The Rebuffed Luna

The Rebuffed Luna

By:  Brenda  Ongoing
Language: English
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Amelia is an orphan who as worked as a maid in the crescent moon castle. She fell in love with the alpha’s brother Crane. On her eighteenth birthday, he rejects her and she is shattered. One day, she overhears Crane and his brother talking and they say that she has a pack. Now knowing that they having been lying to her, all she wants is revenge. What happens when she asks the most powerful and aloof alpha, Jackson Kane for help and he asks her to be is luna claiming that she is his mate? Will she agree? Will she ever love him? Will she ever get her revenge?

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14 Chapters
Chapter 1
Amelia’s POVI was at the backyard looking at the stars. It was midnight and I couldn’t sleep. Tomorrow is my eighteen birthday and I was so excited. By tomorrow I will know who my mate is and we will do the mating ritual. Although, I already know who my mate is, I am sure it is the Crane. We have been friends for a long time and we fell in love. It was a dream come true. I have had a crush on Crane since I was 12 but I never had the courage to tell him about it. It was just recently he told me about his love for me and we started courting. I am an orphan so there were no parents to stop us and his parents didn’t mind. We were the talk of the whole pack. Crane was the brother of the alpha and were considered as royalty. I will be treated as a luna. It didn’t really matter to me if I was the luna or not, all that mattered was that Crane loves me and I love him deeply. I am certain he is my mate. I went to bed with his picture in my arms. I just knew that tomorrow will be a good da
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Chapter 2
Amelia’s POV I didn’t know exactly what I felt. Was it anger? Because he rejected me, or was it pain? Because I loved him so much, or maybe it is the bound, giving that I was rejected and I haven’t accepted his rejection. All I knew was that my chest hurt really bad.I went back to the house and went to look for Crane. I wanted an explanation. I didn’t believe all those she-wolves when they said that Crane was just using me. I knew there was an explanation for what he did. I knew that he loved me. Maybe he was just sacred of the mating ritual.I searched round the house and I couldn’t find him. I even went to his room even though I am not allowed to and looked for him but he was not there. I figured that he wanted to be alone and think. There was still time to renew our bound because I haven’t rejected him and I will never do that. I love him, and I know he loves me too.I went back to my room in the servants’ quarters and there he was, standing with his back towards me. He was looki
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Chapter 3
Amelia’s POV It has been three months now since all this happened and Crane and I have barely met eyes talk more of speaking. I didn’t want to speak to him. There was nothing to say. He never loved me I was a very big fool.A party was held and all wolves around the states were coming. Alphas. Beta and she-wolves. The alpha of our pack was having his mating ritual with his mate Lydia so it was a big thing. I was cleaning the floor of the hall when someone poured water on the floor. I looked up and it was Lydia. I didn’t even know what the alpha saw in her. She is so rude and cruel.“You were dreaming of becoming a luna but you ended up back where you belong. You will always be the maid.” She laughed and left. I wasn’t really bothered. That is how she is. Always trying to get on my nerves. Then I used to get angry but now I don’t feel anything.I finished cleaning the hall alone and was going through the hall way when I heard some people quarrelling in the room. The door was a litt
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Chapter 4
Crane’s POV.What I did was the right decision. I can’t say it is the best but it was better. I always knew Amelia was special. From the day they brought her into our castle till now I knew there was something about her and if she transformed, my brother will use her for his evil deed.Charming her was not my intention. She was just so different; her scent, aura, hair and blood. It didn’t really an alpha scent but something more than that and I knew that she deserved better. I couldn’t really stand still and watch them bully and torture herself every time; especially that Lydia, my brother’s luna. No one will tell her but we all know that she is jealous of Amelia. Maybe she also senses her aura as well.That night under the moonlight I had accepted her, rejecting her was the best option at that moment. If I had accepted as my mate then things would have gone really bad for her and I didn’t want that. I love her. From the first day she came into the castle I have loved her and that is
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Chapter 5
Amelia’s POVI wanted to steal the show, and I made sure I did.It was the first step to my plan. I wanted to get not only Eliot’s attention or the alphas present, but the entire crowd. I wanted to make Lydia feel threatened. To the other wolves it might not be a problem but to she-wolves, especially the ones that are to be mated to someone like an alpha that has so many wolves to his disposal, it is a problem.Immediately I came inside the ball room, a lot of wolves were asking me for a dance. I felt amazed. It was the first time I had a choice but this time I had to be very precise. My fate lies on this very ball.None of the wolves asking for my hand caught my attention. I needed to get Eliot’s attention and that is by dancing with and alpha, especially one higher than him. I gave one of the beta’s my hand first; the strongest one I could sense. I didn’t want anyone to discover my plan so I took it nice and easy. He was kind enough to take me to the middle of the dance floor. He
