The Princess Arranged Marriage

The Princess Arranged Marriage

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It would have been a lot easier for every body if princess Alexander was born a man but instead she is a female but that doesn't lower her spirits or force her to adhere to the unwritten rules about ladies behaviors. She does what she wants, when she wants. She had definitely not requested for a wedding and surprisingly, it was the one thing her parents decisions refuse to sway in. She was going to be tied down and there is nothing she could do about it. Jared was having worst luck as usual, his parents refuse to back down from the issue of marriage especially since his best friend got married. And now they have succeeded, they have managed to tie him into a marriage that he could not get out of. Resigning himself to his fate he went to her kingdom hoping to see a well put lady, soft spoken and docile. Instead, he got exactly the opposite and more. More in the sense that he couldn't help but be attracted to her. Of course he fought the attraction with everything he got but in the end, he never really did have a choice. He was hers from the moment he laid his eyes on her. If only it was that simple to get his happy ever after but with a war looming in the horizon, a happy ever after might just be out of the question.

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      The King gritted his teeth at the thought of his people starving for another winter but there was nothing he could do about it, it did not matter that he was the one producing the crops his people need. What matters was that he needed the weapons which he could only get from his neighboring Kingdom, as much as he would love to go a year without this trade he knew that if he does that, the same Kingdom which is selling him weaponry now will be the Kingdom to attack him if they knew that he did not have means to protect himself.      And there was nothing  he desired more than to take the head of the arrogant prince from that demon infested Kingdom, the  same prince who was sitting in front of him and acting like he should be bowed to even though he was sitting in front of the King of the Kingdom he was in.    “You know that my people will starve if we give the ratio of crops you want, you know the year has been
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The Queen arrived at the Kingdom of Kythia very weary from travel, her health was not the best so she try to avoid travelling but this was a necessary travel she could not avoid, her Kingdom was in danger and the only way to prevent that danger for coming to pass was this. After she was rested, she was taken to the King study which he used to entertain royal visitors and the likes. “Queen Mirabelle, welcome. How is your health?”  Ken mother, the Queen said as she kissed the visiting queen cheeks.“The same as always” Queen Mirabelle said with a small smile.“So what brought you here?” The King, Julian asked the visiting Queen ignoring his wife glare. Queen Patricia glared at her husband even though he was pointedly not looking at her direction. “I am sure that what his majesty was saying is that, something serious for you come visit since although you are always welcomed, you don’t make s
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       “ so what will you do “ Annabelle asked as she glanced at Jared who was lying on the couch in Ken bedroom with his sister sitting close to Annabelle, those two had always been friends, thick as thieves and they had made it their life mission to succeed in giving Ken and Jared a heart attack one of these days, well it would now only be Ken dealing with them since he was going to be in another kingdom and he would not be able to deal with their antics from there. “What can I do other than get married “Jared said with a sigh as his sister shot him a glare?“You are going to be a king, the least you could do is act a little excited over that fact. Beside the princess got the worse part of the deal. “Jasmine said with a frown at her brother.“What the heck are you talking about? She acts like you and I am sure that is the worse part of the deal. “Jared glared at his sister.“Please
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Jared hugged Ken for the last time, he was going to see his best friend in four weeks but he knew that this was the time he could say goodbye to him. He was going to miss Ken, he was going to miss everything about his kingdom but he understood that this was for the best. They could not have chosen another elite and even if they did, there was no guarantee that the person who was chosen would not try to make the delicate issue worse or make the kingdom of Asteria crash when he becomes king because he did not know how to rule. Jared was the best person for the job and it was not because he was ken friend thereby making the kingdoms of Kythia and Asteria to have good relations through their future rulers but also because he had closely watched the king rule and outside of the royal family, his family was the next choice on who could successfully rule a kingdom.“I am going to miss you brother. “Ken said with his voice barely above a whisper.“me too brother&
