White Crow

White Crow

By:  BlackKnightYuriz  Ongoing
Language: English
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"What do you want?... Wealth, Fame, Power, Freedom or anything that you desire?""None of these, I only want to that man!".............Mizu Sodomaki lived in the slums of Hesteria when was still younger. She got a poor and miserable life. Having to be raised by a terrible mother, who often beat her up. Until one day she met a boy named Shiro. The only person who comforts her soul, her first love. Yet, later on, he left her.5 years later, they meet again. In a horrible place called the arena, where they play a survival game. A place where no one can escape, in which their opponent is the only key to survival.Crush or be crushed! In this world, if you were weak, you will die!

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Part Mocco
As always part???
2020-08-06 01:04:13
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Keisha Charry Ansali
cuute kidooos!!! Im excited for the next chapter... hope Mizus life would be Ok... can't wait for them to grow....
2020-08-03 23:00:43
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Vin Acker Padida
Im curious about shiro but those kids in slum are adorable.
2020-08-03 21:43:09
13 Chapters
Chapter 1
"What do you want? Wealth, Fame, Power, or Freedom?" he asked. The host was in his 40's and waiting for the girl to answer.  "None of these," she replied while her gaze suddenly changes to the crowd.  The host was surprised by her answer, as it was the same answer he heard a long time ago. As he looks at the girl, she was still young but her skill in fighting was unbelievable.  She tightly grips the knife while her hand was still shaking. He followed the gaze of the girl where she was looking.  "But!" she shouted, her voice echoing to the whole arena and eyes were burning with fire, "I only want to kill that man!"  She points to the man at the top of the VIP seat that was also looking at her, smiling deviously.                      &
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Chapter 2
The white and freezing snow is dropping majestically and softly down in a rusty and wrecked roof of a house. It was small and built-in pieces of metals, woods, and a thick and dull color cloth that was all found in the junkyard.  Inside the shallow hole on the ground located at the center of a certain room of a wrecked house. The light flickered in red and orange. Ember glows and sparkled from the small pieces of dried woods that were rapidly consumed by an aggressive fire. This made the room temperature warm.  Two kids were lying on the ground, covered in a thick blanket that has many patches sewn on it. Mizu holds Shiro's hand that until now was still terribly trembling. "Was it because of the cold? Or something else?" she wondered. This boy's hand was soft and slender than any other kid's hand she ever holds. While holding it, she felt that it wasn't cold like before, and it's getting warmer. 
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Chapter 3
District 33 is under the country called Hesteria. This place is divided into 3 areas: The town, the junkyard, and the slum. Wild forest surrounded this district.  The town has its own wall that separates the two areas. Where most people have an average life, a mediocre, not too rich or too poor. Yet, still incomparable to the other areas of the said place. And they are under Government's care.  The junkyard, a place where the waste of most districts are been dumped. This place is connected to the slums, where people in the slum get their materials and things for a living. They collect scraps in exchange for money or food.  The slums, a place of poorest people. Even every day of their life is like hell and a battle against the grim reaper. It is an unlawful place where dead bodies are a natural occurrence every day. Corpses died in hunger, disease, or even murder. No one even cares,
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Chapter 4
Eyes were barely open, the vision was in a blurry state like it was covered by a thick white fog. When her eyes were already adjusted to its surroundings, the first thing she saw was their wrecked ceiling. She looked around hoping to see the figure of someone she badly wants to see, however, nothing came to her view. Realizing what happened that day was real, it hurts her extremely.  Mizu just regained her consciousness after 3 days. In all those times that she's in her deep slumber, she never visits by a dream with her mom, neither with Shiro. She was only surrounded by cloudiness and all she did was running in a spiral all over again, shouting her favorite name until she was exhausted, wanting to escape from this labyrinth.  Alone in this wrecked house, put her more on grave.  "What should I do now?" made her wonder.  There's no mom who will scold
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Chapter 5
