The Princess and The Apprentice

The Princess and The Apprentice

By:  danielle grunig  Ongoing
Language: English
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Katie finds herself about to go to jail for something she didn't do. When gorgeous Samantha saves her and makes her an incredible offer. Katie has no idea of the dangerous game they are playing

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This is nice... More charpters please
2023-03-01 05:59:54
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Deriek Grünig
Grips you from the start with a real story to it.
2021-09-14 16:36:14
12 Chapters
The Fire
prologueKatie looked up with her eyes wide as the building quickly engulfed in flames. The flames growing to match the height of the rooftop in seconds. Then just as she gathered her senses, Katie heard a loud bark. "Hey...there's a dog inside there!" one of the bystanders screamed. "Oh no, no no no." Katie said as she ran towards the violent blaze. Looking from window to window they were billowing smoke already. Katie looked around frantically. The frightened animal had become more quiet and there was no way in. Katie ran to the back of the house hoping for a chance, any chance at all.It felt like an hour had gone by when Katie rounded the corner and found the back door open. With a sign of relief she ran into the house. With the flames closing in behind her as she entered, Katie looked around for any sign of the dog. Moving carefully Katie looked around for a safe way to move around. Just then she heard a soft whimper close by
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The Plot Thickens
Chapter 2Early the next morning Katie found some cereal and watched cartoons. It usually helped to make sense of things. There was a knock at the door. Katie almost threw the cereal on the couch. Her nerves had kept her awake all night.When Katie opened the door, Sam was standing ready with two coffees and two huge muffins."You won't make it through till lunch if you don't fuel up." Sam said with an uncertain smile. " Can I come in?" " Oh..yeah..yes please come in." As Sam stepped in Katie offered her to sit down. Katie all but sprinted into the room to fix her appearance.  A few minutes later she raced back to enjoy her coffee. She really hoped she hadn't looked as tired and gross as she had felt.Samantha handed her a coffee and muffin and waited for Katie to take a seat opposite her at the kitchen table." Katie I'm sorry. I have no proof that you did start the fire. I'm just so pissed off it happened. I've been wanting to g
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The Hunt Is ON
Chapter 3The next morning Katie rushed to get to the emergency meeting. All the students were already gathered around. She looked around to see where Sam was. She spotted her standing next to a very harassed looking man. He held a clipboard and kept pushing his glasses closer to his face nervously." Listen everyone, now we all knew this would happen one of these days." The man said, lifting his hands in surrender. " You promised us we had at least six more months Jackson!" A female Doctor says towards Sam and the man." How are supposed to do our job while planning a STUPID party." One of the students said from the crowd. There were only about thirty people but the restlessness made them roar." Ladies and gentlemen please." Sam started to speak and the crowd died down. " Thank you. Now I understand we are short right now and we have been for a while. I really appreciate each and every one of you and all your efforts. Joe if yo
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A Royal Surprise
 Chapter 4Kate had never felt so humiliated in her whole life! Not only was she naked for the world to see but, her part of the world had no clue as to her sexuality. She now had to face the music and hopefully before her parents found out via the newspapers.The cameras hadn't stopped going off till they had both escaped in the car together.   Sam had come to her senses first and had grabbed Katie's hand and led her to safety. Once alone in the car they both tried to fix their hair and clothes...hoping their lives could be fixed just as easily. Sam looked out the window as though the  outside view would hold the answers. " We need to go see my parents." Sam finally broke the silence. " What do you mean we need to see your parents? They know you better then mine do...I don't see the problem. Katie said as her stomach churned at the thought of seeing Sam's parents again." I've got a plan and it's one
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Sealed With Love
Chapter 5 Katie woke up early the next morning. Usually she would need at least two cups of coffee to bring her back to life. Today however she felt happy and excited. She really liked Sam and if this was the only chance she got, then she would enjoy it while it lasted. It's not every day you get to almost be Royalty! Katie opened the door to get to work and found a beautiful bouquet of roses in all colours, a huge box of chocolates and a teddy bear that had a wand and a tiara on. There was a card attached to the flowers and it was from Sam.  Katie turned the envelope over to open it. There was an actual red seal on it! The stamp used on it was a detailed Coat of Arms. Underneath the Coat of Arms were the words "Stärke, Respekt, Loyalität". German for Strength, Respect and Loyalty. Katie finally found a use for all the language classes. Katie opened the letter inside. Dearest Katie Thank you for being there when I really needed you. Pleas
