The Phantom Butcher (Shadow Crawlers Book 1)

The Phantom Butcher (Shadow Crawlers Book 1)

By:  Catherine Edward  Ongoing
Language: English
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Sienna Harlow and Asher Vaughan were so much in love until one-night fate ripped her away from him... Asher vows revenge for her murder and becomes an active member of Shadow Crawlers association, the supernatural-owned agency that deals with supernatural crimes. Three years later, Shadow Crawlers is investigating a case of mass abduction, fifteen teens, all virgins, abducted from their home in less than two weeks and a supernatural is behind the crimes. The evidence lead to a vampire connected to several cold-blood murders, including that of Sienna's and Asher has a mysterious stalker of his own. Will Asher save the abducted teens before it's too late? Read this dark story of love, passion, and revenge.

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11 Chapters
The isolated wooden cabin sat deep inside the forest. The creature of the dark stood watching the murky structure, illuminated by a dim porch light. He stayed hidden behind the bushes nearby the swamp for the past hour, listening to the sounds from inside.The chilly wind brushed against his pale skin, making the leaves rustle. Not that it bothered the creature. He was used to extreme weather conditions that cold or heat didn’t bother him anymore.It had recently rained and the rich, fertile scent of earth held no appeal for him. He’d chosen the moonless night for only one purpose. The cabin belonged to a werewolf named Asher Vaughan, the most feared Alpha in the town, and the creature waited patiently for the right moment to attack.The merry chirps of the crickets and the mating calls of the frogs annoyed the hell out of him, testing his mostly non-existent patience.Long, clawed fingers tapped rhythmically on the tree trunk. Its fangs
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Chapter 1
Asher walked down the gravel path, which led to the familiar graveyard, a bunch of red roses clutched tightly in his arms.It was eerily calm, not even the birds or insects dared to make noise here. The trees danced lazily with the wind and the moisture it carried hinted an impending rain. No matter how many times he visited this place, he couldn’t get used to the heaviness that was pressing his heart.Asher’s heart tightened with each step he took toward his once true love, Sienna, who rested here peacefully with no care about the world or his pain. His legs stopped when he reached her grave and his knees gave up as usual. A loud sob racked his entire body as he let go.Every day for the past three years, he came here to meet his love with her favorite red roses. Every day he cried, but the pain did not seem to lessen and he always left the graveyard with the same feeling, only to come back the next day and cry again.No matter how much he tr
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Chapter 2
Asher groaned as the blonde pressed herself to him. She was clingy, and he tried hard to hide his displeasure. Whoever chose this woman as his blind date was going to hell after this. Exiting the restaurant, he turned his face just in time to avoid the kiss the female tried to place on his lips. "Ceci, I don't kiss on first date," Asher grunted,  holding her at arm's length. He hadn’t kissed anyone in three years. She didn’t have to know that. "It's just a kiss." The blonde pouted, jutting her perfectly painted bow-shaped lips.. But they weren’t natural as his Sienna. Her artificial perfume was making his nose itch, and he scrunched his nose, forcing a smile. “Maybe another time.” He looked away to hide his cringe. The blonde wore a tight dress which ended just below her bum and her full breasts almost hung out, leaving little to his imagination. She was a beauty in her own way, with short curly hair, green eyes and a round face w
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Chapter 3
The mortuary looked more sinister than the last time he was down here, and Asher hated it with every ounce of his being. It was always cold and smelled like death—putrid stench of blood, flesh and pain. He wondered about the people who lay behind the closed drawers. How many dreams had been lost? How many left their families with broken hearts? How many of them had their lives taken without their permission? “It’s good to meet you again, Mr. Vaughan,” Gregory Welch, the middle-aged medical examiner, greeted him with a tight-lipped smile. Gregory did not enjoy slicing up the bodies here, yet the need to bring justice to the victims kept him tied to this job. "It looks like the same MO but after close observation it's not—sixteen shallow cuts on the torso, each cut an inch apart,” he listed,  scratching his beard, which sported a few grey hairs. “It is the same as the last victim. His blood has been drained before the perp slit his
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Chapter 4
