The Reaver Chronicles: Ramses (Book 3)

The Reaver Chronicles: Ramses (Book 3)

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Ramses Kane, the international playboy. Voted the Sexiest man alive as per People magazine for 7 years in a row. I've heard it all, seen it all. He and I have been 'together', for longer than I can even count. I am his main love interest. I got over the fact that if I want him in my life I have to share him. I learned that Ramses will never truly settle down. It would be with me if he did. So when he brings another woman into my bar, and introduces her as his girlfriend… I know something is awry. I have a terrible feeling about her. I know she has done something to Ramses, but he doesn't seem to notice. I am not a jealous woman, however, all I can feel is rage when I see Haven's face. I have been a Witch since birth. but attempt after attempt fails as I try to uncover the truth, and I realize that in order to save him, I have to do something forbidden by not only the Witches of the French Quarter, but The Ancestors... The ritual that I pulled power from, goes off without a hitch, but The Ancestors are beyond angry with me now. I had no idea the sheer consequences of my actions… Saving Ramses was worth the risk, but what is a Witch without her magic? The ritual to visit The Otherside is immensely dangerous, but I am determined to meet with The Ancestors and plead my case. I'm not sorry that I abused my powers to save Ramses. I plead my case but If I become one of them, I will never leave this place. Unfortunately, I dug my grave, now I have to lie in my coffin while they slam the lid shut.

