All Chapters of The Secret of the Fierce Ex-Wife: Chapter 1 - Chapter 10
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~Chrysnah's POV~ Before you read please, I would like to remind you that this book has also a mature scene. Please support my second book and I love to hear your comments so that I will be motivated to write. ~~~ The heavy rain poured down, Jean’s stomach suddenly hurt. She is alone at home so she is having a hard time with her situation. She was also away from her family because her boyfriend only let her live in that house. They secretly get together. She would have liked to call a man the father of the child she deliver. She was about to go to the room to pick up the phone but she could not reach it because she was lying on the floor and screaming in pain in her stomach. “Help… I feel sorry for you to help me,” Jean shouted with tears in her eyes. She heard someone enter her house. She was encouraged because she thought she and her son were saved. “Brother, I feel sorry for you. I am about to give birth. Please take me t
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Sixteen years later…Because of Naneth’s beauty, many men admire to her even at school, next month she will graduate. While Lira, her cousin studying in Manila. “Auntie, I’m already here. I have a lot of sales now,” Naneth said happily.“Oh! Is that so? That’s good. Let’s eat. ”“All right, where is uncle?”“Maybe he’s going home, let’s eat first.” Her Aunt Lora answered.While they were eating, Lora’s husband arrived. He was very drunk, screaming that their neighbors were upset. “Oh! You are already eating. Why didn’t you wait for me!” Deme’s voice rose.“It’s not like that. We thought you weren’t home yet, so we ate first.” Lora replied to her husband.His hand hit the table so that another dish of theirs spilled. Lora and Naneth were surprised.
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“Ouch! My head is aching. Ha! Where am I? Whose house is this? Hello, is there anyone there?” said Naneth.“It’s good that you woke up. From now on you will be here in our house. You will serve as our assistant. You are the cook, the laundry, and the house cleaner. My son will come from Manila just in time. He will be on vacation here with his mother.” The explanation of a man who spoke to him.   “What? I can’t because Auntie will be angry with me if I don’t let her know. And one more thing, I don’t know you. How did I get here?” Naneth asked, confused.“As long as you ask a lot of questions, from now on you will serve us. You can’t refuse because I paid a lot for the man who sold you. ”“What? Who sold me? Huhu!” Naneth was afraid to cry.   “I don’t know him. One of my staff just told me that a man named Deme sold you. So you’re right to dramatize. Start cleaning the room of my child and also the room that will be with my wife.” Or
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The next day will be Lira’s graduation. That’s why her parents, Lora and Deme, are also preparing.“Hello Mom, how are you? Is there any news about Naneth? ”“I don’t have any news about Naneth yet! I’m so worried that what might have happened to that girl a month has passed, but I still can’t see her. I’m nervous that something bad might have happened to her.” her mother said worriedly. “Don’t worry too much mom, we will also see Naneth. When will you and dad come here for my graduation? You and dad should be here.” Said, Lira.“Yes, dear, I will make a way to attend your graduation. Be careful there. We’ll see you next week. ”~~~After Lora and Lira could talk, Deme arrived very drunk.“Lora… Lora ...” shouted his wife, Deme.“Why are you shouting? Are you drunk again? ”“W
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Chapter 5 THE SALARY
Deme and Lora arrived in Manila. Lira met them at the bus station and went straight to her boarding house. Lira’s boarding house was small, but she made it possible for her parents to stay in Manila for three days.The next day…The day of their graduation has arrived.“Lira, I’m excited to see you on stage.” Her mother said cheerfully.“Thank you Ma, I’m also happy that you and Papa are here. Although I’m a little sad in my heart because Naneth isn’t here. Where is Naneth now?” said Lira.Deme heard that he suddenly entered the conversation.“That’s enough, you are pure Naneth... Naneth. It’s hard to hear her name. ”“Deme, what are you, you don’t seem to be Naneth’s niece! You don’t seem to have a heart and feelings, aren’t you worried about where she is now?” Lora replied.“Why? It’s like you&rsq
