Red Rover

CHAPTER 43 Salvy’s POV

“Do you want our chef to cook any other food for us?” Orla asked while pouring wine on my glass, making sure that she leaned towards me so she could display her fake breast.

I stared at her forehead to avoid seeing some nauseating sight. It’s been four days since she visited me on the cell. One of her men asked us to take a shower and gave me a suit to wear. I guess a male escort is better than a prisoner.

“No need. Just the sight of you is enough to fill me” I smiled. Yeah. Fill me with vomit. I mentally cringe, who would have thought I’ll end up having a romantic dinner with Lily’s biological mother.

She sat back to her seat and drank some wine. I also started eating, purposely dripping some sauce on the side of my mouth. I licked the sauce on my mouth lewdly and maintained eye contact with her. I saw her swallowed hard and subtly adjusted herself on the seat. I smir

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When is the next update
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Midnight Reader
Is Lily’s decoy....
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Traci Daigle
How the Hell did she get there?!

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