Chapter 2512

‘Daryl’s been possessed by the Supreme Devilish Lord for ages, and the lord himself has been using your grandfather’s body to attempt his resurrection! This cycle has been repeating for years, and the Supreme Devilish Lord has already captured many people with Yin physiques but thankfully failed! This grew so out of hand that the Soluna Deus Sect, or Sun League as you call them, have actively been trying to force the Supreme Devilish Lord to show himself!’

‘In order to further deter the Supreme Devilish Lord’s efforts, they’ve even been kidnapping people with Yin physiques! Do you see the entire picture now, boy?’ explained Finnley.

‘…So that’s the truth… Then, how’s Mila?’ asked Gerald.

‘She’s fine, but your reunion depends on whether we can destroy him this time!’ replied one of the white-robed ladies.

That was relieving to hear… Still, as it turned out, the Sun League weren’t villains at all! They had simply been abducting people like his second uncle, Mila, and Leo for the
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