't want to go out, so I also want to stay here with you. What are you thinking?"

"Then why do you have to hug me?"

"Can't I? I didn't do anything." Carlos then smiled. "Did you feel something when I hugged you? I think I'm not safe in this room. I won't do it again. Spare me please, I'm still a virgin." Carlos said who is now pretending to be scared.

"You pervert! Stop pretending! If there is anyone who should be scared between the two of us, that should be me. I'm still a woman, don't forget that. And don't ever lay your hands on me, I had goosebumps. It makes me want to puke."

"I would never touch you, don't worry. I respect you and I promised your parents that I will never hurt you, emotionally and physically. Maybe we can do whatever you are thinking after our wedding. You have to get me drunk though." Carlos then winked at Alex while smiling.

"Why did I come here? I will go home!" Alex got her bag and started heading for the door. Carlos grabbed her arm and pulled her to the bed.

"Stay here. I will stop. I will give never bother you. Okay?" Carlos finally gave up. He really has that fixed smile on his face which makes Alex feel more annoyed at him.

They were quiet for a moment. Alex put her backpack on a chair and sat back on the side of the bed. Carlos lied on the opposite side. He got the television remote and changed the channel from time to time until he found what he was looking for. He is now watching Cartoon Network.

"Childish." Alex whispered before she laid down on the bed. She got the pillow and put it in between her and Carlos.

"That isn't necessary." He said still smiling. "Do you want me to order food? We can order room service, or we can have food delivered from outside if you want. Aren't you hungry?"

"You can eat if you want. I don't have appetite. How many times do I have to tell you that?"

"Are you sad because you broke up with your girlfriend?" He asked.

"Hell no!"

"Then why don't you want to eat anything? I came here so I can get to know you more, but you don't want to hang out with me. I shouldn’t have stayed in the bus for hours just to meet you. You don’t even look happy when you saw me."

"Wow. You're really good in pretending. You should be an actor."

"Because I'm handsome right? Many people say that." Carlos said smiling. He stood up and look at his reflection in a small mirror posted on the wall.

Alex can't believe how confident he is. He is giving her a roller coaster of emotions. Sometimes she feels so angry because of his behaviour. At times, he makes her heart beat fast and makes her confused. And sometimes she makes her admire her confidence, in a negative way.

"Let's go out. We can do anything you want. You choose where we go or what food we eat. I will pay everything." Carlos said. He now feels so bored and wants to explore the city.

"You're so talkative!"

"If we don't go out, I will kiss you." Carlos threatened Alex.

"You can go out on your own. Why do you have to go out with me?"

"I will count until 5. 1"

"Stop it."


"Just go!"

"I will really kiss you. 3!"

Alex gets stressed with his counting and the next thing she knew, she was approaching Carlos and kiss him on the lips. It was a short kiss. Carlos was so shocked that he couldn't say anything.

"I said enough. Do you think I can't do that with you?" Alex said looking him straight to his face. Carlos was still shocked and is still not moving. He was stunned with what she did. She never expected that she would have the courage to kiss him. And he was only teasing her. He never thought that she would take it seriously.

Alex stood up and headed for the door. "What are you waiting for? I thought you are hungry. Let's go!" Alex said coldly.

“Can you do that again?” He said smiling.

“Will you come with me or what?”

Carlos got up immediately looking so happy.

Alex on the other hand looks so calm, like nothing happened but deep inside her, she is calling herself stupid. She never thought that she would panic and do what she is not supposed to do. She is scared that Carlos would misinterpret it.

The two took the stairs to go down. They were both quiet and felt awkward to each other. After getting out from the main entrance of the hotel, they stopped for a while and were waiting on who would take the next step. They actually don't know where to go so they are hoping that one of them would lead the way. Alex took the left side of the sidewalk, so Carlos followed her. They walked for 5 minutes until they reached a fast food restaurant.

"You said u are craving for burger. Let's eat here?" Alex finally spoke.

Carlos nodded as a response still smiling.

They ordered separately and paid separately as well. When they got their orders, they were surprised to see that both of them were holding paper bags.

"I would like to eat in the hotel." Carlos explained.

"Me too. I'm tired so I just want to take a rest. I thought you want to look around."

"I think it's just the same with my city, you know, most cities are similar these days. I can eat here. You can go to the hotel first if you don’t want to eat with me."

"Nope! We can go there together. I'm fine with that." Alex answered. She pretended to be cool with it when in fact she is shaking because of nervousness.

"Okay. Let's go back to the hotel then."

What would happen to the two when they have to stay together the whole night?

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