The Pact

The Pact

By:  Keren Michael  Completed
Language: English
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Two different lives with one pact! ... Telemarketer at Panda Health Tea company, Selene Brooke works out most of her stress in the boiler room to push memories of her past and overcome her cheating ex boyfriend, to prove herself worthy and perfect than her co-worker Michelle, in the eyes of her boss, Corby Cox. What Selene didn't know was that proving her worth and perfection was going to land her in a whole lot of trouble, an assignment to get an investor of RR enterprise owned by a famous Italian billonaire. Fabrico Zunino Valenquez. A man who was also trying to overcome his past by so doing, not willing his heart to love again. Their meeting is on business terms but Selene finds herself agreeing to the Pact that Fabrico was willing to offer her. No holds barred sex, no strings attached and no commitment. But how long can that last before they fall in too deep, denying the pact and longing for more. What happens when they realise their pact was actually based on love?

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69 Chapters
Chapter One
"Hi Mrs Viet. This is Selena with-- ""Not interested" click"Hi Mr Wantz, this is Selena with Panda tea product.  We make--""Fuck off bitch!" Click!!"Hi Mr Sanford. This is Selena with Panda tea product. We make a green tea validated for your health that is guaranteed to help you maintain good health and ensures long lasting--""I told you guys to take my name off your list. You just woke me up. Shit!" Click."Well good day sir" I said as the man hung up on me. This was hell.  It was eight am in the morning and I've made hundreds of calls around the globe. I've ticked off women in Tacoma, irritated men in Vancouver and woken sleeping women with beautiful dreams in NY.I stared round the boiler room at the amount of telemarketers screaming into their phones trying to sell the Panda product. At least Mr Sanford gave me
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Chapter Two
It was a good thing my apartment wasn't too far from the company.  I could easily walk home but sometimes, it can be tiring as hell.I lifted my feet up when I came across a puddle so I don't splash into it. My mind was focused somewhere else. Maybe it's about going to Florida but maybe it's not. My life hasn't always been stable. It was always a two way branched road. Maybe it's because I never had a normal childhood.I had an alcoholic mother who did nothing but seat around all day sending me to get her drinks when I was seventeen. My dad himself was not a saint. He was a drug dealer until he passed away when I was sixteen.I was lonely and stray with no way to restart my life in a peaceful way and that was when I met Blake. I was Twenty one and we dated for three years before he too had to go ahead and betray me. He cheated on me with a college friend and when I called it over, he started drinking and following me
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Chapter Three
I got to hand it to Corby for booking me a first class ticket. I thought I had to worry about cramping myself up in commercial and finding it hard to sleep. I hardly sleep in a crowded place. Not that I have the guts to be picky. If I had been booked for commercial, I would've gone, still.I placed my bag in the compartment above me before sliding into the chair next to the window. The plane was not yet about to leave so I sent a quick text to Corby saying I just got on board the plane and then sent a message to Kay telling her to wish me luck.The flight attendant passed by my seat and I smiled up at her. She gave me an uncomfortable nod of her head before scurrying off. I glared around me before opening the compartment in front of me. In it was a eye wear for sleeping and ear plugs.I was just about to get into the mood of snuggly do-do when a young man sat next to me. By God!, I'm happy I wasn't yet sleeping or I would'
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Chapter Four
Straightening out my green suit, my eyes darted from one corner of the restaurant to the other. I'm supposed to be seeing Fabrico Zunino's PA any minute now. I hear she's a fashion designer as well as a loyal assistant to Zunino. They're quit fondly and if I can get along with her, Fabrico Zunino won't be a problem."Would you like anything miss?"I looked up to my side where a waiter dressed in green khakis stood. He had a note in his hand and a smile on his face, awaiting me to order up."Not yet. I'm waiting for someone" I said sharply. He turned on his heels and retreated from whence he came. I glared at my phone, somehow praying that it rings because I really need to talk to Kay right now. Or even Corby.  I'm feeling just a bit anxious.The door to the restaurant finally slid open again and a tall brunette with long curls stepped in. I would've mistaken her for a model but I know she's got to be
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Chapter Five
