Chapter 8 SAVING HER

“Naneth! Are you okay? Naneth turned to see who was speaking behind her.

“Ah! It’s you, sir Dominic, I’m okay, I’ve changed my clothes. ”

“Well, be patient with Abigail! She is too perfectionist. ”

“It’s okay, sir, I understand her. I hope she is not like that with other helpers. Even” if I am just a helper, we should also be respected. ”

“You’re right, let me tell her first when we meet again so I hope you’re okay.” smiling Dominic said.

“Thank you, sir,” Naneth replied.

“I hope we meet again after we meet today.”

“I hope so, but it’s vague. I can’t leave Mr. Tan’s house.”? Let? Let Naneth replied.

“Is that so? Let me visit them first so I can see Robin too. Do you already know their son?? Let” Dominic asked.

“Ah! Yes, he is bossy, but I can
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Chrysnah May
The became so intense. Excited to know the next chapter.

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