Loyal to Wrath 10.2

Cyro narrowed his eyes as two familiar scents entered his nose. He crouched down and looked down into the valley. A familiar wolf as big as he was with white fur came running into their line of view with two pups held in the arms of Kaeden, who was covered in blood and barely holding on riding on his back.

The wounds on his stomach, legs and arms weren’t healing, whereas the canine marks on his shoulder were already healed. Three rogues chased after them as they were making their escape. Cyro pushed off the ground and jumped down into the valley, running down a hill. His speed picked up and arrived almost immediately beside them.

Kaeden looked to his side at Cyro and whimpered. Cyro’s heart ached, and he lunged at the three wolves with fury, who tried to attack him. Slashing his right paw at the first one, his claws went straight through its skull and he was smashed into the ground. The second one was smashed with Cyro’s left pa

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