Accidental Baby, Falling For The Billionaire.

Accidental Baby, Falling For The Billionaire.

By:  Seunpeace  Completed
Language: English
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“I will always remind you about this, I am not your husband, and I will never be yours. The only reason why I’m even here in the first place is because of that little bun in your tummy. So get that straight.” He said to me and walked out. It took the will in me not to break down. A one-night stand. Two drunk individuals, what more could go wrong? It came as a shock to Dalia when she woke up and found herself in the same hotel room as the client she and boss had come to convince to sign a contract deal. Dalia and Eros, the hot billionaire tycoon, decide to keep a secret and never speak about what had happened that night. That is, until a baby shows up and Eros and Dalia are forced to get married. Now, it is left to Dalia to figure out a way to deal with the troubles that come with being the wife of a billionaire.

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185 Chapters
Dalia’s POVThis wasn't my first time booking a flight. I had mixed up the dates of our departure with our proposed departure date and had to reschedule the flight multiple times. At the airport, I nearly crossed through the security check without dropping off my bags, Jeffrey shot me a stern quizzical look that read, stop playing around. It was all chaos from start to finish. I smiled to myself when I recalled I had almost forgotten my suitcase when Jeffrey called me, ‘I hope you went over your lines properly, you’ve been quite absent-minded these past week.’ He tapped agitatedly on his lap as I nodded in the affirmative. If I said a word, he would proceed to ask me to recite it before him and I wasn't in the mood for that. It was going to be a long flight. In all my years of working with him, a deal had never bothered him like this. I was also quite nervous, because of all I knew about West Inc. Emily and I loved their clothing line. We were so excited when I told her I was going t
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Dalia’s POVI opened my eyes slightly, it was morning and the rays of light from the window were harsh enough to jolt me awake. I was about to shut my eyes once more when from the corner of my eyes, I saw a tall figure putting on a shirt. I let out a yelp and struggled to get out of bed. This wasn't my hotel room, and why was Eros West here? Then I realised I was naked. I dragged the sheets over my body and the events of last night came rushing back to me in fuzzy recollections. I had gone and drank more than I could handle again, and this time Emily wasn't here to stop me from making bad decisions. My head throbbed and the room spun around me. Eros kissed me, I raised my fingers to my lips and blushed. We had sex last night! He turned to face me and turned away, tightening his tie, his face was stoic and cold, and I almost detected a tinge of disgust. 'I-i…about last night—''That was last night and it has gone. The driver will be here to take you back to your hotel in 30 minutes.’
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Eros’s POV.‘Sir, I brought your coffee.’ I snapped my hand up and nodded at my secretary. When she left, I turned my attention back to the papers before me— the partnership documents between my company and MELT’s. My team and I had been planning to approach them before they made the move, and the terms of the agreement were quite favourable. A memory of what happened that night popped up into my head and I grimaced. The lady from that night was undeniably attractive, and the short red gown she wore hugged her curves so well. It was so unlike me to lewd over a woman in that manner and a business partner. That was quite an unfortunate situation and would never repeat itself. I loosened my grip on the table and took a swig of my coffee. What if it got out to the public? I couldn’t have that. A knock came from the door, ‘May I come in, sir? It's a Mark.’‘Yes, come—’ my PA barely waited for me to complete my sentence when he barged into the room. He had with him his notepad and a bunc
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Dalia’s POVI went over to Emily's place to get ready with her. Her stylist, makeup artist, the designers and camera team and the whole team was already there and I went by 9:00 am. Getting ready for these events always took a full day and Emily had to look her very best, she was also going in a West dress. They were also going to dress me too; I was going in a plain white satin gown with a cowl. Elephant and classy. Silver-studded heels, and a diamond choker.‘Hello honeyyy, wow you look amazing!’ Chris said, he ran over to me and kissed me on my cheek. ‘It’s great to see you Chris. And jenna…hi!’I waved excitedly at Jenna. She was my favourite hair stylist, she had a pin in between her lips and nodded at me. ‘Finally, the queen arrives,’ said Emily. She was still in her robe and her nails and feet were being filed and prepped for a manicure by the nail technician. I sat on the chair opposite her and helped myself to the glass of juice on the side table. It was a full house, her cor
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DALIA'S POVThe huge double doors slammed shut behind me, as I stumbled into the empty hallway. Various emotions washed over me, my cheeks burning from embarrassment and my eyes glossy with tears. I let out a heavy sigh, and briefly leaned against the wall nearest to me as I pulled off my shoes and gathered the length of my dress. My moment of peace was short-lived, as I heard the doors open again, followed by brisk footsteps. I whipped my head back to see Jeffrey, rushing out the doors behind me.“Dalia!” His voice boomed throughout the hallway, and shook me to my spine. The scowl plastered on his face told me he was probably the only person more mortified by the situation than myself. Either edge of his lips were down-turned, and his brows furrowed at the center of his forehead, causing the stress lines he so desperately tried to hide to appear. As he approached me, I noticed the veins pulsing underneath his sweaty skin, it was almost as though they were trying to pop out of his tem
