The Pink Clouds

The Pink Clouds

By:  Sadik Adam  Ongoing
Language: English
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Richard's parents died in a car accident when he was eight years old. Life has not been easy for him and his two sisters because no one was willing to help them. His older sister decided to sacrifice everything she had to see that Richard and his younger sister have the best of life. At age of 18, Richard happened to find himself in a university as a result of his sister's effort. She warned him seriously not to get involve in trouble. But his trouble began when he fell in love with one of his professor's daughter which resulted in him leaving school. Will he be able to face his sister after making all her efforts go in vain? Or will he find a way to succeed without obtaining a degree in an effort to make up for his mistake? Meanwhile Rebecca is very naughty highschool student that was terrible at mathematics and physics and has never been in love. Her mother hired Richard to teach her mathematics because he had the best result in his faculty. But Rebecca hated him so much that she could anything to make him stop teaching her. One day, Richard stood up for her while she was being humiliated at school. That made her to start seeing the good in him. Just as things were about to get interesting between them, a very tragic incident happened to Richard causing him to leave school. Rebecca did not see Richard again until after five years and he wasn't like she used know him. Will she fall for him again like before? Or will she turn a blind eye and pretend he doesn't exist?

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47 Chapters
Chapter 1
It was a lovely morning; the university compound was surrounded by many students as it was the first day of the semester.Everybody was walking in a hurry heading to his or her faculty. Then came Richard, a boy with an average height. He was wearing a T-shirt and black jeans. On his feet were sneakers that seemed to have matched his shirt. He got admitted into the institution 5 months ago with the help of his elder sister. She worked tirelessly to see that he got admitted into the university he desired. For that reason, Richard put in all his best in his studies making him the student with the best result in his faculty the previous semester.He walked in a hurry as though he was running because he was seriously late. He usually departs his dormitory by 7 am in the morning which was very close to his faculty. But due to the fact that he had changed a dormitory, he had to wake up much earlier than that if he wants to get to his
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Chapter 2
Richard entered his room in the dormitory. He met 3 other students which he was supposed to occupy the room with. The room was of medium size with a wardrobe located opposite to the entrance. There were two metal bunk arranged at the right side of the room, and the third one is placed on the left side. There was a ceiling fan moving at a very fast speed. Two of his roommates seemed to have just arrived from their home with their luggage."You are all welcome," Richard said to them and proceeded to shake each and every one of them."Are you also in this room?" one of the boys asked."Yes I am, there is my stuff," Richard pointed a table with some items on it. "You must be rich, how can you leave the door opened with your stuff left unprotected?" one of the boys asked surprisingly."I don't think I own anything that worths stealing in my bag," Richard grinned. "You never know the importance of
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Chapter 3
The next day was a very wet day. Richard got caught in the rain on his way to his faculty as soon as he got out of his dormitory.He quickly ran to building close by because the running water can ruin the new shoes he was wearing. He folded his arms and watched as the rain fell heavily. About 30 minutes later, a girl in her school uniform approached from afar. She was holding an umbrella with her right hand, while her left hand was in the pocket of the blue sweater she was wearing. She wore a white sweat hat that covered her ears with black gloves in her hands. The combination looked beautiful on her that Richard kept staring wanting to figure out who the girl was. When she got close, he noticed that it was the same girl he had an argument with the other day. They both looked away. Albeit Richard is not interested in secondary school girls, something about the girl seemed fascinating. 
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Chapter 4
By the 3 O'clock the next day, Richard met Prof. Grace in her office. "Good afternoon Ma'am," Richard greeted as he entered the office. "Good afternoon, how are you doing," she asked."I am doing okay," Richard responded."How are your studies?" She asked again.  "Excellent ma'am" Richard responded. "Good, that's what I love to hear," Prof. Grace said. "So, have you decided yet?""Yes I have, but only if it will be three times in a week," Richard conditioned."Three times is quite enough," the Professor agreed."Please sit there and let me finish some of my work before I will take you to my house and introduce you to my daughter," she added and Richard sat on a cushion opposite to her. She worked for about 30 minutes before she finally finished."Sorry I've kept you waiting, we can go now," Mrs Grace said as she stood up.She walked out of the office with Ric
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Chapter 5
