“Oh! Sister, why do you seem tense? What happened to you?”

“Earlier that was mom, uncle Franco. I don’t know her. She told me something earlier and said she had seen Auntie Martha.”

“What?!” Franco pretended to be surprised, but he had known for a long time that Martha was alive and he had seen her.

He sat down and made Lora sit down to listen to what she had to say. Lora told a story, starting with how she saw Martha and what she discovered about it.

“Are you sure what you’re saying, sister Lora?”

“Sure, will I still lie? What will I gain if I make up a story?” Lora replied.

“So! How is that? Shall we take Sister Martha back? Have you seen the brother Roel?

“That’s another problem for me. I have a hunch that Roel is also alive in case I don’t know where to find him, so that Naneth’s family can be complete.”

“Naneth is still fi
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