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A must read book
2022-05-28 21:18:10
57 Chapters
Chapter 1
Chapter 1I woke up with my head in a daze. “I had the weirdest fuckin dream…” I said to Titan as I rolled over to face a woman in my bed that I don’t remember bringing home. “What the fuck…” I said out loud and then I gripped my temples as pain shot through them momentarily. Suddenly memories of the night before came rushing into my mind. This woman was Haven, my girlfriend. “Jesus, don’t tell her I forgot who she was, she will rip my balls off.” I said to Titan with a silent laugh. I didn’t want to wake her. It must have been one hell of a night if I forgot my own girlfriend, sheesh… I snuck out of bed and headed to the shower. After the night we had, I definitely needed a damn shower. I’ll tell you what, she is fucking good in bed. Thoughts of our encounter last night made my dick hard, so I turned on the cold water. I had a coven meeting this morning and didn’t have time for a repeat, unfortunately. After I calmed myself down, I got out and dried off. I picked out a black suit w
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2We got up and proceeded to head out to TwentyOne, the pub run by the Witches in town. They didn’t appreciate us materializing directly into the pub, so I always materialized about a block away and just walked in. Haven and I walked through the doors, hand in hand, and headed towards the back of the bar. Katrina was bartending as usual and narrowed her eyes at us as we approached her. “Hey there, darlin.” I said to her with a wink. She didn’t look amused. “And who is this?” She asked. There was venom in her voice while eyeballing Haven. “Katrina, meet Haven, my girlfriend.” I said back, proudly introducing them. She didn’t seem amused. “I see. And are you feeling ok, Ramses?” Katrina asked while putting her hand on my forehead checking for a fever. I raised one eyebrow at Katrina. “Yes darlin, I'm feeling amazing! Why would you ask that?” I asked her curiously. “I’m going to grab some mimosas, honey. I’ll let you guys, uh… Talk.” Haven whispered, and she pecked my cheek the
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3Once we arrived home I headed upstairs while Haven got in the shower. Katrina would be here any moment with the Human sacrifice. I always kept them in my home for the night. My hospitality was a welcome gift for them waiting to be sacrificed. They rarely change their minds, and only one woman had ever tried to run… I caught her easily though, she was no match for my powers. I had hoped Haven wouldn’t find out who dropped off the sacrifice, I didn’t want to deal with another situation like this afternoon. “Man being in a relationship is fucking hard. Always having to worry about someone else's feelings. Ugh.” I said to Titan. “Well, you chose this, fucker.” Titan roared back. I rolled my eyes as Katrina started walking up to the front door.I opened it before she could knock. She was looking extremely alluring in her black cloak covering her black lace tank top and mini skirt with combat boots. I was trying not to check her out, but man that was hard. All of my feelings for
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4 Haven led me into our bedroom, and barely let me get inside the door before she slammed it shut and forced herself on me. In any normal situation I would have loved this, but something that the Human sacrifice had said was really sticking in my mind. ‘There is something off about that woman, please be careful around her.’ Her words were circling my mind like a hawk circling his prey. I knew something was off, something was different, I just couldn’t place it. And I couldn’t seem to get away from Haven for long enough to think clearly. Even right now I was struggling to think clearly. I needed to get out of here, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Every time I had a negative thought about Haven and our relationship it was like she was in my mind changing my thoughts. She can’t do that though, can she?My thoughts were all over the place and I had no idea how to know what was real and what wasn’t. I couldn’t fight it any longer, whatever was in my mind wa
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5Come morning it was time to grab Ari and head to the blood exchange with the Hybrids. This is where things always got a little dicey. The Hybrids had bad tempers and they always knew how to press my buttons. I’m not one to keep to myself and so there is always conflict. But I promised Katrina, and this was my due diligence. I had to prepare Ari, and deliver her safe from hard to the sacrifice tonight. I had been doing this for years, I wasn’t about to mess things up now. Once Haven and myself were up and going we headed to Rowen’s home to grab Ari. I knocked on my brother's front door and the maid from last night opened it shortly. She was eyeballing me in a manner that Haven didn’t like. “Keep your wandering eyes to yourself, kitty.” Haven snarled at the maid who purposefully looked straight at her and winked, which I thought was hilarious. Then she turned and motioned for us to follow her. She was dusting the shelves and objects on the walls as we walked to the foyer wh
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6Five minutes of silence passed before the Elders continued on. It seemed as if she would be handling the transfusion fine. The Elders went to Ari and helped her to get on her feet. Then they helped the Elder up as well. His part was now done. The blood exchange was complete. When Ari locked eyes with me I could see the change already happening. Contrary to popular belief, a Wolf can change regardless of the full moon. This was our next step. She would be hearing her Wolf spirit soon, and my next job was to get her to shift. She had to shift for her first time before the ceremony tonight or the ritual would have been for nothing. The Elders motioned for her to start walking towards the door where I was standing. She ran straight into my arms and I could feel her shaking. She could feel the power of the Wolf spirit manifesting, and it was manifesting with a vengeance. This is the part where I coach her into accepting her Wolf spirit and letting her inside… And then the part
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7She started to stir shortly after and her eyes fluttered open. A look of terror flashed through her face and she scrambled to get away from me. “Darlin, calm down, I won't hurt you. Like I told your Wolf, I needed to scare you into shifting early. If I hadn’t you wouldn't have come back after the ritual.” I explained. I could see her expression change as she started to calm down. I snapped and produced her a new ritual dress since she shifted and ruined the old one. But the old one was only for the blood exchange anyways. The dress for tonight was identical to the one she previously had on, but it was black with crystals. I handed it to her, and then stood and turned my back so she could change. “You really scared me, you know. I honestly thought you were going to kill me, Ramses.” Ari stammered. “I know, darlin. It was the only way, I’m sorry.” I said, my back still towards her while she changed. She walked up and grabbed my hand and turned me towards her. To my surprise
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8The next part was the sacrifice. Normally, one of the Witches grabs the ritual knife and slits the sacrifice’s throat, and then stabs her through the heart. It’s a little brutal to watch, but that's the ritual. This time it was Katrina’s turn. It was nothing she hadn’t done multiple times over the years, and nothing I hadn’t seen her do. Everything started out normal. Katrina stood and walked to the altar, picked up the ritual knife and headed over towards Ari. When she got to Ari she looked up and we locked eyes. I could see something sparkling in her gaze, something devious. That was strange... I watched as she snapped, which was unusual, then I noticed two of my men approach the altar with Haven bound and restricted in their arms. She was screaming through her gag, or at least trying to. They threw her down at Katrinas feet, bowed to Katrina, then turned around and walked away. What the fuck was she doing? I thought. But I knew better than to interrupt her.She ignored
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9Katrina was still in my arms when the back door of the room opened and Katrina’s sisters barged through in a mess of fury and confusion. “What the fuck was that?” Kember demanded. “Yea, you know that using the ritual for personal reasons is strictly forbidden!” Kiera shouted at her sister. Katrina buried her face in my chest. I knew she didn’t want to face her sisters. They both just stood there waiting for her to say something while I tried to console her. After a moment, she pulled herself out of my arms and faced them both. “Look, I know what I did was wrong… But it was for a damn good reason.” Katrina stammered. “Oh yea? And what could be a good enough reason for you to risk your magic??” Kember shot back. Katrina looked at me and I nodded to her. She looked back at her sisters and took a breath in. “Haven was a Forsaken. She had been messing with Ramses’ memories, and those of a couple of his brothers. I couldn’t let her get away with whatever she was secretly plannin
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Chapter 10
Chapter 10I materialized all three of us to my house. We set Haven in one of the guest rooms and left the dagger in her chest while we decided just how to go about this. When Haven comes back as a Human, she was going to be pissed. She would have no powers. She would start to age and have to learn to live her life as a Human. I didn’t even feel one bit bad for her either, especially after knowing all of the shit she stirred up. A Human life would be fitting for her. I decided we should go talk to my brother Raziel first before we did anything. That way we could see if the Human town along the edge of the Wolf pack bordering his lands would even be a good fit for Haven to begin with. Katrina agreed, so we materialized to my brother's front gate. Katrina gasped as she took in the sight of Raziel’s home. It was similar to mine. So similar, that you could definitely tell we were brothers. “It’s majestic, isn’t it?” I said to Katrina. “You guys are definitely related.” She replied. “Oh
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