The Moon and The Ocean.

The Moon and The Ocean.

By:  Hira Baig  Completed
Language: English
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Ocean is a normal human girl. She went to live with her uncle in New Orleans after her parents death. But there she fell in love with a bad boy who wasn't a normal human being. Moon is a supernatural hybrid creature. But he never knew that he's a hybrid. He was adopted by a werewolf family. Will he ever be able to find out about his true being?Will Moon and Ocean ever be together?What mystery the forest they both are attracted to, holds?

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50 Chapters
It was still dark, Ocean was sleeping peacefully in the back seat of the car. Her father, Sam Knight was driving the car and her mother Carla was talking to him. Carla: She doesn't feel comfortable with the triplets. Sam: Come on honey. They aren't that bad. Carla: Tell that to your daughter. She told me that it's her condition to visit Jack, that she'll get her private room. She's not gonna share it with her cousins. Sam: Okay fine. I'll tell Jack. He'll arrange her a separate room. Carla: Yeah you better. Sam: Okay wake her up, we're almost here. Carla tapped on Ocean's shoulder to wake her up. It took her a minute to understand her surroundings. Carla: We're almost here baby. Ocean: Yeah! Can we go to the woods please? I wanna see the rising sun. Sam: No baby! Uncle Jack is
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 Ocean was moving slowly towards the dark yet breathtaking forest. She couldn't feel a thing. Sam and Carla came back as they saw the car door was open and Ocean wasn't in the car. They looked around and found her walking towards the forest. She was almost in the woods. Sam and Carla called her a few times but she didn't even stop. She kept walking. Sam ran towards her and grabbed her by her elbow. Her eyes were pitch black and she looked like she was sleepwalking. Sam cupped her face but no response. Sam grabbed her by the arms and shook her body. That's when she looked at her father. She was confused. All she could remember was she fell asleep. Ocean: How did I get here? Sam: What do you mean? Why did you get out of the car? Ocean: I was in the car daddy. I don't know how I got here. Sam: That's it. This place is freaking crazy and creepy. We are leaving, right now. 
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After her parents' funeral, Ocean locked herself in room. Jack tried a lot to get her out and make her come back to her life, but she refused. Seeing her like this Jack's heart ached. He was sitting in his garden when Lora came and patted his shoulder. Lora: Talk to me Jack, I'm worried about both of you! Jack: I just want to do something that can ease her pain, her sorrows. I know she misses them. But locking herself like that and crying all the time isn't going to help her. Lora: Once she'll join school, she'll feel better and it will ease up her pain too. Jack: I didn't even think about it. You're right, thanks love. Jack fished out his phone and dialed Principal Albert. In an hour Jack and Lora met him and showed him Ocean's past history and grades. Principal Albert was impressed with Ocean's profile. He gave her a seat in his school. Jack and Lora happily went back to the Vi
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Professor Mitchell walked to the new girl. He was curious to know, what brought Moon Kart to his class. Moon was a very intelligent student. But he never attended anyone's class and because of his grades principal Albert was on Moon's side. And because of his support, no teachers were allowed to punish Moon. Professor Mitchell stood right in front of Ocean. She was chewing her bottom lip in nervousness. Professor Mitchell asked her.  Professor Mitchell: So you're the reason for the miracle we have witnessed today. What's your name? Ocean: Sir, I'm Ocean Knight. Professor Mitchell: Oh! Another idiot Knight you are. Ocean: Pardon please. Professor Mitchell: Don't be so surprised.  Ocean: How can you say that? You don't even know me! Professor Mitchell: I know you all. Those three brats weren't enough for principal Albert.
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Moon went to his car. He was unlocking his car when a familiar scent hit his nostrils. He looked around and found Ocean standing near a car. She was smiling, he looked at her smiling face and a smile made it's way to his lips. "Ocean has a really gorgeous smile." He thought.  Ocean felt someone's staring at her, she looked around and found Moon drooling over her with a sexy smile on his face. Her heart skipped a beat."(Stupid heart." She thought. "I'm not interested in him, I'm running away from him. Then why? Stupid heart." She quickly hopped into the car and locked the door. Jack thought she might be tired or hungry or maybe both, he drove off fast. She caught a site of Moon, who's smiling face was suddenly sad. His shining eyes were dim. It squeezed her heart and she felt bad. She knew, she was the reason of his sad face. She tried to brush off the thoughts but she couldn't. Her tongue started to move itself and she asked a question to Jack she wasn't ex