The next day, Richard went his lectures early in the morning as usual. He was the first person to be in the lecture hall. So he sat at the first seat and watched as everyone walked in. He was expecting to see Janet, but she didn't come even after their lecturer arrived. As the lecturer was about to walk into the lectures hall, Paul quickly walked in before him because the lecturer does not allow anyone to walk in after he has.   Paul looked around and noticed an empty seat beside Richard and he knew it was reserved for him. He quickly walked to Richard and sat on the seat beside him. "I wonder what you always do in the morning that makes you come late for lectures," Richard nagged."I have been asking myself that too, but I couldn't come up with an answer," Paul responded. "Well, you better get yourself together or you regret it later," Richard advised."Alright dad, I will take note of
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Chapter 6
Two days later, Richard was having a practical lesson in one of the computer labs in their department. The lab was big enough to be occupied by three hundred students. The practicals had been taking place for about 2 hours, and there is still an hour more. As the practical was going on, someone took an excuse from the lecturer delivering the lectures from the back door. Everyone turned to see whom the person was and noticed that it was Janet. “How may I help you?” the lecturer queried.“I have been unwell, sir, I have just been released from the hospital,” Janet explained. “Do you expect me to believe this?” the lecture doubted, but before he could say more words, the rest of the students in the hall confirmed that she was telling the truth. “Alright, you can come in and have a seat,” the lecturer instructed and Janet walked into the lab. As she was walking, Richard who was sitting in the front kept looking at her. 
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Chapter 7
Instantly, the party became disoriented and everyone started running for their safety. Albeit Richard was full of regret of why he remained behind in the first place, he still managed to hold Janet 's hand and ran with her. With no hesitation, she followed him as her dragged her along. As they headed out of the hall, they noticed that the police were capturing those that were outside.They quickly ran back not knowing what to do. Janet started crying because she was completely scared. Richard begin to imagine what he will tell his sister if he got arrested. Luckily, he saw a door located at the extreme of the hall. He held Janet 's hand and ran with her alongside him.He kicked the door with leg and they both entered. He locked the door soon after that. The room was all dark with a very low light. There were some bags of corns that were leaned against the wall of the room. Richard jumped and sat on one of the bags while Janet squatted by the door with her hand
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Chapter 8
The next day, Richard woke up feeling so happy. Before he could do anything, he discovered that he was late for lectures. He quickly got dressed and ran out of the room. Because he was late, he took a taxi to the faculty. He arrived there five minutes after the lecture had started. Luckily for him, the lecturer doesn't mind if students come to his class late. He entered the lecture hall and went to the last sit and sat down. Richard looked around the lecture hall but couldn't see Janet. It then brought him to the conclusion that she was still sleeping. As the lecture was taking place, Richard could not stop himself from thinking about Janet and the incidences that happened between them the previous night.After the lecture, Richard remained behind in the hall trying to cover up for the time he missed the previous night."How did it go for you yesterday?" Someone asked.When Richard turned, he noticed that it was Paul."Don't
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Chapter 9
The next day, Richard was sitting in a lecture theatre waiting for his lecturer to come. He had been sitting there for the past hour going through his book. At about 10 am, the rest of the students started rushing into the lecture theatre indicating the arrival of the lecturer had arrived. He gathered all the books he was reading and put them in the bag that was beside him. When he looked up, he unexpectedly saw Janet .The moment he saw her, he felt so warm in his heart like never before. He kept staring at her and couldn't take his eyes off her. More than ever, he wanted to speak to her. When she got close to him, she smiled at him and waved. Richard was so happy and didn't know how he could respond to her. She passed him and proceeded to seats at the extreme of the hall and sat down.All that Richard wished for was for the lecture to finish so he could talk to her. Throughout during the lecture, he kept turning back to look at her to the extent t
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Chapter 10
In the evening, Richard went to the Agric garden close to the dormitory and sat there. He brought out his computer and put on his headphone. He laughed as he watched some funny videos online. He was happily enjoying alone. When he looked up, he unexpected caught Rebecca staring at him. She quickly looked away nervously. She was walking with her little brother with his little hand in hers. She wore a red shirt and a pair of black jeans. Richard wanted to stand up and meet her, but something stopped him. After she walked to a certain point further away, she still turned and looked at him. She looked extremely beautiful but Richard tried to put away all thoughts away other than her being a secondary school girl.He continued watching his videos until the place became completely dark. He stood up and went to his room and took some biscuits before leaving for his night studies. He went to one of the theatres and sat there alone. He brought out his
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