Chapter 2511

His chest felt like it was exploding, and it didn’t take long for blood to spurt out of his mouth. What immense devilish power…!

Following a sneer, the Nirvadevil sect’s master scoffed, “I know you raised your cultivation level this high because you want to learn more about the Sun League, but you should understand that devilish cultivators will always be stronger! Did you really think that acquiring the angelic inheritance would give you absolute power? How laughable! Your Herculean Primordial Spirit won’t save you this time!”

Furrowing his brows, Gerald retorted, “…Who on earth are you? How do you know me so well? In fact, how do you know about my Herculean Primordial Spirit?”

Laughing in response, the master then said, “Oh, you’ll know who I am soon! But before that, allow me to snatch your Herculean Primordial Spirit! I need to destroy it so that the sacred Primordial Devilish Internal Pellet can reign supreme…!”

Upon hearing that, Gerald couldn’t help but frown even more.
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Janice Tupper Newcombe
stupid author and editor..... can't even get the storyline in order....... waste of my money.... never again will I read any of your stories.

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