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A Living Nightmare
Chapter 6"I can't believe you left me hanging like that. I just about had heart failure back there!" Katie said as she settled into the passenger side of Samantha's car."How did you think I felt! I swear I thought that paper was going to bite me." Samantha said laughing at their close escape. Despite the news she had just gotten, Katie somehow always managed to keep her away from feeling utterly lost."It did look like you were holding a snake." Katie said and laughed with. The newspapers had all been raving about The upcoming Gala. The Doctors and Med students had gathered round to congratulate them. You see the media didn't follow every social event anymore. Social media as the name suggests takes care of that. What is the use of taking far away photos for front page, only to be outdone by a celebrity selfie?Samantha had devised a no-tech event that she knew would get them curious. Next invites had been sent by hand delivered invitation on actual pap
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The Question
Chapter 7Katie felt invincible with Samantha by her side. It also helped stabilise her from the flashing lights. All eyes had turned to them the moment their car was announced. Katie actually knew now what the celebs must feel like. It was more of an unpleasant experience and didn't Envy them anymore.The moment they entered the event, Samantha started to introduce Katie to all the guests. She had called her 'my beloved Katie' and something about a rare jewel. All Katie knew was that Samantha seemed happy, proud even to introduce her to all her friends. She could almost forget they were covering a scandal and bending to old, stupid rules.Tonight she would just enjoy being with Samantha. She would keep a level head and not get used to being wanted for once. Katie finally sat down after almost two hours of meeting people and smiling. Samantha had been called away to advise a new sergeon via phone call. Samantha was a doctor and a Princess! You can't
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An A-Mazing Evening
chapter 8   Katie looked down at the ring and couldn't believe her eyes. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen in her whole life apart from the gorgeous woman holding it.  She looked into Samantha's face and except for the excitement in her eyes the rest of her expression was unreadable. Katie knew that this was just a pretense and that soon people will be looking for the ring, it just looked right.  However there was something genuine in Samantha eyes that make Katie lose all remaining thought.This was a very over-the-top romantic gesture just for a pretense. Samantha looked about to break in half with the tension it took to wait for Katie's answer. Katie decided to put Samantha out of her misery whether this was real or not you couldn't help live the fantasy just for a little while.Katie didn't want to think what would happen when Samantha realised that she didn't care for a hal
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Reality Check
Before we start ladies and gentlemen. Although real countries are used to add a sense of reality, the people and Royalty from those countries are in no way represented in this story. Any similarly is coincidence. Now on to the good stuff!   Chapter 9 The Royal couple looked at the ring and then from Katie to their young daughter. They silently took the ring, nodded and then left. Katie had no idea what that meant or what they would do next. Katie turned to Samantha hoping her reaction would be better. Samantha had an even mixture of thrilled and scared on her face. " Why did you do that?" Samantha asked in disbelief. She had a healthy fear of her parents and so did everyone she knew. For Katie to address them directly, in public of all places, madness! " I couldn't handle the fact that they upset you so much. It was my fault too that we got into trouble. I had to do something. I'm sorry if I made things even worse." Katie said slo
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Chapter 10Katie looked down on the roaring crowds that had gathered outside The Palace. News had spread fast and now with only a week to go, people were getting excited.The Palace had been open to the public for over fifty years and tours were available during the week. This was different as they hardly got to lay eyes on The Royal Family. The Queen would address the people once a year and appear at The Gala briefly.To be able to get a look into their daily lives had set the whole country into a frenzy. Katie had been given the guest house and Samantha had been asked to be in her room. It might seem perfectly normal except her room was almost half an hour walk from the guesthouse.She was trapped in The Palace and couldn't go out. People already knew she was close to The Princess and wanted to know more. She had tried to go to town and almost got mauled by a group of fans. Her and Samantha had to be airlifted to work and back. They had to
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