The Cursed Alpha's Mate

The Cursed Alpha's Mate

By:  MoonFlood  Completed
Language: English
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The story of a prince cursed with immortality and a girl counting down the days to death. An Alpha in search of his Luna. An omega once rejected. She couldn’t shift until she met him. He couldn’t see colours until he met her. They call Prince Valens the cursed prince, the Alpha who neither knocks nor asks before he enters and takes but the true thing he seeks, he cannot find. Wandering the earth for over a hundred years in search of someone to break his curse, he has become nothing but a cold man. He invades packs in search of his mate, staging takeovers, until he meets her; his curse-breaker. Aysel has the blood of a traitor in her veins. Eleven years ago, her parents led an attack to overthrow the Alpha. They lost and got slaughtered, leaving her behind to bear the burden of their tainted legacy. Abused, broken and rejected, she has no hope of a better life until she meets him; the cursed alpha. Her saviour. Valens introduces Aysel to a life of power and affluence. Those who mocked her now fall on their faces to serve her but with an ex desperate to get her back, a scorned alpha hell-bent on ruining them and her identity emerging, will the relationship between Aysel and Valens flourish?

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The Cursed Alpha's Mate revolves around a prince cursed with immortality and a girl on the verge of death. Alpha the prince named Valens, had wandered around and invaded packs for over a hundred years in search of his curse breaker, and gradually turned into a cold man. Aysel's parents had attempted to overthrow Alpha but lost and got slaughtered. Broken and abused as she was until she met him, he was her true savior. He got her a life of power and affluence. But with her emerging identity, will their relationship still flourish? ...   

