The Sassy President is my Husband

The Sassy President is my Husband

By:  Kkp992  Ongoing
Language: English
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Waking up in an unfamiliar place (Hotel), Meifeng found herself bare and cold, with pain scattered all over her body. Unable to recall how she got there, her mind filled with horrified thoughts, as a shiver ran through her spine. Just then the door of the bathroom attached to the room opened, revealing a man wearing black bathrobe. Her eyes widened, shock evident on her face as she pointed towards him, “Yo…You…” She stuttered. Instantly panicked about the girl, he ran towards the bed, trying to touch her face, only to see her flinch in fear and drill herself in duvet in the next second. Wrapping herself like a sushi, the girl only revealed her eyes, which darted towards the messy condition of the room with clothes scattered all over. “How am I here?”

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Fizza Siddiqui
please update
2022-06-19 04:54:53
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Ridhita Riha
please update the next chapter
2021-10-06 01:17:32
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Anshika Jain
I like to read this book
2021-07-22 18:39:45
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Christina T Sangma
please update the chapters
2021-04-13 01:50:44
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Emerald Splash
nice story! More chapters plzzzzz
2021-02-18 13:51:40
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Anshika Jain
it's good but your chapter was small
2021-07-10 00:42:36
81 Chapters
Sore Body
Inside a dimly lit room, on the bed there was a petite body. Lying on the bed without any care in the world. Warm, jade like face, spotless beauty, thin eyebrow's, rosy plump lips and her jet black hairs spread like a web on the pillow.  Her thin frame was completely hidden in the thick white duvet which was completely in line with her fairness.Sun was shining with its best brightness outside while it was not permitted to enter the room. Spotless white curtains were blocking the sunlight from peeking onto the beautiful girl sleeping on the bed, lost in her dreams. Qian Meifeng had habits of tossing and turning on the bed. Since she was a child she was completely unable to sleep in one single position. Rolling on the bed under the duvet, Meifeng murmured, "So soft."Spreading both of her hands towards the sides and flapping them on the bed like flying she smiled widely thinking, "Wow, this bed is so big"After doing it sometimes, Meifen
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Wu Qiqiang
Tears falling from Meifeng's eyes had obscured her vision. Even though her weak body was unable to support her, she was still trying to get up and leave this place before someone else comes. She did not have the ability to face it.Meifeng was busy in her own thought's when, the voice coming from shower stopped. Realizing that someone was already present in the room and might soon come out, she started struggling more harshly. She did not want to lose the last remains of her dignity. She wanted to protect it as much as she could before more damage is done.Contrary to her expectation's the man who was showering had already emerged. Standing in the black bathrobe, he turned around and looked at the girl who was struggling to get down from the bed.His face showed an annoyed expression, "What are you trying to do Xiaomei?"The voice even though it sounded pleasant filled Meifeng with anger. Noticing the man standing away from her while looking at her, Meife
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Walking in Rain
 In the evening, she got a anonymous video of her fiancee and another girl entering a hotel. Unknown to herself, she went to actually see what was going on. When she confronted the other girl she was utterly humiliated, it was to the point that even her fiancee did not stand up for her. Instead that son of a  b**** pushed her out of the room while asking her to not disturb him.Only if things would have ended there, as soon as she came at the exit of the hotel, she was bombarded by the reporters. They were as said, ruthless people who cared only about their story. In the spur of a moment, Meifeng gave them their story which probably was the headline for today's paper. She broke off her engagement with her fiancee on the pretext of cheating.She was not at all worried about breaking up the engagement, on the point, she never loved that man. It was just because it was decided by the elders of the family she tried to keep it intact. Meifeng was mainly wo
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Real life
 .............Meifeng quickly covered herself with the blanket and made sure to catch it tightly from all sides using her hands and feet. She was almost sure that it would be the same scene which is generally shown in the movies. Reporters swarming at the door, if not them, there would be her fiancee's family ready to blame her or else at the very least it would be her family who would make the situation over dramatic.Though Meifeng was completely unaware as why Wu Qiqiang had went ahead to open the door even after her warning him, she decided to first protect herself. Other people can think about themselves.Opening the door, Wu Qiqiang was greeted by his assistant. Assistant Mu had been working alongside Wu Qiqiang since he started his training. Over the year's it was the first time that assistant Mu had seen his boss taking care of a girl. Last night when the accident had happened he was present in the car and had very well witnessed how his bo
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Qian Family-I
