Loyal to Wrath 10.1

“Fuck!” Corbin grunted as his speed picked up. His thrusts became animalistic, and his hands gripped firmly onto Kaeden’s waist, hurting him, but Kaeden held his screams in. He held himself and Corbin’s shafts together and rubbed the tips together as they jerked off.

Corbin’s tongue traced Kaeden’s neck and latched on. He sucked on multiple spots, leaving his marks all over. Grunting, the two of them came at the same time and shuddered. Sweat traced their foreheads as they both panted. Corbin closed his eyes and smiled. It wasn’t enough, as he wanted to breed his mate, but this was fine for now.

Kaeden climbed onto Corbin’s chest and looked at his hand that had both their semen dripping from it. He saw they were two different colours, one being thick and milky while the other was thin and slightly translucent. A frown tugged on his face as he wondered this.

Corbin looked down after swinging his left arm under his hea

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