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Chapter 6
Jackson’s POVI didn’t want to come for this wedding in the first place but I hand no choice. I hate the crescent pack; they are lairs and manipulators. I told everyone but they didn’t believe him. Eliot knew I hated him so him sending a special invitation didn’t come as a shock to me. he probably wants to rub it in at he has a mate now and that to with another pack. I had to attend if not it will be a sign of rebellion and might cause a war among wolves. Even though I know I will win, after all I am in strongest alpha, I didn’t want to cause an unnecessary fight. It would just be worth my time.I knew the party would be luxurious, but Eliot took it too far. I didn’t really care though; it is not my wedding neither is it my money. I saw the order of event and I couldn’t help but laugh. A three-day event? Anyways I could care less. One of the maids escorted I and my right-hand man to our room. It is not really normal for an alpha to share his room with someone but this is Eliot’s wa
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Chapter 7
Jackson’s POVShe turned around and held her chest.“I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you.” I apologized immediately.“It’s fine. I just didn’t think anyone would be here.” She told me with a little smile.We were both silent for a while. I looked at her and I couldn’t help but stare. She was wearing a mask but she still looked stunning especially on the black dress.“So, what is a pretty girl like you doing here all alone?” I asked. I was just curious.“Nothing.” she told me.“I doubt that.”She looked at me and sighed. I gave her one of my enchanting smiles.“Its complicated.” She finally said.“Try me.”She told me that she needs to dance with an alpha because he has a lot of power and connection. A more powerful alpha than me? I could hardly believe that. From the way she talked, she was distressed and confused.“And what might be the name of this alpha?” I asked. She looked not convinced, like she wasn’t going to tell me. I wasn’t going to push it. It was her problem after
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Chapter 8
Jackson’s POV I waited midnight with my right hand-man, Drake. At midnight, I went to the balcony immediately. I saw her there still in black and on her mask. She was looking at the moon, when she noticed me, she turned and looked at me. We both stared at each other for a while. I didn’t know what to say.“Alpha, if you don’t mind can we find somewhere more private? I would like to speak to about something important.”“Sure.” I said and inhaled. I led the way to my room. I sat at the end of the dinning table in my room while Drake stood behind me. the girl in question stood on the other end.“Alpha of Cresent moon is trying to cause a rebellion. This whole marriage is a way for him to take over is bride’s pack. He has done this to so many other packs and taken a lot of wolves and need you help to stop. I humbly ask you to help me.” she told me.“And I can safely assume that you are one of the wolves he took.”She was quiet for a while. “Yes.”I didn’t say anything more. I was sure
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Chapter 9
Jackson’s POVI didn’t know what I was doing or why I was doing it but something was so special about her. first of all, I thought she was my mate but if she was, she was supposed to feel it too, right? she is meant to feel the longing I feel as well. After the talk I had with her this morning, I was really reconsidering the thought of her being my mate and the marriage.Oliva came in right after her and bowed like always.“Did you find anything” I asked him.“She was brought here was a child and has work here ever since. There is no trace of her family or her pack. Many of them think that she was abandoned by her pack.”I already know that. I to know more. I sighed. “Anything else.”“Yes. I heard she had a mate.”I turned. “She had a mate?”“Yes. Apparently, it was the alpha’s brother.”“Crane?”“Yes, alpha.”I took a deep breath. “What happened?”“He rejected her on the day of the ritual.”Is that why she can’t feel what I feel? “Any reason?” I asked him.“None given. All I know is
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Chapter 10
Amelia POV.I didn’t really know what this guy was thinking. upon the condition he still wanted to marry me? Any other wolf would have rejected it immediately. The wedding went smoothly without a word from him. I didn’t really panic because I didn’t want to get my hopes up. The rejection from Crane thought me a very big lesson.During the reception as I was serving, his right-man came and dragged me out and gave me a dress to wear and asked me to go for the reception where I saw him call me his bride and mate.When Eliot stopped us, I thought it was over but he held my hand and gave me a beautiful smile. I felt safe at that moment; like anything could happen and I would come out without a scratch. I looked at him as he spoke to Eliot and his brother. He looked so confident, like he could do anything he wanted. I couldn’t help but admire the way he talks, the way he moved and that smile that exposes his white teeth. I didn’t really hear or see anything apart from him.He held my hand
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