All Chapters of The Secretly Rich Man: Chapter 1 - Chapter 10
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Chapter 1
It was nine o’clock at night at the male dormitory building in the university campus.“Gerald, please go down to dormitory 101 on the first floor and bring my laptop up for me!”A guy with blonde hair from the dormitory next door opened Gerald’s dormitory room door directly before he dropped one dollar on the floor, then turned around and walked away.“By the way, please get me a bottle of mineral water from the supermarket downstairs too!”The blond-haired student turned around before he dropped another three dollars on the floor—two dollars for the bottled mineral water and another dollar for running the errand for him.“Hey, Blondie! Why are the people in your dormitory always asking Gerald to run errands for you? Why are you guys being such bullies?”The people in Gerald’s dormitory asked in a cold manner because they could no longer stand it.“Hahaha! Gerald lives in your dormitory and you don’t understand him yet? If you give him a dollar, he’d even eat shit if you asked h
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Chapter 2
It turned out that his parents and sisters had been lying to him when they told him that they were working abroad. After that, Gerald called his parents directly. They were initially angry that his sister had told him about their wealth without their permission but after a short while, they decided to apologize to Gerald instead.Gerald’s father told him that he had no choice but to do so because he wanted to raise him to have a humble personality. After that, his father explained a lot to him!Gerald then withdrew a hundred thousand dollars from the bank before he was going to go shopping with some of the black bank cards that his sister had just mailed to him.In fact, Gerald was still not completely convinced. Was this just a dream?Gerald was very excited at this time.“Hahaha. Xavia, if you didn’t break up with me, I would be able to buy you whatever you want now.”“Yuri and Danny, you’ve already insulted and made fun of me so much in university. I wonder how you’re both g
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Chapter 3
“Gerald, why are you pretending to be rich?” Xavia asked contemptuously.However, Rachel was startled after Gerald placed the black gold card on the counter.This Universal Global Supreme Shopper’s Card for luxury stores was only available to the most wealthy and powerful families in the world.There was no doubt that the owner of the black gold card was indeed very wealthy and powerful.On the other side, Wendy quickly brought the card reader over to the counter.After that, Gerald entered his birthday into the card reader as the passcode and the transaction was successful.The transaction was successfully completed!“Oh my god!”Everyone in the crowd was shocked.“Oh my. Did this young boy just buy the Hermes collector’s edition bag worth fifty five thousand dollars? He is really very rich!”“Is this a boy really a very humble second-generation rich kid?”Everyone was staring at Gerald with fiery eyes.At this time, even Yuri was staring at Gerald in disbelief.How could
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Chapter 4
However, the person who entered through the door wasn’t Gerald.“Danny! What are you doing here?”The expression on Naomi’s face changed as soon as she saw Danny.Both of them were classmates and Naomi was once close to them.However, Naomi had found out that morning that Danny had played a trick on Gerald. Therefore, Naomi lost her temper at Danny.Unexpectedly, this guy was so thick-skinned and he actually came here even though she had just scolded him.“Naomi, are you still angry? I was just joking around with Gerald last night. Who would’ve thought that he’d actually deliver the box to Yuri?”Danny replied as he smiled cheerfully.Several of his roommates also came with him and they all brought gifts with them.Speaking of it, Naomi’s family was also very wealthy and Naomi had already offered to help Gerald several times. However, Gerald had always rejected her goodwill.Danny had known Naomi ever since they were in high school.“Naomi, is this the Gerald that you were g
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Chapter 5
Gerald walked out of the room immediately.At this time, Naomi and the head of Gerald’s dormitory, Harper, chased after Gerald immediately.“What are you doing? I didn’t say that I don’t like your gift,” Naomi said anxiously.Harper also spoke up at this time. “Gerald, don’t leave. Stay and have dinner before you go. If you leave now, we’ll be very bored here.”Gerald smiled before he replied, “You guys can continue having fun here. There’s really something I have to do now but I hope you guys will believe I’m not the kind of person who would buy something fake!”Gerald did not know if his friends would believe him.As he thought about it, Gerald could only blame his sister for giving him the card with a minimum spending amount of fifty thousand dollars.Even though Harper and Naomi kept persuading Gerald, he still decided to leave in the end.“Did that pauper really leave?” Danny asked with a smile as soon as Naomi and Harper returned to the room.Harper replied, “Danny, can’