 ............ Meifeng quickly went ahead and washed up. Coming out of the shower wearing the baby blue colored one piece which was bought by Wu Qiqiang. Walking timidly towards Wu Qiqiang, she spoke, "Third brother Wu, I will take my leave now."As Meifeng had just showered, making her smell mildly like strawberries which was her favorite scent. Wu Qiqiang was well aware of when she started walking towards him. He was just arranging the breakfast purchases by assistant Mu  when she requested him that she wanted to leave.It was not a big deal that she wanted to leave,  but Wu Qiqiang was well aware about the fact that she was used to having breakfast as soon as she got up. Noticing such a big change in her made him frown."Eat something before leaving."Wu Qiqiang said which almost sounded like an order.Looking at the table full of foods that she once loved, made Meifeng teary. Masking her emotions she quickly n
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Qian Family-II
The room went back to its usual tranquility after assistant Mu was forced to be quiet by his boss's glare. Some time passed by, assistant Mu was about to suggest something when Wu Qiqiang broke the silence, "Did you bring the gift I asked you to?"Opening a picture in his mobile Assistant Mu passed it to Wu Qiqiang, "Yes boss. It was difficult to find it, but we managed."The gift that Wu Qiqiang was talking was a painting made by a very renowned artist abroad. The artist was called Lucas. His paintings were probably only handful as he painted only for one year before being paralyzed. Old man Qian had valued him alot due to his talent. Another reason was because Lucas was the last student trained by old man's brother who had already passed away. The painting Wu Qiqiang had asked Assistant Mu to bring was the last painting that Lucas was able to draw. It was called as 'The Crying Beauty'. It was a beautiful depiction of a side face of the woman, who had various thoughts
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Qian Family-III
Meifeng was used to all this, thus she endured as she always did. Wiping her tears she quietly picked up the news paper and realized she was photographed while going in the hotel, but the man's face was not captured. Looking towards her uncle with teary eyes Meifeng was just about to explain it when he spoke up, "Meifeng, even though you never did anything for us, we still tried to do our best for you. Marrying Young Master Han was the best choice we could have ever bought to an orphan. You could have enjoyed the status, power and many things. Even if you could have not wanted that, you could atleast have thought about your sister. Both of you were slated to marry in the Han family. Now, just because of your childishness she would also be in trouble."'Childishness, Best, Orphan' this were the words ringing in Meifeng's mind. She had thought atleast she would be able to say out her thoughts to her uncle. Unexpectedly, she realized she was wrong. For them she was just a burden
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Arrogant Third Young Master Wu
Join the author on different sites and speak to the author about how you feel about the story. The links are in the authors thoughts..................... Shouting at the top of her lungs, Aunt Han Mi raised the stick again, ready to hit Meifeng.Meifeng who had gotten used to this treatment since last eight years was simply curled up on the floor with her eyes closed and her hands protecting her head. Over the course of time Meifeng had learned that the best way to avoid or decrease her torment was to bear it quietly without even crying. Most of the times Meifeng would be receiving around ten to twelve sticks before her uncle stops it. Resigning to her fate Meifeng was waiting for the second stick to land on her body.Aunt Han Mi was boiling with anger, the second stick was in the midst of cutting through air and landing on Meifeng's body. Before it could land on her body it was grabbed by someone or precisely something came in between Meif
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Where are you going?
"Third brother Wu..." Meifeng was about to ask him to not meddle in the matters as it can bring him harm, but she was silenced with a sharp, cold voice,"Shut up."Mr Qing who had not reacted even for a moment till now, stood up noticing some unknown man leaving with Meifeng.Quickly grasping the situation Aunt Han Mi shouted, "Where do you think you are taking her?"Assistant Mu was equally shocked seeing his boss directly picking up the lady boss and walking out disregarding everything else, "We will take Miss Qian first.""Qian Meifeng, Dare you go out of this house."shouted Han Mi at the top of her lungs, threatening her. She was sure that if today Meifeng did not apologize to the Han family there are high chances that even her daughter's engagement would be in trouble. She knew Meifeng had always stayed under her wing and was easily threatened. When one threat did not work, she was about shout something else, but another deep voice was heard.
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Meifeng was always a delicate girl. Specially when her parents were there she was the princess and used to spend her free time cultivating herself. Gardening had been one of her best ways to spend time in the past. Hearing about colorful flowers she smiled widely while her eyes twinkled, "Wow, that's great. Yes I love flowers."Assistant Mu quickly nodded, "Our boss also likes it. Thus he has kept a special person to take care of the garden." Feeling happy in his heart Assistant Mu patted himself for giving his boss a good impression in front of the lady.Assistant Mu quickly came out of the car and opened the door for his boss with a wide smile plastered on his face which clearly asked for praise. Getting down Wu Qiqiang grabbed Meifeng and picked her up in her arms the same way before walking inside the mansion.Meifeng was so embarrassed about the fact that she was  being carried in his arms. At her house she was indeed scared and heart broken, thus she
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