A Drop In The Ocean

A Drop In The Ocean

By:  sequelaseller  Ongoing
Language: English
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For Olivia Phillips, life has never been easy, from losing her father, having a drunk of a mother to having a popular cheerleader sister who hates her. Even life at school is not better. She finds herself an outcast, being bullied, ignored by her crush and having no friends. She ends up reaching a point of enough is enough.

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4 Chapters
Chapter 1
“I wish you and your sister were never born.”“You both ruined my life and I hate you!”I, Olivia Phillips could hear the slurring cold voice of my mother, yelling out to me from the dining room where she was stark drunk with empty beer bottles lying all over the floor of our little three bedroomed cottage house.I was now in the kitchen preparing my lunch box. I could not afford to buy cafeteria food so had to cook my own food at home to carry for school. As for the little cottage we lived in, it was paid through my dead father`s pension money."You are a worthless brat!"Tears were now falling down my face as I heard what my mother was yelling out to me. It was the same thing every morning and even though I was used to it, sometimes the words pierced deeply into my heart.Hearing your own mother yell out that she regretted having you and thought you were a mistake, truly hurt to hear even if the person was drunk.
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Chapter 2
After getting out of the bus, I ran smack into a rock hard chest from not looking at where I was going.With my heart beating a little I  looked up to see whose chest I had smacked into and was shocked to be looking straight into the gorgeous blue eyes of my biggest crush Chad Wilkerson.The most popular student in school and he was also one of the best football players of the school football team. I’d even heard that a famous football team was planning on having him play for them after he finished school. That’s how good he was.He could have already started his football career and not be here attending school. But I heard that his father made him attend school first as he was worried that his son could get an injury in football and not have a second career to fall on. Apparently his father even wanted him to do some other career not sports.As I looked at Chad I was just so hypnotized and mesmerized by how handsome he was with his blond
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Chapter 3
As soon as I finished my library shift, I took my things which included my book bag and my favorite novel. I wanted to read the last pages of my favorite novel before meeting my ultimate death and erasing myself from existence.I had already now planned my own death. I was going to take pills from my mother’s cabinet and die from overdose. I would breathe my last breath in this horrible lonely world and finally get some rest and peace.When it comes to what happens after death, I actually did not know and hoped I would just be erased from existence.I was actually doing the world a favor as they would no longer have to live with an ugly outcast like me. I could not wait to reach home. Maybe if I died they would all finally miss me. I then thought sadly talking to myself as I always did since I had no one willing to talk to me.After getting out of the library I headed out to the parking spot where the bus shuttle usually came to pick us up to go hom
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Chapter 4
David`s POV “Dang I am Late!” David thought in panic as he stared at his watch after getting into his car.He quickly started the engine and drove in urgency while also trying to be careful because of the rain and thunder booming in the sky.These were no conditions to drive in, but he had to and there was no other way.As he drove in the empty road, he was shocked as out of nowhere a figure appeared right in front of his car. Causing him to quickly press the brakes trying to instantly stop the car and not cause an accident.To his shock as he took a proper look at the figure, they looked exactly like an…an angel!He quickly rubbed his eyes wondering if maybe he was seeing incorrectly or dreaming.“Maybe its an outfit,” he tried to convince himself while staring from his window screen at the realistic looking white wings which looked alive and were twitching. The figure als
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