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Only a fool looks Alpha Zavier in the eye when he speaks. You dare not interrupt him and if you’re an omega girl called Aysel, it’s best to hide. I learnt these tricks early in life. I knew not to look up, not to make a sound and to make myself invisible in the crowd of people that filled the banquet hall to celebrate the Feast of the Moon.But I never did anything right. When asked to take a step to the left, I ended up at the right, whether I took a step to the left or not. Fate worked in reverse for me. If I sowed good, I reaped misfortune.It was the reason why, while serving with my head down, trying to make myself smaller than my small frame, I tripped on a fair leg, my tray of wine flying from my hand and tumbling to the ground, crashing – loudly – to the floor and spilling its red content against the fair feet of the Alpha’s daughter, in the middle of the Alpha’s speech. I raised my head and caught the Alpha Zavier’s gaze and at that moment, I’d broken three of the most fundam
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“Aysel.” I curled away from the person touching me.I didn’t want to open my eyes. I refused to awaken to a world that hated me. The only thing I wanted was to sleep the sleep of death to join my parents in the world after. I didn’t deserve any of the pain and suffering that awaited me in the world of the living.“Aysel, wake up.” My eyes fluttered open when the person shaking me refused to relent. “You have five minutes to eat before Monica comes barging in.” Celeste pushed a tray of food to me.“I’m not hungry.” I sat up in my dark room, wiping caked blood off my lips. “What time is it?” I didn’t know how long I’d succumbed to the darkness.“It’s morning.” Celeste brushed aside my question with haste, pushing the tray of food to me again. “The Feast of the Moon continues today. You have a lot of work waiting for you so you better eat now before you collapse doing your duties.”It’ll be unfortunate to faint while working today yet my stomach was a tight knot that wanted nothing in it
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“You can’t let them win,” I repeated my mantra in my head as two men held me down while a third lashes at me. The wounds on my back never healed. I didn’t go a week without being introduced to one or more new ways of torture. I’d developed a high tolerance to pain and to keep me down, Redville pack got more creative in their methods.“They won’t break your spirit.” If I proved deeper, I’d find my spirit in shambles – what was left of it – but my mantra kept me going. The Redville wolves used me as their lab rat – the victim that they tested out new methods of torture on.“I’ll be strong.” These words repeated in my head, a steady mantra that lived with me for the past eleven years.Eleven years ago, my parents betrayed the pack. I had friends and a good life until they ruined it. They wanted more. My father wanted Alpha Zavier’s position and he went for it. My mother never learnt not to support her mate so through it all, through the secrets, the going about behind the pack, the infil
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I loved Lucien once. Along with Celeste, he’d been my best friend. His parents always quarrelled with him to stay away from me but he never listened to them. Things started to change when we entered high school six years ago. As we are older than Celeste by a year, it left the two of us as high school friends and Celeste still in middle school.It was around that time his infatuation with Skylar began. She’d been the hottest girl in our high school. I didn’t blame him for abandoning our friendship and choosing her. They made a golden couple – the Beta’s son with his mop of curly black hair, lean muscular build, and long legs and the Alpha’s daughter with the perfect figure eight and shiny long hair.Lucien couldn’t be friends with me while dating Skylar who hated me from childhood. She abhorred me even before she had a reason to. I let him choose his girlfriend before me but he wouldn’t let me go. He gave me false hopes that ruined what little reputation I had amongst my peers.“Are y
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“What is that noise?” Monica asked for the tenth time while I washed the dishes used for the morning ceremony.The Feast of the Moon would come to an end this night with a pack run and an initiation into the pack for those that mated into the pack within the last year. Every werewolf able to shift was expected to honour the Alpha’s Call at the first sight of the full moon. Alpha Zavier would howl to call his pack and those who could, would rend their human forms and gallop into the woods for the final ritual of the Feast of the Moon. The rest of us stood outside with our faces raised to the moon, praying for a successful initiation and the opportunity to partake in the next Feast of the Moon.“What noise?” Claudia asked, pausing her washing to listen.Omegas didn’t have as good senses as other wolves. We were the weak links in most packs, valued only for our empathy and service. Monica as a Beta could hear sounds hundreds of miles away but we the omegas could barely hear what went on
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I didn’t cry as I sat outside the sanctuary while everyone else ran to take cover. I didn’t cry when Skylar paused her frantic run to laugh in my face. I didn’t cry when Lucien tried forcing Celeste to join them in the sanctuary. I held the tears that threatened to spill.The moon would grace us soon. Goddess only knew what was going on as we sat outside at the foot of the stairs of one house. The decoration hanging from every porch didn’t look happy anymore as they did during the start of the Feast of the Moon. The chirping birds seemed to carry a mournful tone with them. The darkening skies brought gloom with them.“You still have time to join them,” I told Celeste.I didn’t want her out here with me where I would worry about her every minute. If she went into the bunker like everyone else, I’d rest easy knowing I was the only one risking my life by being out here.“If you can’t go in, I won’t.” She took my hand in hers, squeezing them. I laid my head on her shoulder, inhaling her n
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Latency meant I couldn’t shift; I had a wolf trapped inside of me that wouldn’t come out no matter how much I tried. My kind shifted at eighteen, with Alpha wolves shifting earlier – at seventeen. I would be twenty in a few weeks which meant for two years, I bore the stigma of being a traitor’s daughter and a latent wolf. I couldn’t shift until that night.Pain bloomed on every inch of my skin. Tiny pinpricks, sharp stabs, I felt them all at once as my body changed. Then the worst of them happened in my head, my skull. As if an external force pressed my skull together, I felt my head squeeze, my brain seemed to be crushed. It passed with excruciating slowness, my eardrums and eyes, nose, everything, changing all at once. If someone took a broken shard of glass and ran it into my eyeballs, they may not hurt as much as they did then.I hit the ground face first as I fell, my half-open mouth taking in sand and leaves. I hunched over but when the second wave came, it hit harder than the f
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“It’s no secret that the Alpha Pack has taken up residence amongst us.” As Alpha Zavier spoke, a few members of the Alpha Pack walked by without sparing him a glance. No, it wasn’t a secret. “It’s also no secret what they want.” A few people began muttering as Alpha Zavier drew out his speech, keeping us all in suspense.Everyone already went into hiding but he called us all out of hiding. For what? A speech without a head or tail? The two girls behind me fidgeted, tapping their feet and holding on to each other as the entire shifted wolves in the pack gather in the arena in response to the second Alpha‘s Call of the night.“I had a brief conversation with him and we agreed on a method that will save us from war.” He took a deep, stuttered breath, his loud voice subdued as he spoke. It made the wolf in me lower her head, placing a paw across her eyes at the weakened state of our Alpha.In less than twenty-four hours, another Alpha came to throw our lives on its head and made our Alpha
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A new week came with a new administration. I hadn’t set eyes on Alpha Valens but I saw the changes. One by one, his men filled every top spot in the pack. Beta Jabari became the pack beta, a new witch who we didn’t know became the pack’s oracle, his men replaced the head warriors of each brigade and Skylar didn’t step on people as much as she used to.Alpha Valens, in a rare show of mercy, banished Alpha Zavier from the pack lands rather than kill him as any other alpha would have done in a takeover. Skylar and Bethel refused to leave with their father to become rogues or solitary wolves so the Alpha left alone, shamed and disgraced with his pack watching forlornly.None of this affected me in any way. All the changes happened at the top and people like me at the bottom weren’t affected in any way. People like Skylar and Lucien suffered but people like me who never had relevance or status still had no relevance or status after the violent takeover.I only pitied Celeste as her parents
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“What are you doing? Hurry up and take this to the prince!” Astrid shouted at me. I stood with the tray shaking in my hands, fear paralyzing me from head to toe. I didn’t want to do this but I had no choice. I didn’t want Skylar to implicate Celeste because I refused to do it. She’d not rest until she destroyed everything that I was and held dear so I didn’t have any choice but to comply with her wishes if I didn’t want something bad to happen to my best friend.I took the tray from the kitchen and mixed the poison into the drink on the Alpha’s tray. This would be the second time I would deliver his meals to his room in the penthouse of the pack house. I hoped that like the first time, he wouldn’t be around when I entered the room.The suite was dark when I entered, only a small light from an open door illuminated the place. Dropping the tray on a table, I straightened, prepared to run out as the Alpha himself stepped out of the bathroom. My mouth flapped open and closed like a fish w
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