The Scented Summer Night

The Scented Summer Night

By:  MysticRomance  Ongoing
Language: English
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'What would you say if someone you like so much suggested you have an affair with her?’ Will you reject her? Or will you say yes without thinking? Not to this man. The moment she made that request, he knew he meant nothing to her. All he saw was a heartbroken wife. He doesn't even expect her to be someone else's wife! It is beyond his personal principle, the social norm or not logical to get into an affair with someone he just met, let alone with someone else's wife. That day, Aeron's life crumbled. His first love was such a pain in the neck. Not because of the suggestion. But the woman he just met six months ago has a husband. And he left her. Seven years passed as if their destiny was far from over, and they met again after she swore never to return, only now with more complicated circumstances. He's married, and she's single. Is this their destiny or accidentally annoying? Will they be able to confirm their destiny once again? How far can Aeron keep his so-called life principle? Disclaimer: The storyline, plots & characters are only fiction. It does not represent the living or dead persons in any way. The story originally belongs to the writer.

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6 Chapters
REGRETSThe word that was never in my life collection before till now.It never was a day past after that fateful day that I regretted what I have done. Every day when I finish my work or am not busy with work I reminisce about how regretful I was and at the same time wondering ‘What IF’ phrase has been eating me up until today.  It all begins after meeting that woman. I can't even dare to spurt out ‘I wish I never met her.’ Because those three hours of talking to her were magical, that makes me alive and refreshed as a person with purpose. After that ordeal, for the first time, I was afraid. Afraid that will I be able to see her again? Without thinking or any shame, I asked for
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Chapter 1Undistrupt Simple Life
Aeron Luke Xavier. Everyone knew him as a dedicated public defence officer, special division in the West side of Charm City. Also known as one of the eligible bachelors with excellence personality & grace with a handsome face, tall and muscle built body; helpful, and warmth towards all citizens of the Charm City. But how handsome & flawless he is, nobody knows his real thoughts on his life. What he wanted was a big mystery to all the parents who have an unmarried daughter & would love to have him as their son in law. Except for one woman. Who he had cut off contact with since two years ago.  Before he met the woman, his life was perfect without any worries, no stress besides the work stress he welcomed with open arms. He’s a workaholic. He committed to his job like
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Chapter 2 The Starts of The Chaos 1
The knocking sound of the door echoes throughout the surgery room.. It sounds weird to the ear to listen to unfamiliar noise but it only means that she has finally returned home. No more foreign languages but only mother tongues of where Alison originated. “Dr Ali, someone claiming to be from the police department, Sarjan Aeron is here to see you.” “Alright. Let him in & have him wait inside my office. I’ll be there in a minute.” the little woman who was heavily pregnant replied without even turning to see who was talking. “Alright, Fio.” She turned to her assistant with a smile. “ Let’s finish this with the final impression-taking.” “I’ll do this, Dr Ali. You can go ahead & take a break.”
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Chapter 3 The Starts of The Chaos 2
“Are you alright, Dr Ali?” Jules broke into the office worriedly. “Did something happen?”   “I’m alright, Jules.” Alison smiled at her. But she looked pale & tiny seeds of perspiration on her temples. Jules takes a seat on the sofa just opposite Alison, watching her with concern. She didn’t take Alison's words when she heard Alison’s loud voice through her office over the hall. She almost ran to her office, but somehow she stopped knowing someone else was there. Something is not right. Alison let out a lazy laugh at her. “Don’t worry about me. I am fine.” Jules didn’t buy it, crossed her arms in protest & stared hard at her like a hawk making her prey let out a defeated sigh. “She found me. I don’t know how but she found me.” Jules grasped what happened and can't h
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Chapter 4 Panic Room
After Aeron had his meeting with Dr Alison, he began his work. He suspected something amiss about the whole situation. The four years, horrifying tragedy, was closed as a normal accident due to bad weather. But, the last report was not even verified by the last chief in charge. Something does not really add up. The case just closed up for lack of evidence. The accused person, Dr Alison, even went mental for a year before going overseas for rehabilitation. Attempting murder? What the hell is going on? Aeron reached out for his phone to call Dr Alison. But, it went through a voicemail instead. He grabbed his car key and left the office. He needs more information & she hasn't delivered any of the documents yet. 
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Chapter 5 Trapped
The local magistrate office doesn't have any record of married registration named under Jules and Karl. What's even worse, Jules was stated as single, and Karl was recorded as legally married to Tasha. The name of the other woman. What does that make her? The third wheel? Jules covered her face in desperation. Her life is in chaos, and just now, she just survived a life-threatening situation. The deafening noise of the blasting still numbed her right eardrum. She can’t hear anything but a long broken, pinching noise. It was dark, her body hit onto the cold wall & in relief, she slid down on the cold floor. She is not aware tears slip down to her open palm. Her hands are still trembling. She can’t explain what just happened. Everything went out so fast. A man called her name, grabbed her body and into the slit of an opening before a loud blast not fa
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