“Ah! That’s why. I am Naneth Reyes. Nice to meet you. ”

“Nice to meet you, Naneth. By the way, why did you go to that bar?” Kyla asked.

“Ah! I go to that bar whenever my husband and I have a problem. It’s as if the wine at that bar has become my sympathy. ”

“Is that so! Meaning you don’t even have a friend to talk to if you have problems.” Kyla asked in astonishment.

“It seems like that. I’m an orphan. I don’t know where my parents are. I was just raised by my auntie Lora and uncle Deme. Uncle Deme and my father are brothers. ”

“Oh! Sorry to hear that. It’s like the intensity you’re going through. I’m sorry! I have so many questions that I’m just curious about your life. I can see in your eyes that there is a mixture of anger in your heart.” Said Kyla.

“Is that so! Is it really obvious? Haha! Honestl
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