Dream Love

Dream Love

By:  Eileen Sheehan, Ailene Frances, E.F. Sheehan  Completed
Language: English
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What happens when you fall in love with the fantasy man in your dreams only to discover that he's real... but, not human? That's the question that Gertie Hitchcock faced. Not only did her hot and sexy dream man show up in the flesh, but so did a lot of unexpected situations that included alien shape shifters and crazy lovers who stalked and kidnapped her! Can her Dream Love come to her rescue and save her from some seriously bad errors in judgement?

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Short and sweet, loved it all…..But wanting more. Thanks for the great read.
2023-04-18 02:19:55
23 Chapters
Chapter One
“Have you ever opened your door to find a this absolutely gorgeous, hunky, specimen of a man standing on the other side? I’ve dreamt just that, repeatedly, to the point that I’m frustrated with myself for not having a depth of imagination to move beyond this dream guy -pun intended-  and into something more substantial.   I mean, all he does is stand there with a sexy smirk on his face. Night after night, I see myself in this cozy little log cabin.  There’s an enormous fieldstone fireplace dominating the room.  The warmth from its roaring fire permeates every crack and crevice of the small, but spacious room.  Either there’s no electricity, or it’s gone out for some reason because I’m sitting curled up in an overstuffed, tweed covered club chair, reading a book by lantern light.  I can’t see the title of the book, but, by the look of the cover, I’d guess it’s a romance novel. 
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Chapter Two
The ringing of the telephone was magnified by the pounding headache that was all consuming.  I stretched my body as best as I could on the sofa that I could only assume belonged to Chris and placed my hands over my forehead. “Answer the phone,” I groaned as I slowly opened my eyes and tried to bring the world into focus. “How much did I drink?” I asked no one in particular, while I fought down the vomit that was trying to force its way up my esophagus.“Clearly, more than you can handle,” said the oh so familiar voice of Dr. Mokena.“What are you doing here?” I groaned.“I live here,” she said in a flat tone.Perhaps I just heard it as flat because of my all-consuming headache. I tried to sit up, but the pain was so excruciating that I was sure I’d lose the battle with the vomit.“I’m sick,” I said matter-of-factly.“I’m not surp
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Chapter Three
I won’t say that I didn’t feel a sense of loss over Bert’s death. We were engaged once, after all. Even though it ended badly, I’d had feelings for him at one time.  It’s just that the thought of sitting within the confines of the church amongst the ‘Gertie haters’ was more than either I or Chris wanted to endure.  We decided to forgo the church and catch up with the funeral proceedings at the cemetery.  I was surprised to see how intimate a crowd it was that gathered around the open grave.  I stood close enough to hear the eulogy, but far enough away as not to intrude on what appeared to be a tight-knit gathering.  My ever-supportive friend stayed glued to my side, gripping my elbow at times whenever someone from the group would look our way.I smiled to myself when I remembered the time that Bert accused me of being a lesbian.  Chris’ intent on shielding me from the mourners could eas
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Chapter Four
True to his word, Marc picked us up at exactly twelve noon.  He was parked outside and Chris and I were scrambling for the door when my mother asked us his identity.  It was then that I realized that I had no clue what his full name was.  I felt a little foolish telling her that it was Marc the lodge owner, but she knew right away who I was talking about.  That was one of the advantages of living in a small town.  Everyone knew about, if not actually knew, everyone.“I’ve never met the man, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about him,” my mother said as she smoothed my hair away from my face.“That’s good to hear,” I said.I considered taking the hint about introducing her to him, but the idea of my mother going out to the car to check out my date -even if he was taking both Chris and me to lunch, I knew that it was me who he’d really asked so, yes, I considered it a date- seemed a lit
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Chapter Five
Roger stomped into my office with his usual stressed out purplish face while waving a stack of papers in the air.“I could have used your help with these,” he snapped.“I went to a funeral,” I said in a bland tone.“It would be nice if people would coordinate their deaths with your work schedule,” he said as he eased himself onto the white leather sofa on the far side of my office and positioned his scuffed shoes on my glass top coffee table.“That’s insensitive, even for you,” I said.After a brief moment of reflection, he nodded and said, “I need to get away for a while.”“This job will do it to you,” I added.“You love your work,” he said with a grin.“That doesn’t mean it isn’t stressful,” I retorted.“We need better bosses.  I think we should start a petition for the current owners to sell to
