Chapter 7

Chapter 7

She started to stir shortly after and her eyes fluttered open. A look of terror flashed through her face and she scrambled to get away from me.

“Darlin, calm down, I won't hurt you. Like I told your Wolf, I needed to scare you into shifting early. If I hadn’t you wouldn't have come back after the ritual.” I explained.

I could see her expression change as she started to calm down. I snapped and produced her a new ritual dress since she shifted and ruined the old one. But the old one was only for the blood exchange anyways.

The dress for tonight was identical to the one she previously had on, but it was black with crystals. I handed it to her, and then stood and turned my back so she could change. “You really scared me, you know. I honestly thought you were going to kill me, Ramses.” Ari stammered.

“I know, darlin. It was the only way, I’m sorry.” I said, my back still towards her while she changed. She walked up and grabbed my hand and turned me towards her. To my surprise
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