Chapter 55

Chapter 55


I put the last file in the corresponding filing cabinet on floor 14. “That took longer than expected, damn.” I said to Titan. “Fuck yes it did. It’s like the higher up we go the more damage there is.” Titan growled back.

“We only have 1 more floor left dude. As much as I don’t want to leave you, because you are bad ass as fuck, my friend… I have to get back to Katrina.” I said to my Wolf.

“What was she crying about earlier anyways?” I asked Titan. “Oh, you saw that?” Titan said sheepishly. “Well by accident, I came around the corner to tell Katrina something and saw her crying holding onto you. I thought it was better to let her be, so I just turned around and kept working.” I said.

“Oh, yea… Well, she was just having a hard time with Rowen leaving soon. You know, the usual.” Titan said. “You’re hiding something, I can tell.” I said. My Wolf rolled his eyes at me.

“Well she watched the memory of you and Rowen, when you asked him to promise you that he would take
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