Chapter 2508

“Flaxen, you bloody traitor…!” roared the three other lords who grew so angry that their faces went red!

However, they had no time to remain angry since the Blancetnoir Double Lords and Sanchez had already made their move! As one would expect, it only took a single round for all three of the lords to crumble to the ground.

With his eyes wide open, Lord Ethern stuttered, “Who… Who the hell are you people…?!”

“You don’t need to know that information. That aside, tell us what you four are planning to do already,” scoffed Gerald as he slowly approached the three defeated men.

“…Who the hell do you think you are? What makes you think I’ll comply so easily?” growled Lord Ethren.

Upon hearing that, Gerald raised his hand… and within a split second, Lord Ethern let out a bone-chilling wail. The Blancetnoir Double Lords had just snapped both of the poor man’s arms!

“If you want your other limbs intact, don’t make me repeat the question,” growled Gerald.

Now terrified, the agonized man replied,
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Sharon Suttle
you got some nerve, taking our money and time to read your story and then once you got what you wanted by so many, you just left this story in the air..not even making an effort you could write an ending if you stopped writing so much Dded bs.and scenerios that are unnecessary.He killed Daryle once?
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Bebe Colegado
Next chapter please..........
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William Blais
You are so right! They are right on time for more money ! But no comment on when or if we get a next chapter sad!

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