The Persistent CEO Wants A Baby

The Persistent CEO Wants A Baby

By:  Authoress Berry Julie  Completed
Language: English
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The plan was just to replace her best friend on her blind date. Could she have ever imagined this decision to become a new life begining of hers? Escaping from this arrogant CEO who turned out to be her Boss seems to be impossible. You lied to him, and he can send you to prison right away, The only way to get out of this mess is to accept his proposal. A contract Marriage with A Baby involved and No feelings attached. How long until the feelings becomes unquenchable?

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83 Chapters
01~They were never Family
Tihana walked into her father's house and meet her stepmother and Emma sitting down, eating chicken and watching a movie while laughing endlessly that they didn't even notice Tihana walk in. "Mother" she called slowly and they both turn to look at her. "The princess is finally home." Emma laughs and her mother joined her. Tihana swallowed and walk away, making her way towards Emma's room. Actually, when her father is home, She and Emma sleeps together just to make her father believe things are going well whileas it isn't. So Tihana already know where she's supposed to go. She's a little excited to meet her father. But she's sad that she have to keep lying to her father about what's happening at home. Tihana sigh, maybe she should just tell her father that she have been suffering all these while. If she doesn't have Diana by her side, where could she have been? Probably in the street where her stepmother have always wanted her to be. "Hey Tihana, you better go do the dishes
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02~Make Me a Grandchild!
"Tihana, are you okay? Geez, why didn't you grab an umbrella before coming back?" Diana asked as she rushes to her. She wasn't expecting Tihana to be back home anytime soon, but when she heard the knock on the door, she got worried because she wasn't expecting anyone and Tihana already said she won't be back till tomorrow. Actually, Tihana's Ex-father is a truck driver and is hardly home. Tihana being thrown out to the street by her stepmother, the only place she call her second home is Diana's apartment. Early, she had gotten a call from her stepmother that her father is coming back. Had she know this will happen, she won't have bother even going there.Tihana didn't reply her as she instead circle her hand around Diana's waist, hugging her. That was when Diana heard her whimper and realizes she had been crying. She didn't try to push her away despite the fact she was wet. Diana instead hugged her back and console her even without knowing what went wrong. But she knows for sure
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03~Don't flatter me
Wayne walked into Grandfather's sitting room and sat down. He had requested to see him alone. Not with Aiden, but just him. Wayne didn't need anyone to tell him what his conversation with the old man is going to be. It's definitely going to be about his grandson, Wayne's Boss. He stood up to greet Grandfather when he saw him walk into the sitting room. Then he sat back down after the old man was seated."It's been long since you last invited me over alone, grandfather. Is every thing okay?" Wayne asked and the old man looks at him. "Is it?" He questioned him back and Wayne look at him, confused. "Huh ? Sorry.." Grandfather didn't respond immediately as he adjusted his chair and wave at Wayne to come closer. Wayne obeyed and sat on the couch, closer to the old man."Aiden is not here, so you can be free to tell me the truth. Is everything okay with My grandson?" Wayne swallowed as he tries to understand what grand father is talking about. "Nothing is wrong with Aiden, Grand
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04~The replacement
Wayne gets out of the Aiden's penthouse and enters the car again. This time, he wasn't with the chauffer. The reason was because, he's driving his own car. He had actually come to Aiden's penthouse to deliver some documents. He steps on the gear and slowly drives out of the façade.Five minutes and three seconds later and Wayne pulls out his car on the side road and got down, walking to the back of the car , he looks down to check if anything got broken. And his tail lights was broken, he walks to the black car parked behind him and knocks on the front door glass . The front door glass rolls down and reveals a lady with a brown short hair and has a sunglasses on.Mere looking at her, one can tell how tensed she is. Wayne looks at this lady's hand which was on the steering wheel and realizes it's shaking. She's scared or nervous. Wayne swallowed. "Are you okay?"She didn't respond immediately as she just went ahead to remove her sunglasses then pushes her hair backwards. "I'm re
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"You haven't been picking up my calls since you came back from abroad, really what happened? Did you find another flock over there?"Aiden looked at the lady in front of him as he just chuckles. He have accepted her invite to meet her at a restaurant and she have been nagging and complaining about not getting enough attention from him. This, Aiden sees ridiculous. She's just one of the Sluts he hangs out with, no feelings attached. Aiden wondered when these ladies will realizes he only needs them for fun and nothing else. He feels absolutely nothing for any single lady. One reason he isn't prepared to get married, and having his grandfather nags him everyday about him getting old is what he hates. He only wants to have fun with these girls who throws their selves carelessly at him. " I can't say a word if you continue nagging me like you're sort of my wife or something."The lady rolls her eyes at him and sat down. "You are tired of me already? It's been only three days and y
