The Surrogacy Secret

The Surrogacy Secret

By:  Tatienne Richard  Updated just now
Language: English
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When Royal Robinson loses his brother and sister-in-law in a fatal car crash, the truth about their child comes to light. Finding out they had used a surrogate and hid the truth from the family devastated him, especially when he found out it was never made legal and the biological mother still has legal entitlement to the child. When Famke Noor realizes the people she had considered her friends were gone and his family wants her to step in and assist in raising the child who she felt strongly she was never meant to parent, she finds herself in over her head. Two strong and stubborn personalities with their hearts in the right place but their pride in the way will need to learn to put their differences aside to help a five year old little girl navigate a world without the only parents she ever knew. Despite nosy family, high-maintenance exes and drama she asked for Famke finds herself falling in love with the billionaire tycoon and his pint-sized charge. Is love enough when the world is against you? Famke is about to find out.

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Dee Dee
Very well written. It kept me wanting more.
2023-12-09 10:28:08
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Gillian Joseph
love so far
2023-11-29 04:23:44
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Very interesting story. Made me crave to read more
2023-11-26 11:00:33
user avatar
Excellent writing & captivating story!
2023-11-06 15:03:39
69 Chapters
“Mr. Robinson, I’m so sorry.”Royal stared at the surgeon who stood in front of him with a sad expression on his face. This wasn’t happening. His brother was a loud vivacious man with the world at his feet. “He’s gone?” the words were barely croaked from his throat.“Yes. I’m sorry for your loss.”“His wife? Mindy?” He was asking questions on autopilot knowing when his parents arrived back from their second honeymoon, they had sent them on not three days ago, they were going to be devastated.The surgeon shook his head sadly, “your sister-in-law is currently on life support. We will need next of kin to make a decision.”“And my niece?”“Your niece had a fair amount of blood loss. We do need to talk about this. We had asked if there were any key pieces of information, but nobody let us know she was adopted.”“She wasn’t adopted,” he frowned at the surgeon. “She was born out of state, but she was definitely not adopted.”“Her blood type does not match either of her parents,” the man fro
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I Quit
Famke Noor was desperately trying to not lose her cool with her boss but damned if the man wasn’t an expert on pissing off women in general. She stared at him and folded her arms over her chest.“I’m asking again. To be clear, you want to cut my hours because you think, as a woman, I need more time to get out there and find a man?”He rubbed his yellow, cigarette-stained fingers across his chest after shoving the last bite of his sandwich into his mouth, “yeah. I think a beautiful woman like you needs to get a man. You work too much. Men like a woman who is available. Robbie needs more hours so it’s a win-win.”“How about this,” she leaned over his desk and glared at him, “I’ve been here four years. Robbie has been here four months. Either you give me the hours I have been working without your sexist rhetoric or I will be calling the department of labour, and I will have them come down here to explain to you what sexual discrimination is.”“There’s no need to get huffy, missy.”“Famke
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The Interview
Famke felt a sense of relief as the car pulled to a stop outside the coffee shop. She reached for the handle to let herself out, but he cleared his throat.“I clearly said something to upset you,” she met his gaze seriously. “I apologize.”“No,” he lifted his hand up. “It’s not you. It’s me. Please let me get your door. My mother would beat my backside if I didn’t.”“Sure,” she felt it strange to wait in the car while he walked around to get her door. She could have opened it on her own. She ignored his hand to help her out and she got out on her own accord and stepped beside him, shivering with the cold air. Winter was approaching with Christmas coming in less than six weeks. He put his hand to her low back and encouraged her to walk ahead of him. The spicy scent of his aftershave filled her nostrils and she reminded herself he was a stranger, and she was being stupid.When he held the door open for her to the coffee shop, she almost melted into the warmth of the place. It smelled de
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Famke entered her apartment to find her brother sitting at the kitchen table doing his homework. “Still up?”“Yes.” He rubbed his head frustratedly. “I can’t figure this out and it’s frustrating me. My brain sees the numbers, but it doesn’t compute them.”“I’m sorry. What can I do to help?”“Brain transplant?” he asked dryly. “I’ll trade you.”She chuckled at his words, “you don’t want my brain. It’s too volatile. I quit my job today.”He looked to her in surprise, dropping his pencil to the table. “No way. Jack finally pushed you too far?”“He gave half my hours to the kid.”“No.”“Said he felt I should have more free time to date.”“You know he wants to date you. He wanted to free up your time so he could put his yellowed fingers all over your skin,” he wriggled his fingers at her.She gagged at his words. “That’s gross.” She gave a shiver, “you could tell today when he stopped by to drop off the schedules he hadn’t showered in days. He had those big sweat rings around his armpits.”
