The Trap Of Love

The Trap Of Love

By:  Zifa Ruby  Ongoing
Language: English
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He was married to help a girl under the influence of witchcraft. Didn't care about all the restrictions from the family. Damaresh stuck with his goal of getting married because he didn't want Calista to die because of something silly. His humanity just came out when he saw the sadness in Calista's eyes—trying to forget the soul mate that was chosen for him. Damaresh felt that maybe Calista was his soul mate. Then, what is the fate of the girl supposed to be Damares' soul mate? Will she go away and think that soul mates are nonsense? Or maybe they will be united in time? Then, what about Calista? Will she accept all this? Or will she back off and let Damaresh go?

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3 Chapters
"What are you thinking about, Aresh?" asked Athena, who surprised the young man with her presence.The young man was sitting leisurely enjoying the quiet afternoon, but suddenly the tranquility disappeared because of his mother's arrival. Aresh turned around with a sharp gaze, wanting to get angry but unable to. However, the middle-aged woman managed to make his reverie disappear."Mother!" shrieked Damaresh in surprise. "Can't you startle me every time you come near?" Damaresh, the handsome, fair-skinned, thin-lipped young man, was exasperated by Athena's behavior. The middle-aged woman who looked at him sharply did not apologize but chuckled at Aresh's answer. She shook her head as her simple question was not answered by Aresh."Damaresh... Damaresh... you've gone too far!" Athena still chuckles at her son's stare. "This figure in front of you is Mom! Not a ghost!""I know," he replied. "But I'm not joking, Mom!""You're not joking either, Damaresh!""Hish! Whatever, mom!" his laug
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the mysterious girl
A week passed after the incident where the debate arose, and no one raised their voices when they were gathered together. Everyone seemed to have forgotten about the incident, but who would have thought that Aresh was still thinking about the puzzle pieces? The young man felt he had to find the answer to the dream. He felt worried about the girl in his dream. Because it was apparent the crying was sad. Aresh chose to spend the weekend with his friends. They gathered at one of the hangouts that were quite soothing to the soul. Yes, even though they live at the city's edge and are still considered villages, there are several gathering places that are cool and interesting. Aresh was sipping the coffee that was still emitting smoke. Cleo looked closely at his friend, feeling something was wrong with Aresh because, since then, the young man seemed to be more silent. "Resh!" called Cleo. Aresh just glanced at her and mumbled. "What's wrong with you?" asked Cleo, leaving Aresh and the ot
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What's wrong with the girl
Asteria stared in surprise at Calista's suddenly tense face. She followed where the eyes went, examining every corner of the place where they ate. Asteria's mind felt strange because Calista was suddenly like a frightened person."Cal, what's wrong with you?""N-no! Go away!" she shouted, making Asteria prance."Cal, why, what's wrong? Who are you telling to leave?" Asteria asked.Some people around were whispering about Calista's strange behavior. They assumed there was something wrong with the sweet girl's attitude. Meanwhile, Asteria was still vigilant, following Calista's eyes."Aster, please! Tell them to go away and don't repeat anything silly!" Calista whispered, further confusing Asteria."Them? Who, Cal? There are only two of us here, and Brother and his friends are far away from us.""That girl is so weird," chirped one of the customers from the following table."Yeah, is she crazy?""Why are you suddenly shouting like that?""It's just annoying, I wonder!""If she's not men
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