The Tale of Kira and Saga

The Tale of Kira and Saga

By:  taledust  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Will I see you again?" he straighten his posture, looking alarm."There's a possibility." She smiled, "I really have to go now.""Can you give me your number?" he took a step closer,"How about, I'll give it to you the second time I saw you?" she crossed her arms over her chest,He took another step and gently put the stranded hair behind her ear. "Do you think I deserve a goodbye kiss?""A what-" before she know it he already crash his lips to hers and the only thing she could think of was how she had been right when she made a bet with herself about his soft lips. Copyright Reserved

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12 Chapters
s a t u
e p i g r a p hin this world of happy endingswould you rather be
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d u a
For Saga, waking up early on Tuesday is not how you start your day.He hated Tuesdays.Usually people have a strange hatred for Mondays but no, not him.
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t i g a
Slamming the van door shut Saga made sure he got everything he needed before telling the driver to park the car, Reena was no where to be found and Danny was happy about it. He heard Danny let our a low whistle looking at the view in front of them, "This is a nice house alright""Stop staring and start helping me, idiot." Saga said, dragging the dessert with a stroller and follow the big man named Billy that will lead their way to the back kitchen that is alr
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e m p a t
"How are you enjoying the food so far, Mr. Cho?" Kira heard Reena asked her father when the waiter start serving the main course,"Oh dear, just call me David please, you're like a daughter to me Sabrina." that makes Reena smile for sure, "And I can say I am loving this food, I knew I was right to invest my money on your catering business."
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l i m a
It was ten post meridiem when everyone finally left, there are no longer a bunch of twelve years old running around or jumping excitedly while having a sugar rush because of too many sodas and cupcakes at the Cho's residence backyard. The only twelve years old left was already in his room opening presents and by the look of it, he won't be sleeping soon. Adam, Dave and Brandon was hanging out on the backyard eating some cupcakes and leftover birthday cake with beers on their hand when Kira found them. 
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e n a m
Danny could feel Saga's eyes burning holes at him for the third time before he finally gave up and sigh, taking his eyes off the road to take a quick look at his friend he finally said, "Just say it.""I'm not going to," Saga shrugged looking out the window.
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t u j u h
Saga parked the car near the ice cream store and took a deep breath. He was early. He contemplated for a minute if he should or wait for a few minutes or just went straight to her now. Deciding on the latter, he get out of the car. Making sure that he has everything, he stop on his track when he saw a familiar figure about to enter the shop. He duck his head, in hope that the man will not notice him but failed miserably when he sees Mr. Cho gave him a glance and look straight into his eyes.
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d e l a p a n
When dinner is finally over, everyone was happy to jump out of their seat and walk out of the restaurant to head back home. Daniel and Sabastian said their goodbye saying they would love to continue their date without any disturbance now while Adam, Dave and Brandon head back to their place. 
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s e m b i l a n
Driving through familiar streets, Kira was starting to doubt her self and her sudden determination are slowly decreasing the closer she get to the familiar building.She anxiously chew her bottom lips when she notice the familiar turn and contemplate herself if she should do a U turn instead of taking the left turn. She seriously need another struck of courage from the universe so she could just get this over with.
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s e p u l u h
Kira enter her car that was still parked recklessly in front of the entrance and quickly drove away from the building. She notice how the sky is getting dark telling everyone that it was about to rain. Her mind drift back to Samuel and she's getting worried. So she grabbed her phone and call Reena, she picked up immediately."Kira, I was just about to call you." she said, "I'm home, where are you?"
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