The Royal Rebel

The Royal Rebel

By:  Moonlight Dreamer  Ongoing
Language: English
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My life has been complicated since my parents died. And my uncle (my father’s stepbrother) wanted to get hold of me for several reasons, one of which is the title of royalty which I currently hold and another is my wealth. He will do everything in his power to dispose of me but I won’t allow it. I need to claim back what is rightfully mine. I came to Vale in hopes that I would be able to settle for a while and be able to grasp my identity as a Lycan. This land has known to be the old Laon where most creatures like me lived. At the same time to be reunited with my best friend, Halea, the only person I can trust my life with. And the unexpected happened, I didn’t want to find him but he was there, my mate. I have no time for another complicated matter but I just can't fight the pull of the mate bond, and the worst part is he doesn’t recognize me as his mate. I should be relieved that he doesn’t bother me but it kills me to see him wanting someone else. He is mine! I will travel the realms of the dead just to prove that I am who he seeks, I am Alina Jerah, the bearer of the moonlight!

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Moonlight Dreamer
Do you think it’s worth to continue? It’s been a while I haven’t seen anyone reading it.
2021-07-22 08:38:16
16 Chapters
Chapter 1: Alina
I was in the middle of my class when my phone started vibrating, I asked to be excused to go to the toilet and picked up the phone. An unknown number flashed to my screen, I took the phone and brought it to my ears. "Princess, I'm outside waiting for you. It's code red we need to leave now!" Juno was the one on the line. After hearing the word 'code red', I walked as fast as I could not. I didn't bother to take my belongings. I took my scarf in my pocket and rolled it and placed it in my head like a bandana. And in my other pocket, I took a black lipstick and put some on my lips. I am wearing contacts and a fake nose to hide my appearance. They shouldn't be able to recognize me if ever. I walked faster with a few sways and swirls just like I'm just happy, not to attract any attention. When I saw the car, I went in and Juno drove fast.
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Chapter 2: Pinky Promise
We've parted from Halea's Dad and Mom early to have some time to catch-up. It's been a while since we last saw each other. There are so many stories left unsaid if there would be one thing that I wanted to share with Halea it's my real identity and the things that are happening in my life. Having at least that one person to share your life with makes all the difference. It means living not only for yourself, but Halea was also that one constant person in my life. But this revelation is just too much for her, it is too much for me to know that this is the kind of life I need to live, the one I need to continue. That my parents were taken away from me just because of their status, of their wealth and the fact that we belong to this secret circle which my family needs to lead. 
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Chapter 3: Visions and Premonitions
I woke up early even though I slept late. My body has been used to waking up early. I went down and checked the surroundings, the air here is fresh and I like it. I went to the veranda on the second floor and I can see the distant farm and forest as well as the mountainous trail. I know for sure that there are different packs of werewolves in here because of the forest trails. I stretched out a bit and st
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Chapter 4: The Bud
Alina didn't have any time to check with Amelia what had happened but Caleb approached her right after Halea's Dad looked after Amelia."I will come to pick you up tomorrow to see my father, what time do you want to go?" Caleb asked
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Chapter 5: My Mate
Rose and I woke up early, it has been my habit to wake up before the sunrise. We went down to smell the fresh morning breeze.  
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Chapter 6: The Mark of the Jera
Alina and the King entered his office, it felt like she entered her own palace. She can sense the same vibe and energy, the office is decorated with big bookshelves and on the wall, there are portraits of old Kings and former Alpha. There she saw the image of his great-great-grand father's twin, their resemblance is uncanny she would think that it was him if it wasn't labelled. They sat at the receiving area while omegas prepare their drinks and some snacks on the table."Do you want anything particular to eat?" the Alpha asked"No, this is fine now," she said
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Chapter 7: The Blood Moon
Caleb walks Alina out of the main chamber, Amelia has separated her way just minutes before. Caleb spoke to one of his people outside and went back to her."Is it alright if we use my motorcycle to bring you home? My car was taken by my sister and they'll be back after an hour or so, so I am not sure of it though," Caleb said, "the bike would be faster than the car and we would be able to arrive and come back faster. But if you're not comfortable, I can borrow the pack's car," he said looking deep into her eyes."No need, I can ride with you on your bike," Alina said. In her mind, Rose has been rejoicing in the thought
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Chapter 8: Motorcycle
Caleb’s POV I didn’t expect that this night would be as interesting as this. I’ve seen a lot of werewolves shifted during the full moon but tonight is just not the same as the any of those nights. Each wolf has been given their own time in my pack for them to transform but before the moon reaches its peak everyone will gather to start the pack run celebrating the rebirth of their wolf and a small feast i
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Chapter 9: Guardian of the Underworld
Alina went out and strolled in the garden surrounding the palace when she saw the pack members playing what seems to be street football. She watches as each team runs toward the ball and drag it to its goal. She cannot hide her enthusiasm as she bet for the team she knew. In the field, Caleb plays along with Jason and Matthew which she met during Halea’s birthday. She silently watches him play, watching his every move, every kick of the ball as he manoeuvres it and shoots to the goal. And since this is a pack of wolves playing you can see their unusual speed and agility as they tried to take the ball from their opponents. Young and old pack members watch around the field and some older ones sit on the wooden benches surrounding the field. Each owning a team cheering and shouting for their chosen players and team. Alina enjoyed watching the game as well as the
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Chapter 10: Messed-up
 “Your role may be connected to who you are. You are the last of the royal Lycan aside from Caleb, but aside from Caleb no one else should know otherwise they will easily connect the dots and your uncle will find out,” Rose spoke in Alina’s mind.“True, that’s possible,” Alina answered, “But once we shift, they will an
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