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EROS’S POV.I stood motionless, shocked, and covered in a layer of vomit from the chest down. A hush fell on the room for a brief moment, before the silence was broken by several gasps, followed shortly by the sound of clicking cameras, and flashes. The situation had not yet fully registered in my brain, until I turned to meet Jeffrey's terrified eyes. He seemed frozen to one spot, with his mouth hanging open, as the very person responsible for the mess ran off of the stage, and out of the room."Damn, who's that?" A high pitched voice from the audience said. The voice was laced in malicious intent, whoever had spoken those words intended only to cause a stir. Aside that, it sounded pretty generic, like it could belong to just anyone. I rolled my eyes at the thought straightened my back and turned back to the crowd, and smiled in a way that felt vaguely out of character."That, is somebody who may have already had a bit too much to drink." I retorted, and chuckled lightly. The joke e
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DALIA'S POVJeffrey had sent a waitress to make sure I got home safe. She arrived with some aspirin, a big bottle of water, a change of brand new clothes, and a bag to carry my soiled dress in."You're a life saver." I whispered, before popping two pills in my mouth. I threw my head back, and chugged down more than half of the bottle of water in a single go, leaving just a little in case I got thirsty on the ride home.I peeled my dress off, took off the tags, and slipped on the pair of grey, baggy sweatpants and black T-shirt she had brought for me. Once I was fully dressed, I turned to pick up my shoes. I couldn't possibly wear six inch stilettos with the clothes I had on right now, even if it was just to the front door. I considered going caveman style, and walking barefoot, but something told me Jeffrey would not like that very much."You wouldn't happen to have a pair of size seven sneakers here, would you?" I asked, my voice drenched in sarcasm."Uhm, no." The waitress chuckled
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DALIA'S POVI woke up on the cold floor in my kitchen, to the sound of my phone buzzing violently where it lay on the counter top. I struggled to stand to my feet, and dragged myself over to my kitchen island, picking up my phone just as it stopped ringing. The previous night had been such a terrible disaster, I wanted so bad to believe it was nothing more than an extremely detailed nightmare. The broken test stick laying not too far from me, the missed calls from my boss and a million texts from Emily told me it was not."Ugh, my head." I winced, clutching the side of my head with my hand, as I called Jeffrey right back. He picked up on the first ring."Dalia? Are you okay?" His voiced pierced through my ears, making my head hurt even more."I don't feel too good, Boss.""Yeah, you don't sound too good either. I've been calling you all morning, last night wasn't a total disaster. You're lucky, Eros West is a forgiving, understanding man." From the sound of it, it seemed like the part
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EROS' POVI sat alone in my office when I heard a gentle knock on the door."Enter." I said, from behind the screen of my laptop, my eyes fixed on the figures in bold, black font. I knew exactly who it was that had come in. Not merely because he was the only person scheduled to meet with me at this time, but because I had heard his footsteps as he approached my office. "Mr. Starr, top of the morning to you." I greeted. Over the years of our friendship, I had gained the ability of knowing when Jeffrey was coming from quite a remarkable distance away, simply from the way he walked. That prosthetic left leg of his made it incredibly easy, as every second step he took was always louder than the first."Pleasant morning, Eros." He replied, shutting the door behind him. I finally looked up from my computer to see him walking over to my desk. He was dressed in a white, yellow, and blue plaid dress shirt, with rolled up sleeves. His pants were made from a fine, navy blue khaki like fabric, an
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DALIA'S POVFor some reason, the pizza tasted so good this afternoon. I munched down all six slices, and had a big size Coke to wash it down. After I was done eating, I got up, finally ready to clean the apartment. I started by wiping down the kitchen surfaces with a damp cloth, and offloading the dishwasher. I stacked the plates, and pans in their respective shelves, and stored the cutlery and cups back in the drawers. Soon, I moved into the living room. I stared at just how untidy it was. The floor was littered with all sorts of things, from empty Doritos packaging, to plastic hair rollers, shoes, and of course, the dress from last night, which now reeked of vomit.I braced myself, holding my breath before walking over to where the dress lay. It wasn’t until I picked it up from the ground that I saw the bottle of wine that had tipped over and emptied on the floor, soaking the dress as well."Just fucking great." I hissed. Emily would not be happy about this. She had refused to even
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