The Crowned Prince's Marionette

The Crowned Prince's Marionette

By:  jindoodlefairy  Ongoing
Language: English
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In her previous life, Everon Monique was just a simple girl living her life as a carefree teenager. She's content to live on her own. Alone and lonely. But that was until a very sudden accident change her existence for the worst. She died at the age of 18 and was reincarnated to a different world. She is now a new born heiress of a Grand Duke. Amazing, right? Far from it. She was still conscious about her past life and the new life she was given are full of hate and prejudice. Growing up in her new life, she witnessed how strange her new world was. A man was more powerful and more puissant and treated like Gods. While girls are being sold as slaves at a ripe age to every noble man that would live a brutalized life she had never imagined existed. Her time came. Full of terror and uncertainties, she had no choice but to obey. She was sold to become the Crowned Prince's Marionette. Will she ever survive at the hands of her diabolic master? Or will fate lead her to a life of adventure.

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I love it! this story is highly recommend ...
2021-08-05 21:05:29
9 Chapters
My Tragic Fate
 “Waiter!” Another costumer raised her hand to catch my attention. “Yes!” I ran to her table carrying a black pen and a notepad. “What’s your order, Ma’am?”“Give me another piece of strawberry cake and a float please.” The strictness in her eyes is very relevant. I could already tell that if I make a single mistake, she’ll sue me to death. How did I know? It’s because I’ve encountered a lot of customers like her before.As I turned my back, she called me again with her cold voice. “Oh… And please don’t call me Ma’am. I’m still young. Call me Miss.”“Y-yes… Miss.” I bow my head apologetically. Told ‘ya.“Go, now. Don’t waste my time.” She rolled her eyes and started talking with her bunch of friends again. Whew. Who would want
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I Woke Up Being A Baby
 “Oh hi there, My lady?” A soft voice beside me woken my soul up. “Oh… our sweet little angel is now awake. Can you see me?”  I tried re-opening my eyes and saw beauty. I stayed looking at her for about 2 minutes and ended up drooling. Wow, feels so good for my first time in heaven, huh?  Her hair is plain black and straight. It suits her heart shape and pretty face. She has baby blue eyes that could possibly melt a man's heart in an instant. Her skin is white and flawless. Is she even real?! Even beauty queens can’t compare to her! She’s so effin’ beautiful! “Abububu~ abubuuu~” (Who are you?!) My brows arched at my sudden weird voice. I tried to reach my mouth but it’s so hard to do! My eyes widened when I saw my hand. I gasped for air and shivered. What… What?! Why are they so small?! What happened to t
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Power and Aristocrats
 “You’re late…” A monstrous voice from my father made me shiver. Their looks… aren't changing a bit.“I’m sorry…” Mama bowed her head.“I don’t want to waste time right now,” he stood up and went to us. I gulped hard when he immediately raised his hand to my mama’s face. But he didn’t touch her, he just placed his palm in the air in front of her face. My eyes widened when a light appeared from his hand!“I could have just killed you yesterday if I did what my mind said…” He said with full anger in his voice.My Mama let out a smile, a smile of happiness. W-what is she doing? “I can die right now. Please do…”I gasped at her words. My eyes started to get teary. I don’t… I don’t understand why they’re acting like this? How many hours did I fall asleep?
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My New Life As The Duke's Daughter
 “Ah! Why are they taking so long?!” Hamstell complained while massaging his neck. He sat on the table with his vexed expression. “Let’s just wait for his excellency. I’m sure he’s enjoying himself right now,” Kenrick yawned.  Gah. Whenever I look at his handsome face, I feel so sleepy too.  My eyes widened when he glanced at me. A slight smirk formed through his face. He shifted on his seat and watched me thoroughly. And again, I’m starting to get uneasy.  What is he doing? If I am just older I will consider those stares of him flirting.  “Look at that. You’re not crying anymore. Are you enjoying my view? Little dodo?” He said looking so full of himself. My expression goes blank because of that. I never thought about him to be this arrogant. Well I guess, it co
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My Father, The Duke
