Chapter 8

Chapter 8

The next part was the sacrifice. Normally, one of the Witches grabs the ritual knife and slits the sacrifice’s throat, and then stabs her through the heart. It’s a little brutal to watch, but that's the ritual. This time it was Katrina’s turn.

It was nothing she hadn’t done multiple times over the years, and nothing I hadn’t seen her do. Everything started out normal. Katrina stood and walked to the altar, picked up the ritual knife and headed over towards Ari.

When she got to Ari she looked up and we locked eyes. I could see something sparkling in her gaze, something devious. That was strange... I watched as she snapped, which was unusual, then I noticed two of my men approach the altar with Haven bound and restricted in their arms.

She was screaming through her gag, or at least trying to. They threw her down at Katrinas feet, bowed to Katrina, then turned around and walked away.

What the fuck was she doing? I thought. But I knew better than to interrupt her.

She ignored
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