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Robin and Lira also finished their graduation and left the gym almost at the same time.“Hi! Lira, where are you going to celebrate with your family?” Robin asked.“Ahm! We will not celebrate Robin anymore, because they will go home to the province tomorrow.”” Lira replied.“Oh! Is that so, aren’t you going on vacation with them? ”“Maybe next time I’ll take care of something else so I can apply for a job soon.”“Ah! If that so, why don’t you just apply to our company?” Robin’s offer to Lira.” Seriously? That’s a good idea.“Oh! Robin, who’s that girl?” hands, Abigail asked.“I’m sorry Abigail, she’s Lira, my schoolmate. She is my cousin Abigail. Smiling, Robin introduced himself.I was pulled by a thorn thought the girl was his girlfriend because they looked like lovers because t
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Roel left Manila for Gio's graduation while his friend Dominic was also graduating. "Bro, did Auntie Aurora attend your graduation?" Gio asked."No bro, she said good luck to me because she's not allowed to travel because she had surgery last month and the doctor said after two months she can travel so I understand Mommy."“Oh! Yeah, that’s okay. Dad is coming now. He said he will try to catch up with my graduation so that I can reach it. ”"Of course Uncle Roel will come too. Just trust me," Dominic replied.   “Bro, do you notice that woman in the third seat. Now I just saw her face, is she studying at the university we went to?“Ah! Yes that's right! In fairness she is beautiful. Haha! ” Dominic replied.“Haha! You are crazy. Of course, she is beautiful. What is her name? ”   “Hey! Gio, there you are again, establishing your femininity. Come on, I'm always touched by your antics. Be sure because next month you wi
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Chapter 8 SAVING HER
“Naneth! Are you okay? Naneth turned to see who was speaking behind her.“Ah! It’s you, sir Dominic, I’m okay, I’ve changed my clothes. ”“Well, be patient with Abigail! She is too perfectionist. ”“It’s okay, sir, I understand her. I hope she is not like that with other helpers. Even” if I am just a helper, we should also be respected. ”“You’re right, let me tell her first when we meet again so I hope you’re okay.” smiling Dominic said.“Thank you, sir,” Naneth replied.“I hope we meet again after we meet today.”“I hope so, but it’s vague. I can’t leave Mr. Tan’s house.”? Let? Let Naneth replied.“Is that so? Let me visit them first so I can see Robin too. Do you already know their son?? Let” Dominic asked.“Ah! Yes, he is bossy, but I can
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“Ah! That’s why. I am Naneth Reyes. Nice to meet you. ”“Nice to meet you, Naneth. By the way, why did you go to that bar?” Kyla asked.“Ah! I go to that bar whenever my husband and I have a problem. It’s as if the wine at that bar has become my sympathy. ”“Is that so! Meaning you don’t even have a friend to talk to if you have problems.” Kyla asked in astonishment.“It seems like that. I’m an orphan. I don’t know where my parents are. I was just raised by my auntie Lora and uncle Deme. Uncle Deme and my father are brothers. ”“Oh! Sorry to hear that. It’s like the intensity you’re going through. I’m sorry! I have so many questions that I’m just curious about your life. I can see in your eyes that there is a mixture of anger in your heart.” Said Kyla.“Is that so! Is it really obvious? Haha! Honestl
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Natasha still couldn’t get over why Louie was lying to her. Louie left because he had a client meet up. As Natasha thought she would clean their room. She saw a secret box with a password on it. She was confused about what was in that secret box. Why didn’t Louie tell her about that?   He stopped and sat on their bed. She wondered if she knew Louie, why she felt her husband was keeping a secret. She wanted to know what was in that box. She did not tell Louie what she had discovered so that she would know the contents of that box. She secretly sought a way to open it.   “Mom, why are you stunned there?” “Oh! Abigail, there you are. Maybe I’m tired of cleaning your dad’s room.” “Why didn’t you order Nanny to clean your room?” Abigail asked. “Not anymore Abigail, it’s just easy and I can do it. Have you eaten?” Natasha replied. “Yes, it’s over. I came from my friend’s house and I ate there.” Abigail turne
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