Chapter 2513

Watching in fury as his black air blade dissipated, Daryl roared, “W-what power…!”

As Daryl was too shocked to move, Gerald took the chance to yell, “Attack…!”

And just like that, a blazing light momentarily lit the entire sky…! As surges of energy shot out in all directions, Daryl’s devilish formation was reduced to dust in a matter of seconds!

“No…!” howled the anguished Daryl as the earth beneath him cracked and clouds of dust flew everywhere! It was chaos incarnate… yet moments later, everything fell deathly silent.

Gerald himself had already vomited a pool of blood by now, and as he fell unconscious, he could feel his body freezing up…

Fast forward to three years later, Mayberry Commercial Street was as lively as ever…

“Darling, it’s your brother’s wedding day today… Shouldn’t we head over earlier? You’ve been dolling yourself up for ages!”

“Fine, dad… Though, isn’t Second Uncle already there to help set things up? That aside, my brother’s gone through so many hardsh
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Comments (18)
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Joseph Becker Jr
Very confusing. He battled Daryl TWICE then jumped to his wedding day. That was glossed over right after the OTHER time he defeated Daryl …???
goodnovel comment avatar
Candace Whitaker
I absolutely loved this book!!! It should be made into a movie!! It was a little confusing but a great story!!
goodnovel comment avatar
what a lousy ending story.........

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