Fixing My Bad Boy Problem

Fixing My Bad Boy Problem

By:  S.H. Waen  Completed
Language: English
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Bad boys. That's the only thing standing between Isaac and his happily ever after. But they are all he seems to be attracted to. To change that, he decides to bad-boy-detox to find the man who's good enough for him. But will he manage to fix his bad boy problem when the two bad boys he fears losing his heart to the most insist on dragging him back into their lives? One, a guitar-strumming rock star bad boy he had a one-night stand with and swore to stay away from. Two, the neighbourhood bad boy who also happens to be his high school love who broke his heart years ago. Isaac knows letting both boys back into his life could be a big mistake. But…what if it could be different this time round? Maybe he can find his happily ever after with the right bad boy…right? MATURE LANGUAGE & THEMES|BXB|LGBTQ+ [THIS IS A SPIN-OFF OF LOVING JUDE, BUT CAN BE READ AS A STANDALONE BOOK.] Updates MON/WED/FRI

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34 Chapters
This night is shit, I think as I shove my phone back into my pocket. I have no idea why I thought coming to this party would be a good idea. I should be on my way home right now, where I’m needed.
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“Fine,” I tell him. “I will tell you.”He blinks as if he wasn’t expecting me to give in. “Seriously?”I nod, then go back to leaning against the wall. With my eyes set on the back door of the house, where kids keep streaming in and out, I say, “Staying away from you was the only way I could… Well, stay away from you.”Ben positions himself against the wall too, but on his side so that he is facing me. “What does that even mean?” he asks. From my peripheral, I see him reach into his jacket pocket and pull something out, then stick it in his mouth. I look at him just as he retrieves a lighter from another pocket.I arch my eyebrow at the cigarette in his mouth. “I’m not going to stay here and talk to you if all I get back is second-hand smoke.”His mouth grins around the stick between his lips. “You want one?” he asks, reaching into his pocket and presenting me with a cigarette.“I don’t smoke,” I tell him, even though I’m pretty sure he already knows that.“Really?” he asks, putting i
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“What are we doing here?” I ask when Ben brings his motorcycle to a stop in front of a massive mansion. A mansion in an area that, by the looks of it, is probably inhabited by the wealthiest people you can find around.“I brought us to a proper party,” he says, strapping the helmets to the passenger seat. He nods towards the house. “Let’s go.”“Who’s throwing this party?” I ask, keeping up with him and giving our surroundings a look. It looks like one of those mansions many lust after but only a few can afford.“My brother,” he says, leading the way to the front door.“You have a brother?”“And two sisters,” he replies. When we get to the door, he punches in a code and pushes it open. The loud thrum of music welcomes us, as so do two girls making out against what looks like a coat closet. Oh well…“So is this your family home?” I ask.“Nope. This is my brother’s,” he replies.His brother’s. I’m trying to wrap my head around the fact that, Ben, who I’ve known to constantly stay at his
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“I can’t believe you have a room in a million-dollar mansion but choose to live in a two-bedroom apartment while occasionally moonlighting as a barista,” I note as I take in Ben’s room. It’s huge—it can fit his friend’s apartment in it—and has a balcony overlooking the backyard. It’s been about an hour since we got here, and he offered to show me his room. To be honest, I was more than willing to get away from the crowd and be alone with him. “My brother isn’t my favourite person to live with,” he says as he walks over and joins me on the balcony. “Plus, do you see how huge it is? Wait until the crowd leaves and you’ll get a taste of how much it feels like a ghost town with just a couple of people in here.” “So, what’s the story between you, your brother, and his girlfriend?” When he gives me a raised brow, I shift to the edge of the balcony and lean on the railing. I swear I wasn’t going to ask that. Not out loud, anyway, because it has been jumping around my mind since we met th
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“You’re so bad at this. Let’s just stop.”“Once more. I’ll beat you this time, I swear.”“That’s what you said the last three times.”“For real this time.”“That’s what you said last time.”Ben groans and drops his controller on the coffee table. “You’re just too good. I’m not as bad as I used to be. I beat Jo the last time we played.”“She probably let you win.”“She didn’t.”“She did. There’s no way you can beat her with the kind of skill you have. You have a long way to go, buddy.”“Buddy?” he grumbles. “Now I’m buddy?”I turn off the console and turn to him. “What do you want to be?”“Something that rhymes with that.”I work my brain a little…what the fuck?I roll my eyes. “In your dreams.”He narrows his eyes. “You know, people who have a thing for bad boys have one thing in common.”“What’s that?”“They like it rough.”I can only stare at him.He leans in. “And do you know what people who like being manhandled in bed have in common? Many have a da—”I press my hand to his mouth.