"What!"I was up on my feet now, pacing round the room. How come I didn't know that? Does the world know that? How did Kay find out when I just checked him out some hours ago."Fabrico Zunino has a twin, girl. His name is Emiliano.  And it's probably him you saw just now" Kay piped.I'm dumb right now. I don't even know what to say. "Does the Pap know? Is it a well know news?" I asked Kay."I'm pretty sure. Yeah. Why?""How come I didn't know that?""Your an introvert Selene. You don't give two fucks about celebrities and you're lactose intolerant""Why did you have to say that last part? It doesn't fit in this discussion" I rolled my eyes."I know. I just wanted you to know that I know you so well" Kay said and I'm sure she's giving her triumphant smile right now or checking herself in the mirror as she smirks."What
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Chapter Six
"What?"He took two steps back, from me and then turned toward the door that just opened, breaking our little intense moment. Karen walked in with an uncomfortable stare on her face. Surely, she's seen the eye Lock I and her boss were having just now."I got you coffee" Karen said, handing me the cup. I took it gracefully, sending a thank you, her way."Is there anything scheduled today again?" Fabrico asked his PA."Tons. You have that meeting with the real estate management from Singapore. Also, You have a meeting with those ball hosters..." As she spoke,  I concentrated on finishing the coffee in my hand."Also, you have a press announcement to make by this afternoon...""Cancel them all" Fabrico said and I nearly chocked on my coffee. Karen shook her head in disagreement."I can't. You have to be seen in those meetings and the press...The press...
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Chapter Seven
I woved my hands through my hair as I shut the door to my suite behind me. Safe in the confines of my room again, where no one can stare into my soul, or ask me questions I don't want to answer. I placed my purse on the armchair and took my flats off.The bathroom called me as I made my way for a hot bath but there was a knock on my door. Groaning inwardly, I walked back to the door. I didn't call for a hotel attendant.I opened the door to see Fabrico standing there. To be sure I saw well, I took off my glasses, rubbed my eyes and wore it back again. Surely this was Fabrico and not Emiliano. I've come to recognise the difference between them"What are you doing here?" I asked."You left your coat" He raised my black coat up and I took it from him after muttering a thank you."Do you um...want to come in?"He nodded and I gave him way so he could slip into the room. His ey
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Chapter Eight
The moment I stepped out of the elevator, confettis flew all over my face. What the hell? I brushed off the colorful ropes from my face to find my colleagues staring at me with smiles on their faces. Kay even held a banner that said Congratulations Selena Brookes."What is this about?" I chukled. Kay took my hand, pulling me in for a hug."You did it girl!""Did what?" Is this about Florida?Corby appeared from behind a desk with a grin on his face and an open arm. He pulled me in for a hug which was very unprofessional but I've done a lot of unprofessional things in the last weekend. Like allowing our most important investor, yet, to pleasure me."We got a call from Miami. The contract was signed and now we start business with RR enterprise. " he said and I smiled trying to look surprised. Of course I knew Fabrico would sign it."That's great news" I chim
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Chapter Nine
"What party?"Kay toppled over some books on my desk, I stared at her hoping for an explanation prior to what she just said."Corby is holding a party. Heard from one of the director of the boards that it's celebrating our collaboration with RR enterprise"I sucked in a breath. How come I didn't know of this. And if there is really going to be a celebration party, Fabrico might be there. That's if he doesn't send Karen to come in-stead of him.Kay waved her hands in front of me several times. "Earth to Selene""Well then, that's good" I flipped my laptop on getting down to work. I have up to hundred emails. Most from buyers of our product.Kay took the seat in front of my desk. "Whoah, hold up. That sounds like you're not going for the party""What's the need?""You were the one who struck the deal and you know Corby would love for you to
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Chapter Ten
"You still won't tell me how you got this dress right?" Kay poked at my side. I shoved her hand away, moving away from the mirror. I just couldn't stop staring at myself and the more I stared, the more I felt it wasn't me. I've hidden myself for so long to even know what I really look like. I'd began to forget that my hair was black and not red."Take that wig off and let me do your hair""No. The wig stays" I stood my ground but it seemed Kays ground was higher because she reached over to me and ripped the wig off of my head."Let go of this for a while. How bout tonight huh?" Her hands rubbed both sides of my shoulder gently."Fine. But after tonight, I'm going back to my wig and eyeglass""You can even wear your suits, I don't mind. But let go for tonight, Selene" She kissed my cheek before pulling me back to the mirror and sitting me down. Standing behind me, she held the stretch
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