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Ocean woke up the next morning bright and early. She went to the bathroom, took a quick shower and changed in skinny blue jeans and pink floral top. She went downstairs and enjoyed her breakfast with Jack and Lora. After breakfast Jack and Lora left for shopping and ocean went to the garden. She was watering the plants when the triplets came from behind. They nicely asked ocean to join them for adventure. They told her that they wanted to take her to the forest. Ocean agreed excitedly, she loved that forest. She felt something was weird but she brushed it off and went with her cousins. While on their way to the forest, the triplets apologized for their behavior with Ocean in the past. She was happy that finally they realized and she forgave them. The triplets took her to the lake. It took a bit of time for Ocean to recognize the place but she remembered it. This was the same lake years ago where she saved a small fish. The lake was beautiful, just like she witnessed years ago. It wa
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Ocean went back home. It was dusk by then. She didn't know how but she spent a whole day with Moon. As she stepped into the Villa, Jack came to her and wrapped his arms around her. For a moment she didn't understand what happened. He broke the hug and yelled at her. Jack: Where the hell have you been? She got scared, no one ever had talked to her this loud. Her eyes welled up and she ran back to her room. She locked herself in and sobbed hard. Ocean was a very pampered girl. Being an only child, her parents never scolded her, they never even raised their voices in front of her. She kept crying until all the tears engulfed her and she fell asleep. On the other hand, Moon went back to his Villa and was welcomed by his angry, older brother, Zeus. Zeus wasn't just Moon's older brother but also the Alpha of the pack Moon's parents and all other creatures followed in New Orleans. He was strong, wise and very smart. All the oth
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 A loud sob escaped Ocean's lips and Moon turned her around. She was scared and crying. Seeing Moon, she quickly wrapped her arms around his neck. Moon felt bad for scaring her like that. He sat on the ground with Ocean on his lap. She kept crying and Moon rubbed her back soothingly. She buried her face in the nape of his neck, inhaling his scent. It calmed her down, Moon smiled, knowing his effects on her. He pecked her forehead and she stopped crying. He rubbed the tip of his nose on her cheek, her cheeks turned pink along with her nose. She was blushing. Ocean had never been with a guy before, Moon was the very first guy in her life. She put her head on his shoulder and Moon inhaled deeply. He was happy that finally he was with his Ocean. He cupped her face and wiped her tears by his thumbs. They both stayed like this for a while. Then Moon made her sit on the ground and went to pick up their bags. He returned with both bags and they spent the next few hours doing ho
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Moon pinned Ocean on her bed, her heart was jumping in her ribcage. Moon leaned in and pecked her lips. He smirked when he noticed her cheeks turned red. He intertwined his fingers with hers and kissed her. He bit her lower lip asking for entrance, she parted her lips and his tongue slid into her mouth. Her mouth tasted like chocolates. He broke the kiss and licked her saliva from her lips. She opened her eyes to look at him. It was her first kiss and she was glad it was with Moon. Moon grabbed her by her hips and with a swing she was on top of him. Moon wrapped his arms around her waist protectively. She put her head on his chest, listening to the sweet beat of his heart. Then she got up and Moon gave her a questioning look. She smiled shyly and spoke. Ocean: I need to wear something. Moon chuckled lightly as she ran into her closet. She came back in 5 minutes, wearing a long loose shirt that reached to her upper thighs. She crawled into be
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  Ocean was really confused with the sudden change in Zeus' behavior. He noticed it in her eyes. He sighed and spoke again. Zeus: I know what you must be thinking. I was just looking after my brother. For me, he's still my baby brother. I could never stand to see him hurt. And the way you talked to me, I'm sure you are perfect for him. I've seen pure love for you in his eyes. I wanted to be sure that you also have the same feeling for him. But what I witnessed was beyond my imagination. You know no one ever raised their voice in front of me. I'm impressed. Hesitantly Ocean asked him. Ocean: So you really don't have any problems with our relationship? Zeus chuckled lightly and spoke. Zeus: No, I don't. If you have any problem, never hesitate, just give me a call.  Ocean smiled and spoke. Ocean: Thank you for
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