The dot stopped around fifteen miles outside their territory in a place Asher has never been before. Making sure that they had their weapons ready, they took off in  that direction using their werewolf speed. They only knew this woman was supernatural. She could be a vampire, demon, or anything else. Either way, they were prepared to deal with her. He marked the location on the map and exited the car quickly. They were faster on foot than with a car in this terrain. Asher was worried the stalker would lead them to the middle of nowhere, as he urged Logan to follow him. Running in their wolf forms would have been faster, but they couldn’t carry the device in that form. Logan carried a transportable device in his hand instead, which tracked the movement of the perp. They trekked through the forest, confirming the location occasionally and moved stealthily with the grace of a predator. “I have sent the coordinates to Neil. Our backup will be here soon,”
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Chapter 5
Asher couldn’t breathe. She was there, right in front of him. Sienna looked the same, yet unfamiliar; she smelled the same, yet the smell of blood was too strong on her. How did she turn into a vampire? Asher’s movements were robotic as he headed to the bathroom and filled the bathtub with cold water. His once numb heart ached again and he couldn’t stand it. He should stop the pain. I need ice. Lots of it. Bringing more ice packs from the refrigerator, he emptied the contents into the already cold water. Once satisfied with temperature he stripped out of his clothes and climbed inside, submerging himself with only his nose outside the surface. The cold bit into his skin, yet that pain felt nothing compared to that of his heart. He was used to this. The cold always worked. Asher closed his eyes, breathing through his mouth, and suddenly, he was back to the day when he met Sienna. ***
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Chapter 6
Asher paced in his office room, worry coating his features. The atmosphere was thick with tension. The relaxing view of the city from his window did nothing to comfort him The board in front of him was filled with information they had gathered after their preliminary investigation. Sienna Harlow, aged twenty-five, had no living family members. Parents and younger brother died in an accident and she grew up in foster care. No close friends. No relationships in the past four years after the last one ended on a sour note. She fit perfectly into the perp’s victim profile. Sienna’s scent was long gone, making it harder for them to track her. She was gone for two whole days and had someone reported earlier, they could have done something or found more clues. “Gimme something… anything…,” he growled and kicked the chair, which crashed on the window with a loud thud. That alley from where she was kidnapped notoriously known for the crime rates, which making h
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Chapter 7
Sienna paced the confinement like a caged lioness.The knot came off after tugging with her teeth for a while and upon freeing one hand, it felt easier to remove the other knots which bound her left hand and legs.She had relieved her urge at one of the stinking corners of the room. She felt a burning sensation underneath her belly and in her private area, side effects of holding her urge against nature’s call.Sienna spit on the dirty floor for the millionth time not wanting to swallow the saliva. His dick had been in her mouth and she had no source to wash off the filth. Her body never felt dirtier before.Her parched throat did not hurt her much like his act did. It wounded her self-respect and dignity.She might not be stronger than him but she will never go down without a fight. Now that she was free she stood a fair chance against him.Sienna felt weak but the rage burned within fuelled her resolve and she paced the room waiting
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Chapter 8
Sienna tensed when she saw him standing at the door with a shocked expression. Her hands trembled as she glared at the man who was relentlessly flirting with her these past few weeks.  Asher? What is he doing here? His friend stepped behind him, looking appeased. Were they working together all this time? Was this the reason he frequented her workplace? She took a step back. Was he spying on me? “You,” she whispered. Her hands tightened around the chair ready to attack if he got anywhere near her. “How could you?” Asher’s eyes narrowed at the chair, a frown pulling at the corners of his mouth. Then
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Chapter 9
Asher’s fingers drummed on the steering wheel as he waited in the parking lot outside Sienna’s building. That spot gave him a good vantage point to her room. He couldn’t leave Sienna alone. Her puffy red-rimmed eyes kept flashing in his mind and his wolf was restless.He wanted to stay with her and hold her all night–to assure her. However, it was too early, and he did not think she trusted him enough to let him stay. So, here he was, sitting like a lone puppy looking at her bedroom window.It was almost three a.m and the lights in her apartment were still on. He tried to tune his senses and listen to any sound. So far, he heard nothing.Maybe I should just check on her. His frustration of not being near her was mounting and he couldn’t wait to see her again. The security let him in knowing he was with the police department.Asher stood at her door and listened for any noises coming from the inside. He didn’t c
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