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06~Try Me,Aiden
Aiden Turner walks into the bar and sights Blossom sitting over at the counter , backing him.He puts his hand inside his pocket and approaches her, he pulls out a chair and sit. Drawing her attention.."Aiden" Blossom calls in her tiny voice as he flashes him a smile that he didn't return."Why do you wanna see me, here of all places too?""You don't like this place? I'm sorry I thought you'd like it. C'mon, how about we change place, where do you wanna go to?"Aiden sighed and waves at the bartender to get him a drink, ignoring blossom till the bartender arrives with his drink. Aiden takes a sip before he looks back at Blossom. "Don't act like we're friends. I'm still accepting to come meet you because of your father's relationship with my family. Don't try to push things harder" Blossom looks away slowly and Aiden heard her sigh before she says a word."Why do you always have to be rude to me? You don't even care how much your words hurts me"Aiden chuckles. "It does? Wow! I'm so
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07~You'll pay me back in kind
Aiden stamp his feet on the ground in anger and stood up, walking out of the waiting room too. He meet Wayne standing by the door and it was obvious he was waiting for him. "You Okay?" Wayne asked him when he saw the look on his Boss's face."Get the car ready" Aiden simply said and walks away. Wayne nods and bows his head a little before heading to the elevator. ______^^^ Blossom drops her bag on the table and shut her door , she haven't uttered a word to any of her maids as she just walks straight to her room. The maids also know too well that she's angry, and so they avoided getting on her bad book otherwise they'd lose their job in just a blink of an eye.Blossom lay on her bed and looks up at the ceiling blinky. Thinking about how Aiden talked to her earlier made her feel even worse about herself. She have tried so much all these years.She just don't understand if she'd ever do Aiden any wrong as she couldn't think of any. Though still, she doesn't understand why he's alwa
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08~The same cold man!
"You're still thinking about grandfather's word?" Wayne asks and sit next to Aiden. Aiden didn't reply immediately as he just take a sip from the wine in his glass, he sighs and lean back on the chair. Wayne look at him and also sigh. He hates to see him in this condition but same time, he feels glad about the decision Aiden's grandfather had decided to take. It'd be worse if Aiden continues with his behavior. It won't only affect his reputation, but the companies as well. "You need to stop thinking about it. We'll try to figure out the best way to make him change his mind." Wayne says, even though he have no plan of going to talk to grandfather. And even if he does, He knew too well that Grandfather doesn't go back on his words. "You know him! He's definitely going to stand on his word. How does he expect me to go on a date and get married to a random girl, then get her pregnant and stuff!""Does he even consider that fact that I'm going to have to live with her for the rest of
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09~How should I be sure?
For a while, Aiden looks down on Blossom. He had suddenly lost his words and her request came out sudden."I know you're not interested in all these girls, So Aiden.. let's get married."This time, Aiden laughs and without uttering a word, he walks away. Blossom stood there for another seconds as she looks blinky at the door. She sigh and went to pick up her bag , then she walks out of the office.She can't believe that she actually said that, but she had to. Blossom can't imagine herself watch Aiden get married to someone else.She won't only be hurt, but she'll be embarrassed among her friends whom she had always brag to that Aiden belongs to her. Blossom thinks it's time she talk to her father and ask for his help. He'd like him to set up an arranged marriage between her and Aiden.No matter what it might take her, She just want to be with Aiden. Aiden Turner enters his grandfather's apartment because he wanted to talk to him again to confirm if he really meant all he said ear
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10~I already have someone in mind
Tihana stood and look at herself in the standing mirror, she slowly turn her back to see the view of her butts and then she turn to look at Diana who was sitting down, looking at her. "I don't like this one, it's just like It has all my shapes coming out."They're in the clothes shop because Diana said it will be nice for them to pick up new clothes for the date and for their selves too."But still, it's my favourite among others you have wore." Diana insisted and Tihana rolls her eyes and walk back inside to remove the cloth. "You probably like it because it's tight. If you don't want this date to work out, I have to be putting on something out of fashion."Diana understands and so she tells her to pick up whatever she wants and thinks it's the best. Minutes passed and Tihana walk out from the changing room now wearing something different. She smiles boldly at Diana."I'll take this one then." She smiles and Diana just laughs because just like Tihana said she wanted, the cloth is
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