Chapter 57

Chapter 57

“Ramses. Hey baby.” Katrina’s silky voice reverberated through my head as my eyes fluttered open slowly. It took me a moment to gather my bearings. Everything was blurry, I felt like I hadn’t opened my eyes in weeks and the light was burning them.

“Titan?” I mumbled. “I’m here man!” He replied back in my head. “Oh thank god, I thought you were gone forever.” I murmured. “I told you I would be here!” He replied. I just nodded my head.

“Ramses.” Katrina said. I opened my eyes again and tried to focus on her. “Huh? I replied back. She let out a breath I don’t think she was aware she was holding.

After a moment things started to clear up and I was able to focus on Katrina’s beautiful face. I smiled at her. “Oh, darlin.” I said, and I sat up and pulled her into my arms.

“Ramses, I’m so glad you’re back!” Katrina said, and she held me tightly. I kissed the top of her head and then I looked around. “Darlin, why are we on the floor in the living room?” I asked with a smile.

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