I pulled the hem of my sassy dress as I jumped my way on a mud like water. Gasping for air, I ran as fast as I could until I reached the stone- like statue on my favorite playground just near the mansion's garden. I hop on the statue’s face and climb up until I reach its head. I sure look like a dirty spider climbing right now, but I don’t care. I am happy playing on my own! “Evie!” I heard Agatha’s voice from afar. I giggled and used the tree trunk to climb up next to it. I shrieked when I almost lost my balance but thankfully, I managed to keep up my body and used all my remaining strength to climb up again. “Evie?! Please don’t play too much! Where are you?!” She huffed and ended up sitting in front of the statue. Looking so busted. Gosh! I felt so guilty. I made her run that far again. But I wanted to play more! I can’t help but to feel so hap
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Time With Daddy (Part one)
I pouted my lips as I stared closely at the window. Seeing the bright sun waving and calling me to play outside, is making me feel so doleful. It's already my playtime but I can't get out of this cage like office of my father. This is too irritating! After he came back from his whatsoever work with the emperor he let me study inside his office alone! Without no one! "Staring outside won't make you do good." He spoke. His dark and cold eyes made me jump away from the window. I pursed my lips when I saw him wearing only a purple robe. His white skin glow up immediately, making him look like a paper. His gold honey like hair is also blinding! He's naturally beautiful.  "It's already my playtime..." I pouted my lips while complaining. I wanted him to feel so guilty but I guess I can't do that to a rude heartless Duke like him. It's impossible. It's impossible for him to feel that. "Your playtime?" His brow arched. Yes! My
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Time With Daddy (Part two)
"O-kay..." I said gloomily. I guess, I can't really beg him for me to have what I want that easily.  As what I finally expected, I stayed in his office the whole time. Feeling so bored and sleepy already. For now, I just wanted to go to my room and hop into my bed.  I yawned when I felt my eyes slowly drifting into darkness. I'm sleepy. I'm sure he'll wake me up once he finished his works. I'm tired sitting and doing nothing. I just need to sleep right now. I let darkness overcome my vision until I finally doze off to dreamland.   I woke up inside my room with Agatha humming beside me. I pull up my hand and reach for her dress. She gasped in shock, almost jumping. A small laugh came out from my mouth. "Did Evie scared Agatha?" I asked still laughing. She smiled wide and hop on my bed causing for it to wave strangely. I laughed so hard when she started tickling my stomach.  She immediately
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Daddy's Secret Affection (Part one)
"Dad?"  I called.He raised a brow with his usual cold expression. He just hummed and flipped the page of his book. Didn't even give a single glance towards me.Now that the sun is starting to make it's way inside the library, I saw how he glowed brightly when the sun's shade touch his features. He shined so perfectly."You're so pretty!" I giggled enough for me to get his full attention. He got silent for a couple of seconds. There's something on his pretty eyes that's digging inside me."Yeah." He agreed and came back to reading again.I pouted my lips as I totally just messed up. There's a reason why I am being this cutie pie to him today. I am swallowing this embarrassment just to have his permission to let me go out and play with my butterfly friends. But just like how I ended up sleeping on his office yesterday because of boredom I think it might happen to me again, today. And that's depressing me. 
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Daddy's Secret Affection (Part two)
As he started doing his work I am also running around trying to catch up to those pretty butterflies flying all over the room while leaving out a very beautiful scent. After playing and running around the library for about an hour, I decided to go near him. "Daddy!" I jump into his side. He just raised his brow. "Where did you get those buffies?""I made them," he said.I can clearly feel my eyes glowing. It's as if it is the most coolest thing that ever happened! My Dad is really awesome!"C-can you make a chocolate cake?" I exclaimed excitedly."Are you hungry?" He asked while flipping for the next page of his book."No, I just want to see you do it!" "I can. But chocolates isn't healthy for you.""I just want to see you doing it. I won't eat it, I promise," I my lips protruded. "No. Wash up now. You're so sweaty." 
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