An outsider couple has come into the slums, they're about in the late '20s of age. The man was average in looks, yet have warm and gentle air that surrounds him. The body has a trace of physical training, a typical appearance for a good guy who protects justice. The woman was quite good looking, her alluring natural beauty will captivate anyone even without using any make-up. Her short light brown hair, sparkling amber eyes, tender lips always arching with a sweet smile are giving off an air of gentle flower around her. Just by glance, you can tell she's a perfect mother figure and kindhearted one.  They're are looking for Hana, the mother of Mizu. Both lead in the junkyard where the hideout of the kids was. Knowing that the person they are searching for was already dead they search for the daughter instead.  The woman introduced herself as Hana's younger stepsister, named Yuri Sodomaki, and the guy is her husband, named Taiga Sodomaki. They ar
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Chapter 6
Mizu was in awe seeing new and bright things outside the window of the running train. The bright pink flowers of fully bloom Sakura tree, the sparkling blue water of the sea, the conical mountain with snow cups on the top, the red tori gate she saw in the distance, the shrines, the skyscraper buildings that even her eyes can't see the top, and the crowded people wearing gallant clothes much better than the people she saw in town. She was so overwhelmed seeing new things that she can't stop her mouth to gape open. Today she seems to look like an ordinary kid.  Yuri and Taiga, the married couple was smiling sweetly seeing her enjoying the scenery with them.  This kindhearted couple was living in District 20. A place where people live in prosperity and harmony. Their small house was only one story, build strong with cement, modeled in western type house. There's a wide space in front where a beauti
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Chapter 7
Mizu was already 15 years old, a first-year high school student. It was spring season once again, a new beginning, a new hope, a new year to be filled with happy memories.  "Ma, Pa, I need to go now," Mizu said as her parents are still hugging her at the entrance of their school gate. The passerby is already looking at them weirdly, and time is tickling she was about to be late.  "O-our Mizu grows so fast, *sob, she's already a grown lady…" her Mother Yuri sadly stated.  "Our beautiful baby will surely have a bunch of admirers, *sob papa doesn't like that." her Father Taiga uttered. He was on his police uniform about to go to work.  Her foster parents are very emotional on her being a high school student, this only means after 3 years she will be a college student and will be independent, leaving their house to have her own life, preparing he
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Chapter 8
"She was having a nightmare again. This time she's asleep for almost 4 days huh." a lady in a messy ponytail, hair dyed in red and fringe covered her enchanting amber eyes, are leaning in a door frame of the iron jail, while linking her strawberry flavored lollipop.  "Mizu always mumbling the names of her friends, painfully. Seems she's having a dream of that time again. Haunting her every time… she killed someone in this hell place." a blonde short hair woman, with red ribbon neatly tied on her hair, sadly said while wiping the beads of sweat on Mizu's smooth forehead, and putting a wet towel on it. She was taking care of unconscious Mizu, laid in a wooden bed without a blanket nor pillow in her room, every time she was suffering on a drastic fever.  "If it's not for her condition, she might be ahead of us, now. Anyway, she can leave this dirty place in her next match. She was about to reach level 11 anyway.
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Chapter 9
When Mizu wake up, all around her was a group of people she's not familiar with, in all ages from kids to adults. Most of them are terrified, crying, confused, and scared about where were they and what's happening. Mizu then noticed they've been locked up with shackles and chains on their hand, leg, and even on their neck. All of their chains are connected to each other.  They were inside a big jail, no windows, no doors, only iron bars, and dim light coming from the walls. They seem inside a cave, yet no stalagmites or stalactites only a plain concrete wall built in an arc.  Everyone has no idea where they are, nor know what will happen afterward.  Mizu seated quietly, not minding the background noise. She was in her own space, in her own world. She was still mourning woefully at her parents' death. The horrible scenery was still fresh and vivid in her mind. Life only gives her a t
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Chapter 10
Everything was in massive chaos. Everyone starts to kill each other mercilessly.  Those strong start to smash the weak, those weak starts to cry in agony. Kids and women start to wail in vain, beg for their life, asking for help, and stop, but no one heard them, as if all people here were all deaf.  Blood scattered everywhere, pouring like a heavy rain mixed with a song of misery. A perfect scenery as part of hell.  "In this arena, if you want to survive you need to cast away your humanity. You need to leave your emotions behind. You need to kill or else you will be killed. Never ever let your guard down, or else you will die in a pulp."  "Those who are weak and not lucky enough will die easily."  "Yes, this is 'SURVIVAL GAME!' were only strong can remain." The announcer excitedly declared, watching those pity human
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