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Chapter Six
The debate during work the following day over what it was about Joshua that made him feel so different went on for a considerable length of time.  Roger was adamant that the man was as straight as a board, so gaydom wasn’t it.  Perhaps it was the fact that he was Canadian.   Although, living in a state that borders Canada provides plenty of opportunities to meet people from there and I’d yet to meet someone who emitted such electrifying energy as Joshua had.  Except for Marc, I’d met no one who emitted any type of electrifyingly erotic energy; ever.Although my friends were eager to see me align myself with a male they felt wasn’t a monkey in geek’s clothing, there were still apprehensive about my going out with Joshua the following night.  Not being able to put a label on what we all felt was unsettling, it was agreed that when we got where we were going, I’d call Chris or Roger to let them know where I was.&n
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Chapter Seven
As I made my way into my office wearing a grin like the cat who’d caught the canary, I considered my actions of the night before.  I may have acted out of character, but I didn’t regret making love to Joshua Hanson.  I’d at least made certain that I had his full name, place of birth, size of family, and birthday before I fell into bed with him.  That had to stand for something. My body still tingled from his touch.  My heart still swelled from his words.  For the first time in my life, I was really and truly in love.  So many people never find the kind of love that we had.  It was an amazing thing.  What was even more amazing was how quickly it happened.  It was literally overnight!“Do you believe in love at first sight?” I asked when Chris entered with a cup of coffee and some Danish.“You were supposed to check in with either me or Roger.  I spoke with Roger and he did
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Chapter Eight
“She’s coming around,” Chris said through the darkness.I could hear her talking with people nearby, but I was unable to open my eyes or utter a word.  I eventually gained control of my hand and raised it to my neck.  There was a thick bandage on it.  I tried to force my tongue and vocal cords to cooperate and ask what was happening, but all I could get out was a long groan.“Gertrude, this is Dr. Mokena.  Your friends say that you were attacked by a feral dog.  You are in St. Peter’s Hospital.  Can you open your eyes?” I heard in the distance. The first thing that came to mind was the question of why Dr. Mokena was in the hospital room with me.  She was a therapist, not a surgeon.  I searched my memory bank while I tried to grab bits and pieces of what happened, but it was blank.  The only things I could pull up was Joshua’s horrific idea of a sexy interlude in the alle
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Chapter Nine
On the morning of my birthday, I was able to move around enough to go outside and enjoy the beauty of my surroundings to their fullest.  Marc still insisted on carrying me, even though I assured him my legs were fine and that I could easily walk on my own.  Admittedly, I didn’t press the issue since it gave me a chance to wrap my arms around his neck and pretend that we were the love couple I dreamt of each night.He carefully set me down onto a lounge chair he’d moved from the covered porch onto the lawn so that I could feel the warmth of the sun on my face.   Beside the lounge, he’d placed a side table and a chair so someone could sit with me, should I desire the company.I smiled when I saw Luis making his way toward us.  He wheeled a tea cart laden with snacks and beverages along the smooth walkway.  Close behind him were his two assistants.  They carried a small table that I assumed they intended to set up to se
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Chapter Ten
 I inherently knew that the taxicab I’d spotted coming up the long drive was delivering my two friends. By the time I’d managed to make my way to the porch, it was parked in the circular driveway at the bottom of the steps with Chris, Roger, and Peter climbing out.  I looked for Tom, but saw no sign of him.  Chris must have noticed because she shrugged and smiled.  It wasn’t unusual for Tom to stay behind when we got together.  We had very little in common and, although Roger, Pete, and I tolerated him, we often wondered what Chris saw in him.  To me, their relationship validated the saying that opposites attract.Roger stopped to take in the view while Chris bounded up the stairs to wrap her arms around me.“I’m still a little sore,” I warned her as she spread her arms wide.“You have no idea how badly I’ve wanted to do this,” she said as she gently hugged me.  “My ga
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