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Chapter 6
At the same time, in the most luxurious room in the manor, a middle-aged man with a very majestic aura was socializing with a group of businessmen.He was the owner of Wayfair Mountain Entertainment on Mayberry Commercial Street and this naturally made him the richest man in Mayberry City.However, everyone was surprised at this time.This was because as soon as Mr. Lyle answered the phone, he stood up in shock before he ran out of the room frantically.“What’s wrong with Mr. Lyle?”Everyone could not understand his behavior at all.At the front desk, Sebastian had not entered his room yet and he saw Gerald entering the manor again. He couldn’t help but offer to help Jane get rid of Gerald.“Miss Jane, why don’t you just call for security? There isn’t any other way to deal with this kind of hillbilly!”Sebastian smiled coldly at Gerald.Jane nodded before she motioned for a few security guards to step forward.“Stop!”At this time, Zack rushed out to the front hall as quickl
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Chapter 7
Gerald scratched his head awkwardly.In fact, he had been trying to avoid Naomi and her friends.He especially wanted to avoid Alice since she seemingly hated him so much. Therefore, Gerald didn’t want to waste his time trying to butter up to her.“Danny was the one who suggested that we have some fun at Emperor Karaoke Bar on Mayberry Commercial Street. If you try to run away this time, we’ll no longer be friends!” Naomi told Gerald upfront.She had always been a very straightforward and outgoing person and she did not put too much thought into any situation at all.Therefore, she would never be able to understand that Gerald was not from the same world as them.Of course, this was all in the past.When Naomi saw that Gerald was not saying anything, she quickly said once again, “Okay, let’s go and have some fun together! I know you’re afraid that Danny will try to make things difficult for you again, but don’t worry about him. If he tries to pick on you again, I’ll make sure to
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Chapter 8
Danny sneered before he said, “Yes, it’s him!”Nigel had a very strange expression on his face and he quickly retracted the hand that he had held out to Gerald.After that, he patted Gerald on his shoulder before he said, “Brother Gerald, I’ve already heard your name for a very long time. I have also met your ex-girlfriend, Xavia. She’s really very beautiful. I’d like to apologize to you because my brother stole your girlfriend from you!”“By the way, if you’d like to have some fun at Mayberry Commercial Street, just mention my name and you’ll get a thirty discount immediately!”Nigel apologized in a light manner.“Brother Nigel, it’s useless even if he mentions your name as he won’t be able to afford anything on this street anyway!”At this time, Alice and her roommates could not stop themselves from laughing out loud.“I’m sorry! When Yuri said that he fell in love with a poor chap’s girlfriend, I assumed that the girl wouldn’t be that beautiful anyway. However, I caught a gli
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Chapter 9
Gerald quickly explained the situation to Zack and Zack quickly nodded in response.“By the way, Brother Zack, do you know someone named Nigel Fisher? I heard that his family runs a restaurant on Mayberry Commercial Street.”At this time, Gerald’s brows were tightly knitted together.He was not someone with any sinister thoughts.However, Nigel was the one who had given Yuri the idea to steal Gerald’s girlfriend, Xavia, from him. Nigel was the reason why he had to suffer so much humiliation.Therefore, Gerald really wanted to know what would happen if Nigel and his family lost all of their money.“Nigel? Yes, his father is one of my subordinates. Moreover, the restaurant that his family is operating is actually registered under your name. Did he offend you in any way?”Zack was very cautious at this time.After a short while, Zack quickly replied, “I know what I have to do, Gerald. Don’t worry! Just leave it to me.”***In fact, Gerald did not know what Zack was going to do.
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Chapter 10
“Huh? How’s that possible? Who else would be as powerful or influential as Brother Nigel on Mayberry Commercial Street? Harper, are you talking about yourself?”Danny sneered at this time.Harper replied immediately, “I’m not saying that it was me but I just have my doubts about this matter. Moreover, some of us had actually called some of our friends earlier. Perhaps everyone should ask around and see if any of our friends have actually helped us resolve this matter? We should make sure that we’re thanking the right person.”“That makes sense too!”Alice had a solemn expression on her face.“Alright then. Everyone, please check with the people that you called earlier so we’ll know for certain if Brother Nigel was really the one who helped us.”Alice was also referring to Nigel in a very intimate manner.After that, everyone started calling their friends and families.Gerald felt a little awkward at this time.Should he tell them the truth about the matter?However, before Ge
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