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I met Ben about nine months ago. I was attracted to him from the first time I saw him, but then again, I don’t think that makes me special in any way.It’s hard to imagine not being attracted to the guy. Gorgeous, tall, with all that black leather he wears. He’s the type of guy everyone wants even when they know they should stay away.It didn’t help my case that the first time I saw him, he was riding his motorcycle. It was like the stars aligned on that single night to ensure I met a guy who embodied everything I was trying to stay away from.One I would have a lot of trouble staying away from.It’s funny that after spending the past eight months trying to prove that I’ve grown past my tendency to make horrible relationship decisions, it has taken less than five hours to break my streak.At least back then, I was able to keep my hands to myself for an entire month.But now? After he told me all that stuff about wishing I had given him a chance to prove himself? There was no way I was
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I wake up to the sound of my phone ringing. It goes silent only to begin again a few seconds later. I groan, rubbing my eyes as I try to locate it by the sound of the ring. Right. The bedside cabin. Rolling towards the end of the bed, I stretch my arm out and reach for it. The caller ID reveals it's Jo calling. Sliding my finger across the screen, I receive it. "Yeah?" My voice is groggy as hell, scratchy. "Did I just wake you up?""Yeah, I uh… what's the time?" I ask, at the same time pulling the phone from my ear to check. My eyes widen at the numbers at the top of the screen. "Almost nine," Jo's voice comes across the line at the same time I mutter a curse and jump out of bed."Shit," I mumble, looking around my room. I was supposed to be moving shit out by now, but I'm not even done packing!"I'm at the door. Forgot my keys at Jude's.""Oh. Right. Be there in a sec," I tell her, hanging up. I look around for a pair of shorts, pull them over my boxers, then grab a t-shirt and p
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He said he would call.Did he say that in the way people do when they actually don't mean to but only say it as a courtesy?Or, is he expecting me to call him?No. He's the one who left in the middle of things and said he would contact me. What would I say, anyway, if I called him first? Tell him I can't stop thinking about him? Maybe he changed his mind…“The rice is ready.”I look across the kitchen to my sister. “What?”“The rice,” she says, pointing to the rice cooker behind me on the counter.“Oh,” I mutter, turning to check it. I had forgotten all about it. “Did you get dumped or something?” she says a minute later when I carry bowls and plates to the kitchen table. “What?” I ask, giving her a puzzled look. “Your mind has been elsewhere since you got home.”“No, it hasn’t,” I say, filling a bowl with beef stew and passing it to her.She narrows her eyes as she studies me, as if she doesn’t believe any of that. “You kept looking at your phone as if you were waiting for a mes
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I frown as I take the stairs to the ground floor the next morning and hear two voices in the kitchen. One is my sister's—soft, high, and excited. The other is masculine, lower…I rush down the remaining steps when I recognise Jared's voice. What the fuck is he doing in my kitchen so early in the morning?I come to a halt in the kitchen doorway and blink, not believing what I'm seeing. Daisy and Jared are sitting at the table, having breakfast together as if it's something they are used to.I rub my eyes and walk into the room. “What the fuck?”Daisy looks up, a wide grin on her face. “Morning, sleepyhead. Jared came by to see you but you were still getting your beauty sleep so I told him he could wait.”I shift my gaze to the guy sitting at the table beside her. Since when did Daisy become friendly with him? Just a few years ago she was the kind of kid who locked herself up in her room whenever I brought friends over. Is puberty obliterating her shyness? “You didn't have to come by s
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I’m opening the garage door after Jared gets back with my truck in the evening when my phone rings. I check it as he drives through and see that it’s an unknown number. I receive it as Jared brings the truck to a stop. “Hello?”“Hello. Is this Isaac Henry?”I frown instantly in confusion. First, it’s a strange voice, and second, I can’t remember the last time anyone addressed me like that. “Yeah, that’s me. Who is this?”“It’s Steve. You sent me an email earlier about a job.”It’s the producer Ben asked me to email. I sent an email earlier today and all but forgot about it. I didn’t really think I had a chance of getting the job. “Oh, yeah. I wasn’t expecting a call back so soon.”“Yeah, well, actually, I already found the person I was looking for. But there is another spot that has opened up and I wanted to see if you’re okay with it.”“What kind of job?”“How available are you?”“Very.”“Are you okay with going on the road?”“Uh?”“We have this band that’s touring and one of our as
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