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Unexpected Customers
She’d been working at Black Magic for a month and had really settled in well. The only person she didn’t really get along with on the staff was Keshaun’s wife Kara. She was nice enough, but she was a snob. She constantly made references to not enjoying living in Pittsburgh and how much she wished they could move back to New York. She complained about not having the fancy condo and talked all the time about the extravagant lifestyle they used to live with five-star dining and trips to exotic locations.Keshaun ignored her for the most part, but Famke was of the opinion, if he was being blasted like this at his place of business, he must really be getting blasted in the privacy of their home. She had learned Keshaun had experienced a heart attack at the age of thirty-two. Stress from his job had him dropping in the middle of the bullpen, as he’d called it. He’d been diagnosed with a heart condition and told to find a new job which wouldn’t cause him the stress he was under.He had told
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Doing Dishes
Famke was in the back of the shop washing up some of Cesar’s dishes. She had taken two more blunt insults from Ambrosia who, for whatever her reasons, appeared to have taken a dislike to Famke from the minute she’d laid eyes on her. When Kara had snickered at a comment the other woman had made, Keshaun appeared ready to pop and Famke was ready to quit and walk out the door.As if sensing he was going to lose his employee, he’d asked her to go help Cesar out back and she had gladly tossed the rag she’d been wiping down the tables with into the sink and headed out back. Now she was furiously scrubbing a pan and Cesar was giving her side eye.“Would you stop?” she growled at him.“I’m still trying to figure out why you held your tongue. You don’t usually,” he said with a shrug.“Because I like this job and she is here for a visit but not forever. I can handle it.”“You like working with me?” Cesar boldly kissed the air in her direction.“Yes. I do like it here. It’s nice not to have cons
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Spilling the Juice
“Jeez, knock much?” she squealed as she turned around and stuffed her arms into her blouse.“Shit, sorry. I thought you’d gone already,” Royal apologized. “Keshaun gave Precious a juice box and she squeezed it all over my shirt.”She looked over her shoulder to note the bright purple stains on his pale blue shirt. She waved to the sink, “go ahead, clean off. I’m almost done.” She buttoned her shirt up, grateful she had pants on. He had seen her in her cheap cotton bra. He’d probably also seen the stretchmarks on her tummy. She wanted to melt into the floor in humiliation.He grabbed a bunch of paper towel and began dabbing the shirt with water. He was silent as he worked, and she reached past him to collect the make-up she’d left sitting on the counter. “Excuse
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New Beginnings
Royal stared at the woman he’d been dating off and on for the last three years and wondered what it was which had attracted him to her. She was beautiful on the outside, there was no doubt, but the ugliness inside was currently blazing forth making his stomach churn with revulsion. His friends and family had never hidden their dislike for Ambrosia, but he had ignored their complaints because she had suited his lifestyle, and she wasn’t bad in bed.Keshaun had never failed to bash the woman and had said more than once he did not like the way Kara behaved in the presence of the domineering bitch. He had always laughed it off but right now, the rage boiling in his blood at her behavior today had him reeling.As he noted the little girl standing there with tears in her eyes from watching the scene unfold, he felt nauseated. “Leave.”“Excuse me?”“I said leave. I don’t care where you go, how you get there or how
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The Surrogacy Secret
By the time she got to the diner she was a certifiable wreck.Prince and Mindy were dead. Precious was the child she’d carried. Royal Robinson had known who she was before even coming to the gas station, of it she was certain, which meant it was highly probable so did Keshaun. Had it all been an elaborate ruse to fuck with her?And what was the craziness about Prince leaving a letter declaring his love? It had to be a misunderstanding. She forced herself to forget the one time he’d kissed her out of the emotions of finding out they were having a girl. He’d wanted a girl desperately and Mindy had been feeling under the weather. She hadn’t attended the ultrasound. When the technician had told them it was a girl and had left them alone, he’d been so excited, he’d kissed her full on the mouth. It had been less than a
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Lies and Deceit
She knew she had rendered him speechless as she sat waiting several long seconds for him to respond.“Why didn’t he tell me?”“I don’t know,” she drew her fork through the potatoes and grimaced. “I can’t begin to understand their minds. They lied to me so much it bordered a work of fiction.”“What do you mean?”“For starters, I thought they were from Pittsburgh. I had no idea they were from out of state.”“Mindy was originally from Pittsburgh. He met her when he’d gone to a football game.”“I knew how they met but I didn’t realize he had simply been visiting.” She shuffled, “they told me his brother’s name was Rick.”“Rick?”“Rick. You
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