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Alexa fumed as she waited with her mother for the arrival of Jared, she could not believe that he was making them wait. Imagine the irony, he is not a prince himself but he is getting married into a royal family and he is making them wait. She was so angry she knew that if her mother was not present, the choice of words she will use for him will send him scurrying back to his kingdom with his pride and ego as a male severely wounded. Alexa also knew that her mother realize this too and that was why she was present even though, a lady of the court who has spent years in these kind of meetings was already present. “Sorry I am late. “ Jared announces his presence by those words which was the best words he would have used in Alexa’s mind. “My guards were having issues settling down and I had to address that before presenting myself here for this meeting.”“it’s okay, lord Jared, we have not been waiting all that long. “ her
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“Why is she so concerned about these meetings? We will burn everywhere to the ground if we are both in the same place.” Alexa complains the next morning as her maid got her ready for the meeting they planned yesterday with Jared, her suppose husband to be. She snorted at that, not if she has a say in it, she is known to be annoying and she plans on driving Jared crazy to the extent that he will run from her without looking back but still he has proven to be difficult to drive away but she will not be disheartened, if she wants her future to remain Jared free, she just have to increase the intensity.“I am sure she just want what is best for her child.” Her maid replied dutifully like always whenever she was ranting which was a lot these days and it was always about him.“He is not what is best for me.” Alexa hissed in anger and then smiled. “I know what is best for me and he is not it, I will just have to make him see it one
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Alexa watched Jared parents as they seemed okay with their children antics and they were comfortable with Jasmine letting insults fly, Alexa was surprised to anytime Jasmine said anything inappropriate, she kept looking at Jared father and mother, thinking one of them would call their daughter to order but instead, they acted like their children were not in the same table with them.“Mother, did you hear what Jasmine just called me.” Jared complained and Alexa watched as Jared mother shook her head. “No, I didn’t but I am pretty sure that you are the one who taught her that so you are not allowed to complain.” At their mother’s words, Jasmine stuck out her tongue at Jared and Alexa smiled at their actions. She was an only child and although she liked that fact, she had some days where she felt like she would prefer if she had a sibling. This was one of those times she often wonder what it was like to have a sibling
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Alexa knew that Ken was looking at her with a smirk, she had not being able to look at Ken in the same since Jared introduced them after he was done hugging him. His best friend, Jared had introduced Ken as and since then, Ken has worn an insufferable smirk and Alexa had found the 400 years old walls of her castle which she has seen at every evening meal to be more interesting than the visitor from another kingdom. “What’s going on between the two of you?” Annabelle, the wife of Prince Ken asked, Alexa hair was black and although people always say that black is the finest but she begs to differ when she saw Annabel hair. The deepest brown with a glossary look that even Alexa hair with the many products her mother has been suffocating her with for the last few days still could not compete with and she did not need anybody to tell her that Annabel hair was all natural. “What makes you think something is going on?” Ken replied his
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It was some weeks later, as Flynn entered the kingdom of Asteria, he started hearing a news which he was not happy with, still nobody knew the full story to tell him but the bits and pieces he was hearing was enough to make him angry and Flynn was not the twin who dealt with bout of rage. That was his sister then, all he did was when angry was to go cold and plan with a deadly precision that his parents are proud of. Now, it was like that Precision escaped him as he heard news like the princess is now married to a foreigner. Alexa cannot be married to someone else other than him. He needed the kingdom of Asteria to be on his side so that Corthin could crush Kythia with relative ease and justice will finally be done in the name of his sister who the kingdom of Kythia had killed in the name of treason. He would fill the streets with the blood of the royal house of Kythia, he would make Ken watch as he defiled his wife over and over again. He would cause the same untold mo
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 Alexa knew that there was something going on that she was not privy enough to know about but apparently, Jasmine could know about it. She was angry and although she wanted to be cold to Jared, she could not find it in her to be angry because she knew it must be on the orders of her mother and she also could not help but think that it was somehow in relation to Flynn. “We need to get back to the Castle soon enough, I should leave you to get dressed.” Jared sighed and Alexa smiled. Marriage life was surprisingly easy and lovely and although she tried her best not to sound like a weak woman most times, she could not deny the fact that having someone who worshipped her and get on her nreves was indeed very nice. “Yeah you should.” She replied, Jared kissed her and left the room, he was the only make there before and so when he left, Alexa focused on getting her trousers’ off so she could try out the gown that was goin
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