In the evening, Franco picked up Lora, and Lira for his invitation to eat at his house. That was the first time Lora and Lira would see Franco’s house.

That house had just been bought by Roel for him. The mother and daughter did not know what would happen that night.

“What are you ready for? I am close to your house.”

“Yes Franco, what is this gimmick of yours and we need to be formal? Who are your guests, are they celebrities? 

“Ate Lora, don’t ask because you’ll see them too,” Franco replied.

He arrived at his sister-in-law’s house, and they left immediately so that they would not be late.

They have reached Franco’s house. Lora was amazed, she didn’t think that someone like Franco, who was a flower boy back then, had a nice house.

“Wow, you surprised us at your house, Franco. As for you it? Did you win the lottery like you hit the jackpot?”

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